WoW Movie - Not really "soon"
Apparently we will have to wait a while before there is anything new about the World of Warcraft Movie. reports that Sam Raimi will direct the Wizard of Oz prequel for Disney.

Assuming that Sam Raimi is still the director for the World of Warcraft movie as previously announced by Blizzard, it looks like it will have to wait a little longer.

Cataclysm Screenshot of the Day - Steamwheedle Port
The screenshot of the day gallery has been updated with a screenshot of what's left of the Steamwheedle Port (Tanaris) in Cataclysm.

Blue posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Reforging - Spirit will be a reforgeable stat
We don't want players changing Agi, Str, Stam or Int (or armor!) on items for probably obvious reasons, but converting Spirit to something else or something else into Spirit shouldn't be a problem. (Source)

Cataclysm Hard Modes
They will probably be unlocked very quickly, maybe after one clear, or maybe right from the beginning. We're still working those logistics out. We held the LK ones back partially because we shipped that patch late in the year and didn't want to ask players to raid their asses off over the holiday season. (Yeah, I know, more nanny state discussion ensues.) (Source)

Cataclysm Raid Gear Requirements
I would also expect a little more gearing up from 85 quests / heroics / crafted materials before jumping right into the raids this time around. (Source)

25-Player Raids not attractive anymore in Cataclysm?
If we wanted to remove 25-player raids, we'd just do that. We know a lot of players like them. Personally, I will probably keep raiding 25s. A lot of players like the 10s too though, and despite what fans of the 25s might think, offering lower item level loot in the 10s doesn't make them attractive enough. We're going to try instead offering more rewards (which includes loot) in the 25s, especially for the heroic modes. Many (though not all) of the players worried about the reward per effort of 25 raiding are concerned more with the heroic modes. (Source)

Running both 25 and 10-Player raids each week
This isn't speculation on our part. We have the data. As far as motivation, in some cases the 10 gear ends up being better than the 25 gear. Especially on 10 heroic, which a group of raiders in 25 level gear can often handle, the 10 gear is equivalent. There is also the issue of badges, which you can only maximize if you hit both versions every week.

We know there are a lot of players who want to run 10s who feel compelled to run 25s for the better loot. We know there are a lot of players who want to run 25s and feel like they still have to do 10s as well. We know both groups of players are getting frustrated and burning out -- not because they don't like raiding, but because they don't like raiding the same content twice a week, particularly when the 10 version tends to not even be challenging since their 25 participation ensures they overgear it.

One raid lockout with same item levels for 10 and 25 and a weekly cap on badge income solves all of those problems for us. It does creates two potential new problems. One, players may gravitate towards 10s because the logistics are easier. We intend to handle that by making 25s more efficient at earning gear. Two, players who really like to run both a 10 and 25 every week lose that opportunity. Sorry. If it's any consolation, because the bosses are divided among multiple raid zones you can still do some in a 10 and some in a 25 or have an alt that only does a couple of those zones a week without the full commitment of two complete boss kill cycles every week. (Source)

Guild talents "removal"
I think this is a common problem. Some players focused on "cut guild talents" without reading what we are doing instead.

Imagine you are a priest. Some of your spells are talents, such as Penance and Circle of Healing. If you take Circle of Healing, you don't have enough points to get Penance. Talent trees are about (sometimes tough) decisions. However, many of your other spells you get by leveling, such as Prayer of Mending and Mass Dispel. You don't have to make a hard choice to get those, but you do have to put some work in.

The guild bonuses used to be talents. They are now more like leveling spells. We call them perks now instead of talents. We haven't cut any content, but just changed the UI from boxes with prereqs to a list. (Source)

Cataclysm Features
I try not to make ranked lists of features between expansions, because it always feels like you're comparing apples to oranges ("Now with 14.2% more raid bosses!') and has a lot to do with how interested you are in any of those features ("Fishing has a new icon!"). I'll just say that Cataclysm is massive, feels really polished even at this early stage, and has a ton of content. It feels a lot like two expansions, because you have the 80-85 content as well as an all new 1-60 experience. We don't sing the praises of our quest design team enough. They have poured their souls into this expansion and you realize that from your very first quest. There are just so many "holy crap!" moments. (Source)

Warrior (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator)
Jumping charge and intercepts
We don't view avoiding a Charge in this way to be an acceptable use of skill. Note that I am talking very specifically about the OP's scenario, and not about whether warriors are punished more or less than other classes for internet latency. (Source)

Fan Arts
The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with 3 new pieces of fan artwork.

World of Warcraft Fan Wallpaper
The World of Warcraft Fan Wallpapers section has been updated with the 3rd piece of the very impressive "The Stars' Fury" series of artworks from Jeremy Sun. He also has a pretty nice gallery on

I'm sure one of the elite photoshopper of the forum will create a nice compilation of the 3 wallpapers, and one of our extreme geek will post a nice picture of the wallpapers on a 3 monitors setup. (Do it, please.)

Update - A nice panorama of the 3 wallpapers is available in the forums.

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  1. Dizzy Wolf's Avatar
    Awesome fanart. Im really glad blizzard is making the loot the same in both 10 and 25 mans. I really dont see what the problem is, or rather a *valid* problem.
  1. NefariousNinja's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Worgoblin View Post
    Lame, get a new director... the expansion after Cataclysm will be released before the damn WOW movie gets made.
    Very true.
  1. Xanra's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Clbull View Post
    Maybe that was a justifiable reason for delaying the launch of the Plagueworks in Icecrown Citadel by a month, but in my opinion, the phased implementation system in raids was horribly flawed since Trial of the Crusader.

