Cataclysm Screenshots of the Day
Today we have another screenshot of the Southern Barrens and a fairly interesting view of the Abyssal Maw, featuring a Faceless One caster.

World of Warcraft "Tap Chat" Pedal by Creative
Earlier today, an announcement was posted on the official site about a new "Tap Chat" pedal, it was removed a few minutes later but it looks like Creative plans to release it very soon. The announcement is gone from all Blizzard website but the Tap Chat seems to be available on Creative UK Website
[blizzquote author=Blizzard source=]You can now add even more functionality to the award-winning Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Headset with the new Tap Chat foot pedal accessory. By mapping your push-to-talk key or favorite macro to this foot control pedal, you can keep your hands totally free to control the game. As a bonus, the Tap Chat pedal will also come with an exclusive set of World of Warcraft logo lenses to further customize the look of your headset.[/blizzquote]

Cataclysm Beta - European Guild Contest (28th of June to 23rd of July, 2010)
[blizzquote author=Blizzard source=]Guildmasters, it’s time to earn you and your guildmates a gaze into the Cataclysm! Gather your friends, head over to your favourite spot and showcase your impressive photography skills. Every week, for five weeks, the 100 most impressive screenshots will earn you and your guild 10 keycodes to access the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Beta!

What are you waiting for? All you need to do is take a screenshot of you and your guild showing off your creativity in terms of breath-taking landscapes, lighting, impressive camera angles and epic poses. The only requirement is that the word “Cataclysm!” is displayed in a chat bubble together with your character and guild names! Please remember that submissions missing the chat bubble and guild name tags will be ineligible to win.

The Guildmaster will then proceed to send us the screenshot and their selection of 10 account e-mail addresses using the dedicated webform.

Here is some advice to help you with your submissions:

  • Use the environment to your advantage! Points of interest, dungeons, even bosses are there to help you.
  • Pimp your screenshot by setting the in-game graphics settings to the max! There is no need to worry about your frame rate since the submission is a still image.
  • We strongly encourage you to disable your addons while taking the screenshot. Keep the default interface on and capture your picture of awesomeness!
  • Don't forget to read the contest rules.

Blue posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Cloth Itemization in Cataclysm
Yes. If it has +hit on it, it might be attractive to a mage, lock or Shadow priest. If it has +Spirit on it, it will be more attractive to healing priests. If it has neither stat on it, then it might be attractive to any cloth wearer. (Source)

Spirit in Cataclysm
You'll need enough Spirit to have good regen. That probably doesn't mean you're going to pass on every item without Spirit.

Spirit is a weird stat that is technically primary but has more in common with stats like crit and haste. What I mean is that if you found an item without Intellect, you'd almost certainly pass on it because that likely means the item has Agi or Strength instead. But if you find an item with Int but no Spirit, it might be a good upgrade. (Source)
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  1. Nioxic's Avatar
    this means the beta wont start till july 24th or later? :<

    thats lame.

    in either case, my guess is it wont start till AFTER sc2 is released.

    so.. start of august
  1. Fafnersbane's Avatar
    So the Beta wont start for atleast another 5 weeks.. :-/

    ---------- Post added 2010-06-29 at 06:55 AM ----------

    Jeina - If the Beta starts 3 weeks before the 23rd of July it would have to start in 3 days...
  1. Boobery's Avatar
    now all you need is a chain of tap pedals for all your keybinds.

    you can be like the drummer from def leppard!
  1. Voidgazer's Avatar
    Faceless ones have eyes now? But this makes no sense...
  1. Fafnersbane's Avatar
    Anyone remember how long Wotlk beta took ?

    If the beta starts around the end of July and it takes 3 months to run through it and gather all the data etc. then 4 weeks of getting it ready after the Beta ends... so December release ?
  1. He-man's Avatar
    that tap pedal is the stupidest thing that will probably ever have the wow name on it.. if some one makes a pvp video with that tap pedal as the only controller they will be LEGENDARY.. this is so stupid it almost seemes like a force meme to generate hype for creative sound products. like seriously a PEDAL WTF>..........
  1. Roggan's Avatar
    I like using a mouse button or skype instead, but this will do nicely for my ferocious bite keybind...stomp, BOOM.
  1. Exclusive's Avatar
    As if this footpedal is something new.
    You can compare it to any racing steerwheel+footpedals combination
    And hey, guess what, those have even 2 pedals so you can map even a 2nd function! (and just put the steering wheel aside)

