Update #3 - Just to make it clear, the NDA on the Alpha isn't lifted, you can still get your ass banned for posting that kind of stuff. Also, Blizzquote layout added now that it's official.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Press Tour
Earlier this week, general gaming sites and a couple of official fansites were invited to the Blizzard HQ for a press tour of Cataclysm. The NDA (on the press tour, don't get too excited) just lifted and a couple of information have been revealed.

This post will probably be updated multiple times during the night, so far this is what I gathered before the NDA lift:

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Path of the Titans is gone
The whole Path of the Titans idea has been removed from the game. It will no longer rely on Archeology or on any kind of PvE/PvP progression and instead Blizzard will just introduce a new type of glyphs: Medium Glyphs.

Medium Glyphs will add a "fun factor" to abilities, and it wouldn't be surprising to see something similar to the Fortification or Breakthrough glyphs first previewed during Blizzcon 2009. (But probably not these exact glyphs, a lot of stuff happened since last year)

Guild Talents are gone
The guild talents are gone and your guild now gets extra bonuses depending on its level. There are 25 levels and each level will automatically reward with more cool stuff. The leveling process remains unchanged and your guild will gain experience through PvP, Dungeon and Raid progression, questing, etc ...

Guild currency has also been removed and rewards will just be "unlocked" after you reach a specific level or complete a guild achievement. Once a reward is unlocked, members will be able to purchase it with gold. Some of the rewards include guild tabards, mounts, heirlooms, and it looks like you will finally be able to have a guild tabard on your mount. (Just like the Argent Tournament banners)

New members of a guild won't be able to buy everything directly, they will have to contribute to the progression of the guild before they can access the top rewards. Each time a player helps towards the leveling he will gain reputation with the guild, the best rewards will require players to be exalted with their guild before they can buy it.

Archeology will be less important
With the Path of the Titans gone, Archeology will become a "true" secondary profession and you won't really have to level it anymore. However it will still be used to let you get cosmetic/optional items, get more information on the game's lore, and ultimately it looks like we can expect rewards similar to fishing. (Nothing mandatory, but you'll be happy when you actually find something)

Information gathered from other sites:
  • You will find two types of items: Common Artifacts will give you more information on the lore of a race, and might be used in some kind of collection game. Rare items will give you usable items, most of them will be cosmetic but some of them will have actual effects. (Details on Wowhead)

Raids & Dungeons Split
Raid leaders will be able to split an ongoing 25-man raid into up to three 10-man raids. Those 10-man raids will be able to continue from that point on, with bosses already down.

So far it looks like it won't be possible to merge 10-man raids into 25-man raids, for obvious reasons.

Information gathered from other sites:
  • Raid IDs should be much more flexible. You will be able to join any raid as long as it doesn't have any bosses up that you have already killed. (Details on Wowhead)
  • There will be more Algalon-style encounters—ultra-hard optional bosses for hardcore players only. (Details on Wowhead)

Rated Battlegrounds
Rated battlegrounds will be available for pre-mades of 10, 15 and 25-player sizes. The amount of Conquest points rewarded will be capped so that players who enjoy both arenas and rated battlegrounds don't feel they have to prioritize one over the other.

Information gathered from other sites:
  • The classic Honor titles will be coming back and rewarded to the top teams each season. (Details on WoR)
  • The "Gladiator" equivalent teams will also receive epic ground mounts. Ground mounts because they want to reward something you can ride in the battleground and be proud of / show off. (Details on WoR)

Grim Batol Raid
The Grim Batol raid instance will be called the Bastion of Twilight, and you get to fight Cho'gall as the end boss! If you manage to defeat him in Heroic Mode, an "horrific secret will be revealed when he dies".

Information gathered from other sites:
  • This is an entry-level raid, just like Naxxramas in WotLK. (Details on Wowhead)
  • It will feature 5 bosses, and an Algalon-style optional and ultra-hard boss. (The "horrific" secret?) (Details on Wowhead)

Skywall Raid
As expected, Al'akir will be the end boss of the Skywall raid instance.

