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Midsummer Festival - Lord Ahune Loot Table
The Midsummer Festival is here and players can now fight Lord Ahune for super easy epics, because we all like super easy epics. You will be teleported to the instance instantly, you then get to kill Lord Ahune once. You will get an epic item from his chest (see the loot table) and all the members of the group will be rewarded with 2 x Emblem of Frost from the Satchel of Chilled Goods.

Important - You only get the bag with the 2 x Emblem of Frost from the Satchet of Chilled Goods once a day, but you can kill the boss as many times as you want if you want to farm the chest.
Important #2 - The chest only drops cloaks, the bag has a chance to drop rare loot like the Frostscythe and the companion pets.

Lord Ahune Loot Table

232StaffSpellTwo-HandFrostscythe of Lord Ahune
232CloakTankingCloakIcebound Cloak
232CloakMelee.DPSCloakThe Frost Lord's Battle Shroud
232CloakPhys.DPSCloakThe Frost Lord's War Cloak
232CloakSpellCloakShroud of Winter's Chill
232CloakSpellCloakCloak of the Frigid Winds

This year's pet is the Ice Chip (Frigid Frostling).

This is the first time players get a chance to use the Looking for Dungeon system on a holiday boss. All you have to do to fight Ahune is select the boss from the drop down menu and wait for a group.

The MMO Report
I skipped last week's episode because of a bug, the MMO Report report is back!

Dark Legacy Comic #243 is out!

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