    Oh well, I'm sure they will make fuckloads of money because people are stupid enough to buy crap like this ^^
  1. Queen Sylvanas Windrunner's Avatar
    Hmmm.... I remember when the vast majority of people thought that Cataclysm was going to be released in AUGUST- Yet, here we are, almost in July with scarce amounts of gameplay info. Something tells me that this period of time will be the biggest stagnation zone WoW has ever seen.
  1. Imnick's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by XemnasXD View Post
    still not sure why they're called faceless ones when they clearly have faces...
    Lies! I don't see any face!

    Also... why is everyone so upset that it sounds like the beta is out in August?
    That's honestly earlier than I expected.
  1. Rivehn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Naposim1337 View Post
    Cataclysm Beta - European Guild Contest (28th of June to 23rd of July, 2010)

    what the fuuuuck?! So beta is comming like in august? im starting to doubt cata will be released this year. Very dissapointing after seeing path of the titans scrapped!!!
    Totally agree with you here, seems like beta wont be until mid july now.
  1. mgs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fafnersbane View Post
    If the beta starts around the end of July and it takes 3 months to run through it and gather all the data etc. then 4 weeks of getting it ready after the Beta ends... so December release ?
    Blizzard is not in a hurry and our disappointment, anger, threats (including suicidal) just make them laugh (if that!).

    Seriously though, I do not think they'll release this year.

    Time-wise, they probably _could_ make it for Xmas, but there will be other (competing) titles filling up the shelves, so why bother? They have enough money to last them till release of Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 will be released this year already, so they can wait till Summer Holidays 2011, as far as dispassionate analysis is concerned.

    I bloody hope I'm wrong here, btw.

    P.S. who cares about the stupid pedal, seriously guys?!
  1. Queen Sylvanas Windrunner's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    Lies! I don't see any face!

    Also... why is everyone so upset that it sounds like the beta is out in August?
    That's honestly earlier than I expected.
    First of all, there is two glowing eyes. Secondly, are you really going to be entertained with Icecrown Citadel and one extra boss for what is looking like over a year? That's even worse than the Sunwell. Well, I kind of expected it but I would rather see "soon" than have messages that arouse false hope, and there is plenty of them. For example a quote many remember, "You will be complaining about Goblin rogues by next BlizzCon". The fact that this is looking to be the slowest expansion to hit the market, and much of Blizzard's ambitions being dashed is kind of getting old.
  1. Yangli's Avatar
    I too think the pedal is a nice idea. (Doesn't need to be the official one, though...)
    Having push to talk near your usual buttons mades it simple to push, but at the risk of pushing it accidently sometimes. Having it far away makes it difficult to push without abandoning the movement keys or the mouse.
    I use TS on my laptop, while playing on PC, so it's even another keyboard I have to move my hand to... Voice activation is no option, cause it makes me paranoid (always fear that I might be heard breathing or such.) So I rarely speek while fighting a boss. See why people might like that pedal now?

    Question, does it matter wether the screenshot is sent by the guildmaster?
  1. Robbykig's Avatar
    hup Uk hup.

    Check date, this isn't April 1st.

    Foot pedal wtf

    Why not some ass button so I can clench my cheeks in fear = /cast Pain Supression.
  1. Direfen's Avatar
    The Alliance seem to be going all out from that screenshot...

    And I like it! More PvP orientated PvE ftw!
  1. quiz's Avatar
  1. Collected's Avatar
    The WOTLK beta downloader and site didn't go live until July 17th and I believe the first wave of invites begun on July 18th.. a Friday. The 23rd July is, a Friday. So relax.. they appear to be on schedule. I imagine the guild winners will get invites as part of the first wave of beta invites. Blizzard traditionally works with waves of invites.. the first wave is quite small but it gets bigger and bigger across a number of weeks/months until pretty much everyone is invited who opted in.
  1. sarethen's Avatar
    lol a pedal? Are you being serious?
  1. Jukaï's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rivehn View Post
    Totally agree with you here, seems like beta wont be until mid july now.
    My money is on the end of july. After ICC received the 30% buff.

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