Update #6 - European servers are slowly coming back online.

Halion 10/25 US First Kill by Premonition
Premonition (US - Sen'jin) killed Halion in 10/25-Man Heroic Mode during the night and already released a full video of the 10-man fight.

BlizzCon® 2010 Dinner to Benefit Children's Foundation
[blizzquote author=Nebu source=http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/index.xml]Before the BlizzCon festivities begin, we’re inviting you to join us for an evening of good food and good conversation -- all for a good cause. On Thursday, October 21, Blizzard will be hosting a special dinner to benefit the CHOC Children's Foundation, where guests will have an opportunity to meet and chat with game developers, artists, executives and other folks from Blizzard Entertainment.

From July 13 through July 15, we'll be holding an online drawing to determine who can win an opportunity to purchase tickets to this event. A total of 200 tickets will be available for $500 USD each (limit two per person), and the proceeds will benefit the CHOC Children's Foundation. In appreciation of your donation, you'll receive:

  • Dinner and an opportunity to converse with executives, artists, developers, community managers, and others from Blizzard Entertainment
  • A signed print featuring Blizzard Entertainment artwork
  • One BlizzCon 2010 ticket (a $150 USD value)

The BlizzCon 2010 benefit dinner will take place Thursday, October 21 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Hilton Anaheim hotel. To opt in to the ticket drawing and view the official rules for this opportunity, visit the official BlizzCon website between July 13 and July 15. [/blizzquote]
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  1. frequency's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rukh View Post
    Ok, personally, I could care less (yes that is the correct useage, look it up)...

    Fail more good sir.
  1. Bluedevil21's Avatar
    So the guild that killed him on Normal mode didn't even get a front page look? Sucks to be them, bragging on the forums for nothing. Even our server guild Blood Legion got some show for getting LK down on 10-man regular. Grats to Premo though, glad US got at least something out of this ordeal.
  1. FireBorne's Avatar
    I think blizz should just take a week off and do whatever it is they need to do to the servers and watch the mass suicides on the news with me, i haz popcorns.
  1. Willeonge's Avatar
    Good job on the charity blizzard, should do more of these things
  1. Yanthir's Avatar
    Video doesn't work.
  1. JohnnyTKF's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by webdonkey View Post
    lol bro... u fail... and im not smart?

    wow is dying.. face it... and RS is prove of it... HM downed in what... less then 10 hours?

    Pleasing as much as possible? With allr over 80 % of the player base not content, even if servers are still offline?

    Making millions of dollars... ye, im sure they did that once.. and maybe still now, by milking this game to the max with

    all these stupid pets / mounts / char possibilities. As said, wow is dying... milking it to the next big MMO

    So ye... blizz, u fail... or do i actualy fail for still paying ur sorry ass for extended maintenances and shitty new content.

    Is this realy the best you can come up with....
    God, sometimes I wish I could just shoot you in the face, dumbass... Just so you know it, MMO-champion is a MINIMAL fraction of the WoW pop, how do you know 80% of the WoW pop hates Wrath? Exactly, you don't... Made up facts FTW amirite asswipe? I just HATE people like you (Inb4 UMADBRO? :P) who make facts up, can't you just say the truth and admit you need a break from WoW? That's it, no need to make crap up.
  1. dotSeed's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Salacnar View Post
    blizzcon dinner is a scam first they let you win a change to get the tickets then you need to buy them for 500 bucks that got to children

    if blizzard wants to make an impression the use the 100.000 dollar (500$ x 200 tickets) to buy those children a pc with wow installed on it
    For the love of all that is holy, tell me you're trolling. Christ.
  1. Faceless's Avatar
    Grats on the World First Kill Premonition. Even though most many claim that you don't deserve it, you did kill Halion first. It doesn't matter what kind of handicap anyone recieves, the first kill will always be recorded by whoever kills it first. The advantage may have been in Premonition's favor, but they clearly killed it first regardless. As for the content not lasting, it's only natural for the content not to last when you rush out and try to be among the first to complete it. That's how it is on any game when they add new content. If you rush out and play through it as fast as you can it's gonna go quick. If you need more of a challenge then take undergeared players or take off some of your gear to make it harder. Good luck to everyone on running the new raid and I hope you can enjoy it as much as I will.