Information gathered from other sites:

Princess Therazane (yes, that's her) will be a questgiver in Deepholm, in a similar experience to the Sons of Hodir's questline in Storm Peaks.

Information gathered from other sites:
  • The Ogrim's Hammer has crashed in the zone and the Skybreaker is still in the air. One of the questline will require you to find out what happened. (Details on Wowhead)

Heroic Deadmines / Shadowfang Keep
Heroic versions of classic instances might not be ready for the release of Cataclysm and will be shipped in content patch instead.

Old world changes
There are a more details on old world changes, especially capital cities.

Information gathered from other sites:
  • Stormwind has been completely redesigned to accomodate flying mounts. The Park of Stormwind has been destroyed by Deathwing and the Dwarven District now hosts a Bank and an Auction House. (Details on Wowhead)
  • Orgrimmar has been redesigned as well: Garrosh is the new Warchief and is located in the center of Orgrimmar, not in the Valley of Wisdom. Goblins have their own area, the Valley of Wisdom becomes a Tauren district, and there is now a back gate leading directly into Azshara. (Details on Wowhead)

Miscellaneous Changes/Information
  • Wrath of the Lich King had 1000 Quests, Cataclysm has over 3000.
  • The current heirlooms will stop growing after level 80. There will be a whole new crop of heirlooms for Cataclysm. Goblins and Worgen will be able to start using heirlooms immediately at launch. (Details on Wowhead)
Cataclysm Zone Changes
A new video of zone changes in Cataclysm was released. Stole this one from Wowhead.

Cataclysm Screenshots
A few high resolution screenshots have been released. Courtesy of World of Raids.

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  1. Azalu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wabun View Post
    Has anyone seen the NAGA standing next to the new hall of the warchief (or at least i think thats what it is)!!!
    Yes it's definatly a Naga stood next to a black drakonid. Not sure if they're meant to be there or they're just there for the alpha to show models or something like that.
  1. Buckwald's Avatar
    I was looking forward to both additions. Oh well, I just can't wait for the new questing experience.
  1. Violent's Avatar
    Very disappointing to read about the guild talents getting scrapped.
  1. Araella's Avatar

    A prime example of what happens when big business meets art.
  1. mmonoob's Avatar
    what a total let down! scrapping both path of the titans and archeology, the two that i was rly excited about since both would make players go explore the world.
    Mark this. the path of the titans will be in the expansion after cataclysm.
    I guess bliz can milk the players all they want, cuz they can. splitting sc2 into 3 games without lan support any1!
    Wish Bill Gates would start up a gaming company as good as the old bliz...
    rants off and i feel much better now.
  1. Keristrasza's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ap0calypse View Post
    The guild rep thing seems ridiculous, as not many people stay in one guild for long when raiding for various reasons, unless theyre lucky and find a nice, yet progressive guild (not many those out there tbh) to join and play with. Also, does your guild rep drop to hated when you get guild kicked? LOL
    I think the idea with the rep is to prevent people from hopping guild after they get the good rewards. In order to get anything from the guild you would have to hang around for a while and stay there to NOT lose use of whatever item you gained from them. Promoting guild ties rather than "Oh look, loot! I'm getting and going." Hopefully the rep does drop to hate or maybe even KoS that way you can gank the jerk that dropped guild to better himself in the name of greed. >:]
  1. Argon's Avatar
    a total let down! scrapping both path of the titan and archeology, the two that i was rly excited about.
    Couldn't agree more...I quit WoW a couple months back just because it all got so boring but I got excited about some of the new stuff they were adding in for Cataclysm.
    Now that they've decided to start throwing stuff out the window that was actually new and interesting I don't think I'll be coming back for 80-85...I'll go back for the Gnomer/Echo Isles thing (mostly for nostalgia purposes) but after that I don't see anything else that would interest me enough to stay...Blizzard just totally ruined my desire to buy Cataclysm...

    I mean seriously, "let's add more glyphs and call them something different instead of actually making something completely new"...really?
    I've had the feeling WoW is starting to slide faster and faster down hill lately...looks like they've really started picking up momentum now.
  1. AuthurDent's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Irem View Post

    Or people will take any excuse to play doomsayer, take your pick.

