Update #3 - Just regenerated all the trees, force refresh (ctrl-f5/cmd-f5) if you're seeing old talents.
Update #2 - Still hunting a few annoying bugs. (Hello missing talents) Just use the previews in the previous post as a reference if you're not sure about something.
Update - The servers are under a lot of stress, it will be fixed as soon as we're done using the heat to keep the coffee pot warm.

Cataclysm Talent Calculator - Introducing WoWTal
WoWTal.com is a new project we're launching for Cataclysm, it will ultimately replace the old talent.mmo-champion.com calculator. The class previews posted today are now available there!

I'm sure you'll find a lot of bugs, feel free to report them in comments!
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  1. mmocdd0c32dcfc's Avatar
    Nice, but what are the 1/2/3/4/5% crit and similar talents still doing there?
    I thought they planned to get rid of those
  1. Mirume's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ita View Post
    Nice, but what are the 1/2/3/4/5% crit and similar talents still doing there?
    I thought they planned to get rid of those
    Thats pretty much what I was thinking, too.
    besides, I like tha changes. Im curious if I will be allowed a second specc as Smiter instead of shadow in my raid. *snicker*

    ... By the way, the new board willt ake a while to get used too.. *feels fully lost*
  1. Merzbow's Avatar
    The druid tree on wowtal links to a dead image, right next to the feral combat part in the summary.

    Dead image: http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/...l_bearform.png
  1. mmoc20f115c1ec's Avatar
    By far, the most boring expack talents i ever saw.
    Where are the spear tip talents we saw in tbc and wotlk? Talents like Slow, Shadowstep, Bladestorm, Water element, Beast Within, Chaos Bolt, Felguard etc etc.

    So far we have what, Earthquake(ele shamans), pwBarrier(disc), Pulverize(feral)? Did i forget something?

    I know the classes are given spells and abillitys beside the trees - but that was allso the case in tbc and wotlk (Icelance, Bloodlust, Incinerate, Mirror images, Savage Roar etc).

    Tldr; Spice up those talenttrees.
  1. e`'s Avatar
    This isn't hard. But given the traffic that it's going to get wouldn't it just be easier to put all of the icons in one file and use css sprites to position them accordingly? It'll cut the number of requests from like 100 to 4 and decrease the load time dramatically.
  1. Myzou's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by whisperingsage View Post
    Acute overload ups the damage from the spell "copies" from Elemental's Mastery.

    I understand that. However, what I'm saying is that Elemental Overload (Or anything that is similar to the current Lightning Overload) is not on the present talent tree.

    Therefore, it makes said talent useless. I'm assuming there's just a bug and Elemental Overload is just missing, or that as you said, it'll be the Mastery of the Elemental Tree.

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