    As for the benefit, good luck with it Blizzard. I won't be putting my money into it as $500.00 is too expensive for my budget, but I'm sure someone out there will find the food tasty enough for the money. I wouldn't mind recieving the Blizzcon Ticket, and being able to converse with the Developers is nice, but it's far from worth it to me. Overall, I wish them the best on this event and hope that they do well with it.
  1. Limelight's Avatar
    Blame the players being able to test out everything on the PTR, and have it down pat when the content goes live. Very little mystery left in WoW anymore.
  1. xenoie's Avatar
    This game is getting way too easy when new bosses die the first day they hit live. Content is being watered down so hard that it has lost it's epic feel. It used to take months for a well accomplished guild to get a first kill on a boss, now it takes a few hours on release day?

    I guess there are hard modes, but what is this a FPS game now?

    MMORPG on nightmare mode lol...please...
  1. Legendairee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by xenoie View Post
    This game is getting way too easy when new bosses die the first day they hit live. Content is being watered down so hard that it has lost it's epic feel. It used to take months for a well accomplished guild to get a first kill on a boss, now it takes a few hours on release day?

    I guess there are hard modes, but what is this a FPS game now?

    MMORPG on nightmare mode lol...please...

    lol so you've downed heroic LK and heroic RS? if youre going to whine about something at least whine without giant gaping holes in your logic. The only ppl who can whine are those ppl in premo and Adept...the only 2 guilds to clear it so far
  1. Toxonuts's Avatar
    Guys: This wasn't exactly supposed to be Heroic LK quality in the skill/organization aspect. This was released, in my opinion, to let the more casual players get some gear.. Now, I'm not saying that every guild and their gay sister will down H Halion, but I do feel it has much less skill req., seeing as people downed it first day (people took months?? to down heroic LK).
  1. Documentor's Avatar
    The guys who are the best at this game WILL clear new content crazy fast. Most of us should not judge ourself or any others by that standard.

    Also, it will be interesting to check the time from when the US realms got RS unlocked and cleared against the time EU realms came online. That way we can FAIRLY gauge who really got the 'world first'. These elite guilds make getting there first a big deal and one would hope that they want an honest victory, not a victory because half the competition weren't allowed to start.
  1. Calaba's Avatar
    Well, just killed it 10-man (due to server troubles leading to canceled 25man raid), and well... it was ok difficulty, about the same as later bosses in ICC. The trash was hitting the tanks a bit hard but not too bad, about the same style trash as OS. The mini bosses are a joke. The boss itself was easy enough, got it as soon as we figured out to have everyone following behind the orbs.

    So, easy enough, but not really PUG friendly, until they nerf the orb beams (ie. "oops the orbs werent meant to do that on normal mode...")

    Hopefully we'll do the hard mode next week, and the 25man tomorrow.
  1. Kiro's Avatar
    Considering many world firsts come down to who can get their guild together online first, and with some RNG luck, I don't see the big deal with them in the first place. But it seems to mean a lot to people who never seemingly are in the guilds with the world firsts. Anyways, on that note:

    Congrats Premonition on your WORLD FIRST KILL. They'll be going into Cata with momentum from closing out Wrath with the WORLD FIRST kill in the final raid of this expansion. Good for them. Cata is going to really shake things up due to 25man raids not being the only show in town, and 10 man guilds finally getting respect.
  1. Brittany's Avatar
    Anyone else think it was rubbish to hold it back a week or two until EU got it for "world first race", then to give it to US one day early?

    Why not just let them have it from the start. World firsts are not important when the boss can be killed on hard mode a few hours after release. It's just who has the best connections and guildies available.
  1. Solex's Avatar
    The amount of QQ from EU players is staggering, I always thought they were more well mannered than most of the US players and given that they tend to start an hour or two on every raid boss (DAMN YOU EARTH'S ROTATING AXIS) I figure if the EU servers got 1 to 3 hours per new raid content since Vanilla, yeah the US is probably due about 24 hours head start. (Joke)

    I also think a lot of posters talking about how insignificant a WORLD FIRST KILL in game supposedly boasting 11 million subscribers are the same people who would be verbally fellating Ensidia or your favorite EU raiding guild of choice.

    In short, gratz to Premo, better luck next time to ALL the raid guilds (surprise there was 24 hour maintenance in the US too) who couldn't get into the fight in time. Good job Blizzard for saving kids or whatever and... yeah, cry less.
  1. petrefax's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by xenoie View Post
    It used to take months for a well accomplished guild to get a first kill on a boss
    This is simply not true, content has always been cleared in a matter of days by "well accomplished" guilds
  1. Palmster's Avatar
    Troll Cat and bear form; ugly as sin.
  1. mestav's Avatar
    edit: lol first video had 100,000 views just from being on MMO-C for like 5 hours before I had to take it down to fix :3

    Original song in the first version before I had to edit stuff:
    Sharam Jey - Message to Love (Alex Metric remix)

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