Hurray! We're (mostly) live!
MMO-Champion survived the migration to vBulletin and the site is now live. Obviously, there is still a lot of work to do on the website and you can expect a lot of changes in the next few days

Important stuff
  • Most of the old news posts are still in the old News Forum, they will be moved to the front page shortly. (Today or Tomorrow)
  • Most of the layout bugs are already known, don't bother reporting them.
  • Articles (the left menu stuff you never click) are massively fucked up. I know.
  • If you find any super-important bug, please post them on the Suggestions and Feedback Forum
  • Dinnerbone, Adys, and Sunshine rule.
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  1. Boubouille's Avatar
  1. Adys's Avatar
  1. Metian's Avatar
    Whoot welcome back MMO-Champion!!!
  1. King6887's Avatar
    Nicely done =D and very little change despite a complete system swap ^^
  1. Xerganor's Avatar
    welcome back!
  1. Tsukasa's Avatar
    I like the way it looks now! Very clean. :] Not saying it didn't look nice before.. Don't hurt me!
  1. Nik's Avatar
    I'm here for my personal sunshine.
  1. Ozzy Osbourne's Avatar
  1. Seregon's Avatar
    Wooo! This is awesome!
  1. drdead's Avatar
    Yay! Looks nice.
  1. Sno's Avatar
    Me like
  1. Jartin's Avatar
    YAY Quick reply!

    <3 Bibi

    And all the other devs. Thank you!
  1. Ridesdel's Avatar
    im sorry but i have to QQ here, i liked the old look better xP
  1. Zefie's Avatar
    502 ho!

    TBH, I preferred the old look but this will do for now /evilface.
  1. Br0lle's Avatar
    looks nice, I think I can get used to this
  1. Vile's Avatar
    Looking good! Glad the migration went well.
  1. Nak's Avatar
    Yay, new mmo-champion.

    inb4 502 bad gateway crits for over 9000 =P
  1. MushroomBomb's Avatar
    Smooth new layout folks. Well done and done well.
  1. BruhnDK's Avatar
    502 Bad Gateway is Death.

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