    With Sunwell Plateau, it was justifiable. Five hard bosses, and you wanted to give these guilds an equal oppurtunity to take on each boss.

    It actually ruined Trial of the Crusader though. Defeating an effortlessly easy boss and then being told you have to wait another week is a disappointment. It may prolong raid content but in my opinion, heres how I think it should work
    • Release the entire raid on patch day, no gating whatsoever. It worked for Ulduar.
    • Allow players to access Heroic modes on individual bosses upon release immediately
    • Make Normal mode bosses somewhat manageable even for less experienced raiders
    • Make Heroic modes abnormally hard. Like to the point where you need good co-ordination and gear to stand a chance

    e.g. Cho'gall on Normal could be medium difficulty with a few surprises in store, but on Heroic difficulty, he could be a raidwiping behemoth.
    I think its a bit more complicated than that. Prolonging the time it takes to get the best gear in the game, keeps people paying. I know plenty of people who play til they get bored then cancel thier account. If you release content monthly or do something to change it up monthly, subscriptions will not be cancel and restarted when thier is more. It's a far better business practice to get people to log on for shorter periods for more often than long periods for less often.
    It's going to reduce server load, bandwith load, and other technical cost considerations.

    Blizzard has already stated thier extreme hardcore raiders are anywhere from 3-5% of the paying subscribers, you really don't want to build a game or content even around that small of a player base. Your hardcore players will still have better gear, items, resources, etc. They just wont have has much of a gap between them your casual players like they did in WoW 1.0, where it was virtually impossible to catch up (which upset alot of people enough to cancel). Now every player has an oppertunity to catch up every few months (which keeps them happier).
  1. Icake's Avatar
    Awesome Wallpaper! great compilations too
  1. Lumocolor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NefariousNinja View Post
    Not that confusing. Technically, there will be more loot dropping because there will be more people in the raid (25-man). For example, if the 10-man ratio was 1:1, the bosses would drop 10 pieces, so then the 25-man boss would drop 25 pieces. If they make it so the 25-man drops 100 items or something and the 10-man 1 item then I can see that being confusing between what each blue says.
    Equivalent means "about the same amount" to me (which would mean 2 in 10 man and 6 in 25 man are Equivalent). While MORE means MORE (which means 2 in 10 man and 8 in 25 man which is a larger percentage than that of 10 man).

    One blue post says "MORE" while the other blue post says "the same amount" as in 10 man.
  1. Pokchop's Avatar
    Not surprised. That movie is never going to come out.
  1. Caerdwyn's Avatar
    It still blows me away hold talented some people are. The fanart that we see posted is always just so amazing.

    Oh, and the reiteration of all that blue stuff was important, too... Woo, raiding. 25s. And stuff.
  1. Noomz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Medivh View Post
    Is that the only answer you can think of? Do you think you're funny? You're just proving our point to the max: You're an idiot.

    ---------- Post added 06-18-2010 at 08:01 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Kabasue View Post
    I agree with you on point A, if you have the same gear as a pugger then something is wrong. Even a moderate progression guild will have better gear then puggers.

    I dissagree with you on point B, I like many of the people in my guild and do stuff with them when not in raid. I like seeing new content, and the feeling of downing difficult bosses in heroic. That being said, if pretty purple pixles where not avliable, I wouldn't go. Getting phat loots is a major reason I raid, farm, and spend 15 bucks a month. Take that away, and I might as well cancle my account and play Aion where I can spend a month or two crafting my own phat loots.

    Ofcourse, the loot is the sugar in the cake, so to speak. It's the proof you achieved something.

    But I think we need to try it out before we can say what we think about it. The raiding model has changed in both previous expansions and it's changing one more time as they try their way with new ideas.
    I don't raid anymore myself, but that's due to time pressure and me being awfully tired of dealing with incompetent people.

    But the consensus of what I'm saying is this.

    World of Warcraft is changing into something more mainstream and casual, something everyone can pick up and do. And in my own opinion, playing mostly or only WoW makes it tedious and boring. I round it up with other games and try to do other things, something I wish alot more people did because they're really way too serious some times. It's just a game after all.
  1. Kidoeng7's Avatar
    Loving the Worgen fan Art coming back and playing just crossed my mind
  1. Buutch's Avatar
    Is that Genn?! :O that fanart looks so fucking good!
  1. good diu bro's Avatar
    I am doing 25mans with guild and 10man with friends, most of my guildies are doing the same.
    10 and 25 in the same lock out is just bull s**t...
    I guess in cata only the hardcore guild will still be running 25mans and most guilds will have their 25man disbanded...
    How can we find 25 skilled raider without doing 10man and given that fact that 10 man progress is alot easier... Thats just too bad...
  1. Smoopie's Avatar
    To me it sounds like activison is trying to make WoW take less and less time so that gamers buy/play their other titles....kind of sucks for WoW though
  1. johnsmith182's Avatar
    Loving it!!!
  1. Greymore's Avatar
    Soon: Copyright 2004-2010 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. "Soon" does not imply any particular date, time, decade, century, or millennia in the past, present, and certainly not the future. "Soon" shall make no contract or warranty between Blizzard Entertainment and the end user. "Soon" will arrive some day, Blizzard does guarantee that "soon" will be here before the end of time. Maybe. Do not make plans based on "soon" as Blizzard will not be liable for any misuse, use, or even casual glancing at "soon."
  1. kozzamuu's Avatar
    nice :3

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