Tier 12 - Warlock

Normal Mode
Heroic Mode

Set Bonuses
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  • Item - Warlock T12 2P Bonus - Your periodic damage has a chance to summon a Fiery Imp to assist you in battle for 15 sec.
  • Item - Warlock T12 4P Bonus - Casting your Shadow Bolt, Incinerate, Soul Fire, and Drain Soul spells has a 5% chance to increase all Shadow and Fire damage you deal by 20% for 8 sec.

Item List

Level Type Spec Slot Name
378ClothSpell DPSChest Balespider's Robes
378ClothSpell DPSHands Balespider's Handwraps
378ClothSpell DPSHead Balespider's Hood
378ClothSpell DPSLegs Balespider's Leggings
378ClothSpell DPSShoulder Balespider's Mantle
Level Type Spec Slot Name
391ClothSpell DPSChest Balespider's Robes
391ClothSpell DPSHands Balespider's Handwraps
391ClothSpell DPSHead Balespider's Hood
391ClothSpell DPSLegs Balespider's Leggings
391ClothSpell DPSShoulder Balespider's Mantle

Set Models



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