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Cataclysm Screenshots of the Day
The Screenshot of the Day Gallery has been updated with 3 more screenshots of Cataclysm.

Blue posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Grim Batol "Vehicle" combat
Just to clarify, it's not vehicle combat at the beginning of the dungeon. The forces of the Twilight's Hammer within Grim Batol are massive, so you'll start the dungeon with a bombing run through the halls to thin their ranks. It'll be a set flight path and will not involve aerial combat. This is only to get things started. This dungeon is not vehicle-driven at all. (Source)

Lack of class changes in Patch 3.3.5
Our systems team is hard at work tweaking classes, updating talent trees, and restructuring the way in which new spells and abilities are learned during the leveling process (given that spells and abilities will scale with level rather than have multiple ranks). These changes are planned to coincide with a future patch which will implement the framework for Cataclysm. No major tweaking is planned to take place beforehand unless serious class gameplay issues arise. (Source)

Leveling Curve in Cataclysm
As you mentioned, the leveling curve all the way from 1-70 was adjusted in the past. We feel those changes coupled with heirloom experience bonuses make for a reasonable leveling experience up to 70. Since we're making major changes to the 1-60 Azeroth zones in Cataclysm, it isn't likely we'll be making further adjustments to the leveling curve there. The goal is to encourage new and old players alike to try out a new race or class and experience all of the new content and environment changes in the "old world."

As it is, Cataclysm will bring about a much better quest flow, both in terms of the way quests are given in individual zones, as well as the way in which players will be directed from zone to zone. It will be completely reasonable in Cataclysm to level from 1-60 in Azeroth solely on Kalimdor, or solely on Eastern Kingdoms. In general, there will be much less need to jump from continent to continent because you hit dry spots while questing and need to find somewhere else to go in order to find level-appropriate quests. The goal is to make sure players are given the choice to go to the zones they want to while leveling, rather than force them to the other end of the world for a level or two.

Whether or not any changes are going to be made to the leveling curve in Northrend, or additional changes made to leveling in Outland, remains to be seen. We do want to ensure that the leveling experience from 1-85 isn't too daunting. That is a lot of levels after all. Once we have the Cataclysm leveling zones from 1-60 and 78-85 fleshed out, we'll more closely evaluate the full leveling experience during our beta test. (Source)
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  1. djsjr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drudatz View Post
    Bug - Menu looks very strange on Opera: http://home.arcor.de/rosa.elefant/mmoc.jpg
    Same on the most recent firefox
  1. Neelargara's Avatar
    Am I the only one who likes leveling??? I don't like the whole speed leveling, heirlooms, and all that jazz. I level my characters the hard way, I take my time. To me if they speed up leveling through 70-85 I will be upset because I won't feel like I will be missing out on a lot of cool quests and storylines.

    Also I don't mind vehicles, they mix things up a little. I find them fun and don't complain.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    I think leveling from one to sixty is fine (in terms of experience points needed), it's just the ability to get said experience points that's messy. Since Blizzard has stated that old world quests will be getting some much-needed cleanup for Cataclysm, I'm not dreading nearly as much the leveling process like I did for my level 80 alts (currently working on number eight).

    Additionally, I think that Blizzard does need to reduce the amount of exp. for the level 70-78 range when they release their third expansion. By how much is debatable, but I will gladly accept whatever is deemed appropriate even if it's only 12,000 less per level.

    There has also been some talk here regarding the use of heirlooms, so I thought I would just add my two cents on it: I don't begrudge or think less of those who prefer not to; if anything, it'll mean seeing less loot getting vendored or disenchanted. I am electing to use heirloom items for Cataclysm, though, because it is (for me) a hassle trying to get so much gear for a character alt who levels quickly enough on its own that the aforementioned gear becomes useless too soon. The less gear I need to worry about, the more relaxed I can be. Also, I like the outfits that my Tauren paladin and Goblin warlock will be wearing.

    Lastly, I enjoy vehicle combat to a certain degree. It's fun getting to do it while questing, but when it's Oculus or Eye of Eternity that's involved... Don't get me wrong, I like those instances but I just don't believe that vehicle combat should be such a do-or-die necessity.
  1. gamelyn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by djsjr View Post
    Is it just me or did this whole switch to v bulletin make less people go to mmo champion?
    The amount of news responses are down. Seems like forum posts are too.

    Could be because it's the summer, or just generally not much going on.

    Then again, people don't like change and may not be coming for that reason (I don't particularly like the v bulletin, but I gots to have me some Boubou).
  1. NefariousNinja's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gamelyn View Post
    The amount of news responses are down. Seems like forum posts are too.

    Could be because it's the summer, or just generally not much going on...
    Probably those two. Come on beta!
  1. ItachiZaku's Avatar
    They should make it vehicle combat, we need more of those. Once in awhile it can be a drag cuz you aren't using your skills, but it is a much needed break from the boring judgement, divine storm, diving storm, divine storm, divine storm...
  1. kozzamuu's Avatar
    cool :3

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