25% Icecrown Citadel buff now active
The Hellscream's Warsong and Strength of Wrynn buffs in Icecrown Citadel have been increased to 25%.

Ruby Sanctum Heroic Loot Table
The Ruby Sanctum Heroic loot tables have been discovered on the official armory.

25-Man Loot Table

284PlateMelee.DPSFeetApocalypse's Advance
284PlateSpellFeetForeshadow Steps
284PlateTankingFeetTreads of Impending Resurrection
284MailPhys.DPSFeetReturning Footfalls
284MailSpellWaistSplit Shape Belt
284LeatherPhys.DPSWristUmbrage Armbands
284LeatherSpellWristPhaseshifter's Bracers
284ClothSpellWristBracers of Fiery Night
284CloakSpellBackCloak of Burning Dusk
284NeckMelee.DPSNeckPenumbra Pendant
284FingerPhys.DPSFingerSignet of Twilight
284FingerSpell MP5FingerRing of Phased Regeneration
284TrinketPhys.DPSTrinketSharpened Twilight Scale
284TrinketTankingTrinketPetrified Twilight Scale
284TrinketSpell DPSTrinketCharred Twilight Scale
284TrinketHealingTrinketGlowing Twilight Scale
271PlateMelee.DPSFeetApocalypse's Advance
271PlateSpellFeetForeshadow Steps
271PlateTankingFeetTreads of Impending Resurrection
271MailPhys.DPSFeetReturning Footfalls
271MailSpellWaistSplit Shape Belt
271LeatherPhys.DPSWristUmbrage Armbands
271LeatherSpellWristPhaseshifter's Bracers
271ClothSpellWristBracers of Fiery Night
271CloakSpellBackCloak of Burning Dusk
271NeckMelee.DPSNeckPenumbra Pendant
271FingerPhys.DPSFingerSignet of Twilight
271FingerSpell MP5FingerRing of Phased Regeneration
271TrinketPhys.DPSTrinketSharpened Twilight Scale
271TrinketTankingTrinketPetrified Twilight Scale
271TrinketSpell DPSTrinketCharred Twilight Scale
271TrinketHealingTrinketGlowing Twilight Scale

10-Man Loot Table

271PlateTankingFeetScion's Treads
271PlateSpellWaistSurrogate Belt
271PlateMelee.DPSWristBracers of the Heir
271MailSpellFeetBoots of Divided Being
271MailPhys.DPSShoulderTwilight Scale Shoulders
271LeatherSpellHandsChangeling Gloves
271LeatherMelee.DPSChestGloaming Sark
271ClothSpellWaistMisbegotten Belt
271CloakSpell MP5BackAbduction's Cover
271FingerMelee.DPSFingerZarithrian's Offering
271FingerSpell HitFingerSaviana's Tribute
271NeckMelee.DPSNeckBaltharus' Gift
258PlateMelee.DPSWristBracers of the Heir
258PlateTankingFeetScion's Treads
258PlateSpellWaistSurrogate Belt
258MailPhys.DPSShoulderTwilight Scale Shoulders
258MailSpellFeetBoots of Divided Being
258LeatherPhys.DPSChestGloaming Sark
258LeatherSpellHandsChangeling Gloves
258ClothSpell HitWaistMisbegotten Belt
258CloakSpell MP5BackAbduction's Cover
258FingerMelee.DPSFingerZarithrian's Offering
258FingerSpell HitFingerSaviana's Tribute
258NeckMelee.DPSNeckBaltharus' Gift
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  1. XepNes's Avatar
    NOOOOOO!!! D; o.O first /thread
  1. drsjohnny's Avatar
    very nice indeed can't wait till next month when it's at 30 percent
  1. Hethor's Avatar
  1. Tsudots's Avatar
    Now if I can ever get online I can try it out! lol
  1. Naus's Avatar
    Hmm its a week early
  1. Ferledon's Avatar
    Putricide goin down now! Heroic
  1. Stormeh's Avatar
    Now our pug can down even more HM
  1. Fano7's Avatar
    My server still isn't up :\
  1. dummenumse's Avatar
    Finally! Now casual players will at least have some chance of clearing icecrown...
  1. phantomlink's Avatar
    Now if only I could actually use this buff....
  1. Aonix's Avatar
    Nice more 277 on casuals now
  1. Jeffro1's Avatar
    Thanks for posting my ss up there, figured people would want to know.
  1. tarkaz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Naus View Post
    Hmm its a week early
    blizzard released the patch in us 1week before eu,

    i dont know something like that :s
  1. Kaneiac's Avatar
    @ People who said buff would be next Tuesday cause it's the last Tuesday of the month.

    [ ]Not Told

    Always wanted to do that.

    People saying it's "early"? Really?

    It's been 28 days between each buff. It has NOT broken that pattern.
  1. heatersgonnaheat's Avatar
    but how do you have the buff in org?lol
  1. Nak's Avatar
    Thats like.... 40k health on my dps... nice lol.
  1. Apoc11's Avatar
    Weee 5% quicker clears....WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  1. Kaneiac's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by heatersgonnaheat View Post
    but how do you have the buff in org?lol
    Obviously he selected someone who was in ICC, and they had the buff on them.
  1. Nesingwary-Eliada's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Naus View Post
    Hmm its a week early
    Nah, it's right on time: http://www.worldofraids.com/topic/16...10-blue-posts/
  1. Adept's Avatar
    Now just have 5.7k+ Gearscore, and link Achievement. They will let you finally run ICC.

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