Power Auras / Spell Procs in Cataclysm
The latest build introduced a VERY interesting feature to the game: a built-in PowerAuras. If you are unfamiliar with the mod, it is mostly used to watch and warn players when a spell proc is available and the game clearly reached the point where it's fairly hard (or just annoying) to play at high level without a mod like this.

Blizzard eventually agreed that watching your buff bar isn't really fun and a new icone appears on your character when situational spells such as Art of War are available, see the screenshot below.

Mages - Teleport/Portal Interface
Mages are getting an interface upgrade similar to Shaman's totems for their portals, you can now add a generic "Portal" and "Teleport" spell to your bar and pick a portal after clicking it.

Darnassus - The Howling Oak
A new sub-zone was added to Darnassus in the latest beta build - The Howling Oak, the area isn't populated yet but it looks like it will be the home of the worgens in Darnassus.

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Reforging - Video and Screenshots
For some reasons I still get a lot of questions about reforging, this new feature is fairly simple: You talk to a NPC in capital cities to swap 40% of any of the secondary stats of an item (ratings / Spirit) for another secondary stat. TotalBiscuit released a video of Reforging in the current beta build, if you want to take a look at it.

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Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Cataclysm Digital Download
If StarCraft II is any indicator you'll be able to download the client beforehand, and the the installer will unlock at 10AM pacific time. So, if you want it right at midnight (or a collector's edition), your best bet is probably a pre-order and midnight release at your local brick and mortar. But, this is all assuming things which we haven't release any information about.

I'd wait for more info... like... a release date. (Source)

Tol Barad Tunnel System
Those 3 micro dungeons will be closed off during the main battle. Anyone in them will be kicked out. They are there to support daily questing in the zone between battles. (Source)

Throne of the Tides portal on beta
The Throne of the Tides portal inside the instance was set to take you to Dalaran because for a while you couldn't get out of the cavern. In a future beta build, it will take you back to Vashj'ir. (Source)

24 Hour Maintenances
The 24 hour maintenances have all been related to large scale hardware upgrades. (Source)

Beta Feedback
This is a beta test, so generalized feedback about how and (vaguely) why healing is not fun -- when we haven't even reached the level cap in the test process -- doesn't give us actionable feedback.

There are a few things to consider here:

  • Healers don't play in beta quite like they do in Wrath of the Lich King. Yes, the system is designed to be less forgiving so that the heal you choose to cast, or how often you choose to heal your party or top off their health bars, should be a more meaningful decision.
  • Numbers are still being balanced, bugs are still being worked out with each new build, and we're still iterating upon individual spells and abilities.
  • The whole group could be approaching a dungeon like they do in Wrath, trying to pull as many packs of mobs as possible to charge through it. This isn't Wrath, nor are players or creatures balanced around Wrath numbers.
  • As an expansion of my first point, you might be making bad choices.

If you'd like to give us constructive feedback we can take with us to the drawing board, give us scenarios. Tell us what rotations you're using, the group make-up, whether you're using CC or AoE, a play-by-play of specific pulls or boss fights, etc. We want to know what the specific cases are where you are being as conservative as possible and still finding it to be a struggle, or even just too frustrating. We can look into that type of data. (Source)

Priest (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
New Holy Spell
The new Holy level 10 spell is pretty simple, but it also has a lot of play with Chakra. I am just pointing this out, because many players never noticed the talent that made the old Holy level 10 (Desperate Prayer) into a tool that could heal others. (Source)
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  1. Enhshamanlol's Avatar
    Zomg power aura! That's awesome

