Update 09:40PM PST - Added Nemesis.
Update 09:15PM PST - The new 310% Speed Flying Mount skill costs 5000 gold to train. People who already own a 310% flying mount get it for free.
Update 08:15PM PST - Masteries and Armor Specializations are available for testing. (Cataclysm Masteries List, Armor Specialization List)
Update 08:05PM PST - The Mounts & Companion Pets are now in the spellbook with a brand new interface.
Update 08:05PM PST - The UI for Paladin's Holy Power is here.
Update 07:40PM PST - Added Guild vendor rewards.
Update 07:25PM PST - Added Tol Barad Reputation Rewards.
Update 07:10PM PST - Relics slots have stats now and are just named Relic now it seems. (Totems, Sigils, Librams, etc)
Update 07:00PM PST - Tol Barad, the new PvP/Daily Quest zone is open for testing, and people keep trying to hurt me. More on that later.

Cataclysm Beta - Build 12759
A new build is being deployed on beta realms, just like any beta build, it will be painful, a lot of stuff will break, and I have no idea if I'll be able to give you all the content on the first day.

On the upside, Thrall is getting a new model. Stay tuned for changes!

Nemesis in Hyjal looks really nice too.

Guild Vendor Rewards
The Guild Vendor is here, a lot of items are placeholders but it should give you a pretty good idea of what it will offer.

And if you're wondering.

Loading Screens
Loading screens for each continent have been updated.

Spellbook - Mounts and Companion Pets
The Mounts & Companion Pets are now in the spellbook with a brand new interface.

Tol Barad
Tol Barad is open for testing, this is a new outdoor/PvP zone with a daily quest area for the faction controlling it. More on that later.

310% Speed Flying Mount
The new 310% Speed Flying Mount skill costs 5000 gold to train. People who already own a 310% flying mount get it for free.

Relic Slots Items
All classes items in the relic slot now have stats.

Masteries and Armor Specialization
Masteries and Armor Specializations are now available for testing.

Holy Power
The interface for the new Holy Power resource is here.

Video Settings
The Video Settings menu has been expanded, looks like we'll be able to tweak more things in Cataclysm.

Creature Damage Output Changes
Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)
Creature damage output has been increased from roughly level 65 and up. These increases scale upward with level. Creatures in exterior zones at level 80 now have 2.5 times the damage output they did previously in beta, 3.2 times at level 81, and 4 times at level 82 and up.

We’d like to get your feedback about how combat feels with creatures in level 80-85 exterior zones, including spawn rates and numbers of creatures in specific locations in each zone. Please let us know if this feels adequately challenging, or if there is a little too much face rocking going on.

New Guild Advancement Forum
Originally Posted by Bashiok (Blue Tracker)
We've created a Guild Advancement forum to help collect discussions on this new feature coming in Cataclysm. If you have any feedback, want to discuss the guild advancement feature, or have found any issues, please do so within the new forum. Please continue to use the Bug Report forum for actual bug reports.

Head over to the Guild Advancement forum now! - http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/bo...orumId=8945398
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  1. drakavin's Avatar
    No talent changes?
  1. tuesday the paladin's Avatar
    whats up with the Tol Barad trinkets. Super weak use effects on them. Could this be a sign of trinkets moving back towards completely passive (a la blackwing layer trinkets)?
  1. Kikiyodragon's Avatar
    I'm excited for the guild mounts and pets! I can't wait to see what the lion or (presumably) wolf for the Horde will look like, or what colour the snail is, or the mini phoenix pet or... have my phoenix mount!
  1. Perian's Avatar
    Where's my revamped Tyrande model, Blizzard?
  1. drakavin's Avatar
    Seriously? No fucking talent changes?
  1. Eater_of_birds's Avatar
    say what you will about garrosh being an asshat, hell i might agree with you...

    but dont say he doesnt look like a badass on the new loading screen.

    (just to be clear out of all the pics vol'jin still has my top spot)

    ---------- Post added 2010-08-14 at 06:37 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Moralio View Post
    But Tirion, no one must know what happened at Frozen Throne!
    'erect a monument in dalaran so that all will know what happened at the frozen throne'

    bolvar: *FACEPALM*
  1. coocoo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tobokke View Post
    The update for the Mount tab seems a bit pointless. I was hoping for something better in terms of organization. Right now all mounts are thrown into a list without no proper organization.
    On one hand, I prefer this change over the old one, which was horrible to look through... but at same time, this just isn't enough.
    It was my understanding that they were going to change mount speeds to be based on your skill and not on the mount.
    With that in mind, it would make more sense to create a tabbed mount window, with tabs for [ground mount] & [flying mount].

    Drakavin: there's been changes/tooltip clarifications. Give Boub time to datamine the patch, dammit

    One other thing I noticed on my hunter: you now get Call Pet 1/2/3/4 (learned at different levels) which allows you to summon any of your active pets on the spot, without having to fumble around with stable. Only nitpick I have is that you need to dismiss your current pet first to call the other, but this is still an awesome change.
  1. Keristrasza's Avatar
    I'm not sure what I think of Thrall's new model .... it's nice and all but it doesn't really look like how I thought he would have. At least he looks 100 times better than Garrosh so ... I am at least happy about that. Better yet he doesn't look like someone placed a brick in his chin like Varian.

    However I am extremely excited over the 310% speed flying, especially since a certain person told me it was going to be around 10k to 20k. >.>
  1. Heretushi's Avatar
    Best idea to date? Change the cheap RNG mechanics of the totem/relics/librams/whatever. I'm still stuck with the BiS ilvl 200 libram for my paladin because of these cheap tricks.

    Hooray for the new relic system!
  1. PrimeEV1L's Avatar
    Garrosh really looks like the son of Grom Hellscream in the loading screen, awesome... why doesnt he look like that ingame?
  1. Snekilito's Avatar
    Thats one badass Garrosh, straight back with a evil grin on his face. Why doesnt he look like that ingame?
  1. Ishi Horu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PrimeEV1L View Post
    Garrosh really looks like the son of Grom Hellscream in the loading screen, awesome... why doesnt he look like that ingame?

    Still I want those new Azeroth loading screens a little more updated: Goblin and Worgen leaders plz!!

    Thrall looks a LOT better what he was before Cataclysm
  1. Sammonoske's Avatar
    I like how Thrall spontaneously got 30 to 40 years older. It is to bad he is not exactly unique. Sort of a copy and paste updated model of the WC3 Far Seer. Yes I know that is what class Thrall is.
  1. skyesfury's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lechies View Post
    So instead of Thrall having weapons and shoulders they gave him a dress and a handbag

    There is this crazy possibility that all of this is still in beta and not yet finalized. But that's just a crazy, impossible idea.
  1. Crosis's Avatar
    Lion mount from the guild reward??? does anyone have a link ot the datamined file? havent seen boub put it up yet.
  1. ruga's Avatar
    Unbelievable o_O 21 pages of QQ and yay about Thrall's new model /facepalm
  1. mordale's Avatar
    well hes been using reused models from beta to now.
  1. Whednesday's Avatar
    So it's been 15 hours or so since the last update of the front page. Still no class updates or new talent calculator. Did somebody have a stroke at their keyboard or is this just how long things will take from now on with the new patching method?
  1. The Good Captain's Avatar
    "ARISE! Rise and heed your master's call!"

    But no, seriously, I'm kinda worried. Has Boubouille just been made the principle subject of the next Bourne movie, or something?
  1. ruga's Avatar
    You want class changes? I give you class changes!


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