    I think many miss the point... if you stop for more than a second to quit defending the company... this game is OLD.. at least for a LOT of gamers. MANY of us have multiple 80's, raided our hearts out, ran dungeons til the floors are smooth.

    We LOVE this game.. or rather what it USED to be just as much as anyone. It's THAT reason why there is a resounding.. WTF!!!!! going round about this annoucement.

    It has been 2 years since WotLK popped... 2 years! Forunately we had an entirely new continent to explore (over and over).. we had achievements, Inscription, Death Knight + Starting zones, a new glyoh systems and a lot of other cool things....

    Now we get 3000 quests instead of 1000... ever ask yourself WHY we need 3000 quests? Yes.. perhaps 250 of them are the two starting zones... but then what?

    1000 allowed us to level from 70-80.. and now we need 2750 quests to level up to 85? Just how fast will we get "tired" of them compared to WotLK? Do you think that dungeon and raid content will be released MROE frequently than in WotLK or the same?

    Well if it's anywhere NEAR the same.. we are goona be bored out of our skulls within a few months... and waiting on "content patches" for 2 more years...

    No.. Without new aspect of the game.. more quests and two new races playing the same 10 classes we already know... is not an expansion I (or many others) look forward to.

    The misunderstanding is that we are doomsayers... we are simply fanatics who WANT the same enjoyment form the game we have had in years past.. and instead of stepping up... Blizzard has sidestepped.. or perhaps even taken a step backward in that respect.
  1. The_Koala's Avatar
    So instead of the PotT system, they are just going to add more of the same old quests? 1000 quests in Wotlk to 3000 quests added for Cata is what is stated in blue. Sorta sad as i'm sick of killing x mobs y times, picking up x item y times, and escort x to location y.
  1. Sixpac's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Azalu View Post
    Yes it's definatly a Naga stood next to a black drakonid. Not sure if they're meant to be there or they're just there for the alpha to show models or something like that.
    No, it's two orcs who think that they are a naga and a drakonid. What you can't see in the picture, but he's right around the corner: the psychiatrist.
  1. Canbie's Avatar
    Wow. Lots of content cut? What's going on Blizz? You want the game out asap it seems. You worried about something?
  1. Decrepit05's Avatar
    Yea this is kind of a letdown. There is an entire expansion coming out, that consists of....what exactly? 5 new levels to grind? A couple new races that don't really change the game at all.

    This is an Everquest type expansion, where everything remains mostly the same and we just get more places (In this case, revamped places) to do it.

    I was really looking forward to coming back, but now it doesn't look like I will be =( Its sad, I really wanted to get back into wow.
  1. Omegafilter's Avatar
    So whats the point of this xpac anymore other then rated bgs truely turning into farmtown game now.
  1. Ryuuji's Avatar
    I fucking hate you all. I swear to god, is it so hard to look at Wowhead and read the complete notes? Holy flying fuck it's like a concentrated cesspool of stupid here.

    Archaeology is STILL IN THE GAME. They didn't want to make it Mandatory for every player to do(Therefore surpassing the importance of all other Professions)

    There are now Rated BG's, Normal BGs, etc. You can still do both.

    There are 3000 quests. These are not all from 80-85. These are for the ENTIRE REDESIGNED AZEROTH.

    PotT technically wasn't removed, it was just turned into medium glyphs. OH NOES THEY RUINED SOMETHING BY CHANGIN DA NAIM OHNOESNPOESHPIOWHEFY{WHF

    GUILDS STILL HAVE LEVELS, they removed the trees, but your guild still gets rewards. There are too many different types of guilds to simply give control to the guild leader, especially when he may not be acting in the best interests of the guild.

    And, last but not least, if I remember correctly they said they were redesigning the old dungeon heroic modes to portray a slightly different story and area. So no, they aren't just fucking changing the levels of all the mobs.

