Cataclysm Closed Beta - NDA Lift
The NDA is lifted. You're free to discuss anything on the forums.

I didn't expect it to be lifted that soon, some pages look ugly, working on it. Recent forum posts box disabled to (try to) prevent a crash of the site.

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  1. friggo's Avatar
    dunno if it's been posted but what's the point of this chest http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/55062/

    shockadins ftw?
  1. loftus's Avatar
    my morning began like this:

    step 1: wake up
    step 2: turn on computer
    step 3: go on MMO Champion
    step 4: change pants.

    that poleaxe looks insane by the way lol.

    I thought it would be lifted sometime this week, simply because i tried to enter the closed beta opt in, and the day i tried was the first day the page was gone. So then i thought as soon as they stopped accepting people for the opt-in it would only be a matter of days.

    happy times, let the info trading begin!!!
  1. Azalu's Avatar
    *Realises he didn't know there was a tickbox*

    *dies inside*
  1. Kaavis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Spartugus View Post
    Are they sending out the EU Invites yet? Or is it just the US getting them at the Moment.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    IRVINE, Calif. – June 30, 2010 – Blizzard Entertainment announced today that the closed beta test for Cataclysm™, its highly anticipated new expansion for World of Warcraft®, has begun. The company has started issuing invitations to participate in the testing process to a wide range of players from around the world who signed up via their Battle.net® accounts.
  1. Zarleck's Avatar
    Well, that was sooner than expected.
    Unrelenting Assault nerf? YES PLEASE.
  1. Buddahpal's Avatar
    Wheres Loch Modan i want to see if any changes to Loch Modan has been done
  1. Dragonshardz's Avatar
    This is going to be by far, the best looking expansion... EVAR!
  1. mercutiouk's Avatar

    Currently 6 5-mans listed.
    10 "last boss on heroic difficulty" for the achievement so theres 4 unannounced 5 mans or just some double boss type efforts?
  1. Daxen's Avatar
    Can i get a beta invite if my world of warcraft account is frozen?
  1. S7orm's Avatar
    Maelstrom Hunter? TBC Hunter > Wotlk hunter > Vanilla Hunter > Cataclysm Hunter

    HOORAY -.-
  1. Migari's Avatar
    Weee!! Keep up the good work Boub!

    Edit: After a closer look at the troll druid forms, I decided never to even touch one of them..
  1. AK_47's Avatar
    Awesome Job as usual ,

    Merci Mec ^^
  1. Furyfire's Avatar
    is [email protected] a valid e-mail adress? My guess is it's fake but with beta starting im getting to exited :<
  1. Gractan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Buddahpal View Post
    Wheres Loch Modan i want to see if any changes to Loch Modan has been done
    From pictures so far, all the destruction has ruptured the Loch Modan dam....causing the massive flooding in Wetlands. The Loch itself is mostly empty right now.
  1. Bonebreaker's Avatar
    i rofled so hard on troll feral models xD
  1. Naelanu's Avatar
    OMFG I can't believe it!
    Less than 12 hours after my play time ended!
    Now gotta run to the store and buy a new card... -_-
  1. Buzzlightyr's Avatar
    Didn't they add a fire(red) version of the marrowgar? I remember seeing it before everything was taken down.
  1. Palmster's Avatar
    Troll forms are rather dissapointing.
  1. Kalx's Avatar
    how about posting gear stats, both old and new

    kinda like deathbringers will changing from ArP to crit
  1. Rawshik7's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Furyfire View Post
    is [email protected] a valid e-mail adress? My guess is it's fake but with beta starting im getting to exited :<
    It's fake.The email for admins at blizzard is [email protected]

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