Class Pages Update
The bug you experienced with the class pages (or any other "big" pages) are now fixed. Masteries are gone for the moment and have been replaced with the Primary Skills of each spec.

Also, during the fix/upgrade of the site yesterday we introduced a special feature to make the forums more active: your posts are now randomly posted twice when you hit the Submit button! (Translation: Yeah, known bug, will fix today)

Hunter - Cataclysm Pet/Stable Interface
The Call Stabled Pet has been revamped in Cataclysm.
  • You can now have 5 active pets and 20 inactive pets.
  • You can swap between your active pets at any time without any cooldown. The only restriction is to be out of combat.
  • To change your active/inactive pets, you have to visit a Stable Master in the nearest town.

Sadly, the feature is currently heavily bugged on beta realms and you will have to wait the next build to give it a try.

Western Plaguelands in Cataclysm
The Western Plaguelands are now ready for testing on the Beta realm and it's definitely one of the zone that will make rerolling interesting in the expansion. Blizzard changed the zone completely and familiar faces are now in charge of the Alliance and Horde settlements.

Scholomance was also changed and you will probably go through it at least once to do all the quests. What? You don't want to do all the prereqs just to get the instance quests? Don't worry, they're all at the entrance of the instance now. The instance itself didn't change too much, monsters are now level 4x.

BlizzCon 2010 Charity Dinner Ticket Opt-In Now Open
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
On Thursday, October 21, the evening before BlizzCon, we're hosting a special dinner to benefit the CHOC Children's Foundation, where guests will have an opportunity to meet and chat with game developers, artists, executives and other folks from Blizzard Entertainment. If you'd like a chance to attend, visit our ticket-drawing page between now and July 17 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific to enter a drawing for a chance to purchase up to two tickets to the event. Tickets are priced at $500 each and include admission to this year's BlizzCon. For more information or to enter the drawing, visit the BlizzCon 2010 Charity Dinner website.

Concept Art
2 New Concept Arts have been added to the Concept Art Gallery on the official site.

Fan Arts
The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with 3 new pieces of fan artwork set within the Warcraft universe.

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  1. Nuronv's Avatar
    The new Pet UI looks great, can anyone confirm that pets are still locked to their chosen talent tree/role or can you pick it yourself. It seems a bit odd to me that they want to make the pet damage equal to give you more choice but make it so you can still only use Ferocity ones for PvE
  1. Gak32's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sulfuric View Post
    Thanks for giving us scholomance again blizzard! I'll just put that next to Naxxramus and Onyxia.
    Technically, shouldn't you then put most of this expansion with those raids as well? Some people just aren't happy unless they are complaining about something ...

    Anyway, I'm loving the changes to WPL. It looks like it'll be a real treat to go there once Cata comes out and I can start leveling my Worgen and Holy-cow. UI changes are looking real nice too.
  1. Samin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sulfuric View Post
    Thanks for giving us scholomance again blizzard! I'll just put that next to Naxxramus and Onyxia.
    And then you put next to it RFC, stockades, dead mines, RFD, gnomeregan, what? "Oh no, the old instances will stay"? Wtf?

    And everybody knows boub is a dwarf hunter.
  1. det's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sulfuric View Post
    Thanks for giving us scholomance again blizzard! I'll just put that next to Naxxramus and Onyxia.
    How about you extend that to every single Instance including MC and BWL - because it is just one of the classic dungeons that was there to stay pretty much in the original form for all the people who level up again. Clearly the mobs are lv 41 elite.

    Just like the 3000 quests in Cataclysm are most likely for the majority very similar levelling quests to classic, in the same areas.

    So you may as well be sarcastic about them giving you Azeroth back. It is the same continent basically with quests to level from 1-60. The part that goes from 80-85 is the "new" part, but to save you some breath...apparently SFK and Deadmines get a lv 85 update.

    So there is another chance for "Lazy Blizz" posts.
  1. Cursed's Avatar
    Is Barov Peasant Caller still available?
  1. jealouspirate's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SadWarrior View Post
    How come Koltira is red? I thought he was on Horde side and it's not like Boub would play fluffy Alliance.
    Boubouille plays a Dwarf.
  1. Mythodious's Avatar
    After fiddling around on the premade hunter I copied over, I got the Pet Stables UI to work a little bit more than how funky it was in the beginning, to get my pet out I had to go to that screen and press call pet and it would call the pet I had selected on the left hand side.
  1. Goosebump's Avatar
    I really like the new thing they are adding for stabled pets - very much looking forward to that.
  1. Malthurius's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tokru View Post
    and they continue with this "all quests at the entrance of the instance" bullshit ...
    I'm sorry, I just can't see how this is bullshit... they did this with a couple of dungeons in tbc too.
  1. machop's Avatar
    masteries are gone for the moment?
    they are not implemented in game or just we waiting for more info?
  1. Storno's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Unferth View Post
    Regarding the fan art: Anime is to art as McDonald's is to food.
    I prefer Animes over every other piece of art: Character Design, Storytelling and the overall-look (even compared to known artists from history).
    I think it comes down to everbodies taste here :P

    OT: I love the new WPL, but to line up the Scholo-Quests MUST be a joke,...that looks so,...well, dunno.
  1. SadWarrior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jealouspirate View Post
    Boubille plays a Dwarf.
    This is a sad day indeed... But i hope that one day he will see the light...
  1. Gregor Eisenhorn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SadWarrior View Post
    This is a sad day indeed... But i hope that one day he will see the light...
    And reroll a dwarf paladin?
  1. Rasjar's Avatar
    Question: When will you post about the changes to racials, which already are ingame, in the beta?
  1. Vanerius's Avatar
    I just wonder if there is going to be any phasing done to the WPL so the buildings doesn't look unfinished for next 'x' years after cata release. From the other side it's still awesome and 'unfinished' things are cool too ^^
  1. Lazertrooper's Avatar
    Right about the [email protected]

    Give the japanese anything and they'll turn it into robot suits >_<
    Might of light doesn't look mighty at all.
  1. Awade991's Avatar
    ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG HEARTHGLEN!!! <3 Tirion gets his home back!?
  1. Zaerix's Avatar
    I'm loving the fan arts, though I think the Judgement T2 Paladin Mech is slightly better-looking than that rogue one. I'll see if I can dig up a picture of it.


    (Sorry, I don't know how to make thumbnails and I don't think people would appreciate the full picture, what with it taking up so much space.)
  1. Pebrocks The Warlock's Avatar
    Female...Worgen....not saying placeholder.....SWEET!!!!
  1. Malthurius's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sulfuric View Post
    Thanks for giving us scholomance again blizzard! I'll just put that next to Naxxramus and Onyxia.
    They are giving revision to almost all the leveling dungeons I hear. This is by no means something that will be part of major progression for gear or otherwise. Do you even play WoW anymore? Yet, you feel the need to complain about some so minor that has no effect on you what so ever. I don't know man, you just seem like a hater to me.

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