    Holy shit. I swear you people read the white text and immediately start bawling your eyes out.
  1. Dewote's Avatar
    Interesting post,
    hopefully those guild rewards wont cost too much :/
  1. Bucky Mclachlan's Avatar
    Honestly I don't understand what so many people are complaining about. The game needed more incentive to get people to really focus on team work and do their part as a member of their guild, but guild talents was a terrible idea it would've resulted in one of two things: far too complicated a system for anyone to care about or to few options for guilds that concentrate on end game instances and pvp a lot.

    This new system sounds wonderful.

    Path of the Titans just sounded really cool on paper but it was a horrible horrible idea. This game does not need to be more simplified than it is already being, and creating a system of glyphs with so few choices for your class/spec that would've required so much effort and probably would keep people really low on gold early on in the game just was not desirable. Truth is we don't want cookie cutter specs we only use them because we're forced to and this system would've likely ended up with all classes in general being far too similar as people figure out what path is the best or what have you.

    It also would've been a huge PITA to do this on all your alts.

    Creating a brand new tier of glyphs for each class is a much much better idea, as is the idea of making glyphs permanent. I'm sure to compensate the reagents required for level 85 glyphs will be much higher and people will still need to switch anyways because there will only be so many slots.

    Also unrelated to this post but related in general....I'm pretty excited that arms is looking to be competitive again in end game raiding. Fury is just plain boring as it is sop hopefully they're really spicing it up too. But here's hoping they get rid of the need to use slam altogether (or just simply get rid of the spell since we can spam heroic strike all day long) and rebuff execute, that would certainly be the kind of change arms needs to be awesome without relying on high gear levels.

    And finally allowing us to switch raid ids is the best idea ever. I shouldn't be punished because I pug with people who should be able to get through whatever instance we're working on and the raid just falls apart after a couple bosses. Thanks Blizzard. Now I'm even more interested.
  1. kraeden's Avatar
    I'm personally really happy they did away with path of the titans and guild talents. They sounded interesting but I could tell from day one they were not going to work and just be a big balancing mess and confusing headache.
  1. malstram's Avatar
    I knew this was going to happen. During blizzcon when they started to talk about the glyph paths and the guild stuff and guild currency im like...wow this is like overcomplication. it's not going to work. now here it is. funny how things work out. so now we are keeping archaelogy and that's basically a saving face move. now without the paths it's totally useless but they have to keep it in because at that point they would just look silly....ohh wait..TOO LATE.
  1. Powerogue's Avatar
    path of the titans and archaeology were honestly the two main "game-changing" things of the expansion, comparable to vehicles and phasing in wrath.

    those are gone or heavily nerfed to be kind of boring looking now. hating this, only barely made up for by a hefty supply of cata stuff (that we've all seen already ) that we won't get banned for mentioning!
  1. JohnnyTKF's Avatar
    Like Ryu said, some of you make me lose faith in humanity. Guild leveling and perks are there (a fucking retard here said "baawww guild leveling gone")... Seriously? Sad to see PotT gone, but atleast we got new glyphs, besides, tell me, geniuses, what were the millions of cool features implemented in BC/Wrath? Don't name just one, name more. Right, this has the same ammount, or more, so please, stop the QQ.
    Flexible raid ID's is the best change ever. I x-ferred to Stormrage and found this "lame" guild. I'll leave next week, but being with them screwed me out of lots of groups, glad to see they are fixing it. They simplified ONE thing (Guild progress) and cut some stuff of another one ("Medium" glyphs, but it won't be as interesting as PotT, sadly). So many QQ over that? Let's be friggin honest, if they made it to live, half of you would be "BAWWWW Norgannon's path is OP!1one1! Blizz suxx at balancing! lol" and there would be over 9000 posts saying how PotT is shit, and don't forget the "Worst guild specs you've seen" threads that would come up.
    Seriously, some of you QQ over anything, and some of you here are trolls (Sixpac made his acc yesterday, 3 or 4 dumbasses with only 1 post).

    PS: Guild talents are gone cause it would've caused drama. Now we'll get all the talents leveling, and even some mounts/cool stuff. What else can you ask for?

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