    Oh and first comment! keep up the good work boub(and give me a beta invite xD
  1. phai's Avatar
    Mhhh ... fairly interesting. Now we have to hope that you can customize the "icon" that shows up. I don't want that WoW Logo on my screenz >:U
  1. Vasz's Avatar
    lol i wondered what the bloody symbol was that kept popping up on my paladin.
  1. Fenz's Avatar
    So Blizzard keep building most successful addons into the game. That's a good idea although I probably will still use old Power Auras. Still a pretty useful feature for beginner players who aren't familiar with addons.
    I just hope they'll never make their own gearscore, lol
  1. Pisholina's Avatar
    IMO the words alone are enough to see the proc. I play a DK, Pally and Shaman and I see the proc's of Art of war, Rune Strike or Maelstrom Weapons every time quite easily.
  1. Terrax of the Wind's Avatar
    Reforging, at the moment, seems a bit... lame. Not what I was expecting. :/
  1. Herecius's Avatar
    Depends largely on how customizable the aura thing is whether I'll use it or not, but very good move of Blizzard to emulate one of the best addons in the game.
  1. Terrax of the Wind's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pisholina View Post
    IMO the words alone are enough to see the proc. I play a DK, Pally and Shaman and I see the proc's of Art of war, Rune Strike or Maelstrom Weapons every time quite easily.
    Unfortunately, not everyone is you.
  1. kneeo's Avatar
    I just pray to god we can change what the symbol is. Because that thing is just plain annoying.

    Also, I don't know if it was mentioned anywhere but Warlocks also got a new pet summoning interface in the same fashion as the Mage's teleport one.
  1. digitalneo's Avatar
    Can you elaborate more on the PowerAuras bit? I use it heavily for every champ and was wondering if Blizz's was as capable as PowerAuras is (altho most likely its not lol).
  1. one_entity's Avatar
    Huh, didn't know about the PowerAuras thing, haven't seen that yet ingame. Where is that ingame, which menu etc.? Oo

    Also, yeah, the new Portal/Teleport thingie is nice - if only it worked correctly.. :/ Right now Mages have only 2 teleports/portals - Shattrath and Dalaran, all others don't work. Of course that's a bug and won't go live, kinda sucks right now though.
  1. Mulloar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fenz View Post
    I just hope they'll never make their own gearscore, lol
    Even though you're obviously kidding, You, Sir, Just made me want to kill myself.

    OT. : nice change like you said, for beginners without addons.
  1. Collected's Avatar
    w00t digital download option!! Good news.
  1. Butterbumps's Avatar
    Well, that's two addons I can get rid of. Assuming the PowerAuras replacement is decently customizable. Which it probably won't be.
  1. Samin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by phai View Post
    Mhhh ... fairly interesting. Now we have to hope that you can customize the "icon" that shows up. I don't want that WoW Logo on my screenz >:U
    That's the usual placeholder icon used for spells and talents at least. So yeah... that will be an appropriate icon for the ability. I think if you want to customize it further you can always disable this feature and use power auras.
  1. Lysah's Avatar
    The howling oak...the shrieking shack....werewolves......yeah....
  1. Sidesh0w's Avatar
    yes it's a placeholder and maybe you forgot but cataclysm is bbbbbeta
  1. Gak32's Avatar
    About bloody time they add something to clean up the mess or Portal and Teleport spells. I don't know how many other Mages did this, but I had all my Portal/Teleport spells on a secondary action bar cause I hated going through the spellbook to get them. Really liking that change. Now they just need to put Warlock pets on their own bar like Paladin Auras

    Boub forgot my favorite recent blue post though

    How is Deathwing > LK?
    Quote Originally Posted by Wishiwasadk View Post
    Seriously..a dragon is more poweful and BA than the Lich King and an army of undead?

    I call shenanigans.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bashiok View Post
    he rull big and haf fire on the face
  1. Lyeranth's Avatar
    I honestly hope that it is simpler that power aura. That thing is waaay too complicated
  1. Oneru's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    The howling oak...the shrieking shack....werewolves......yeah....
    Lysah... Lycah... Lycan... yeah...

    You can always find similarities if you just look hard enough. Howling is pretty easy when it's about wolves, it's a tree coz it's in Darnassus, doesn't necessarily make it a Harry Potter thing.

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