BlizzCon 2010 World of Warcraft & StarCraft II In-Game Items
The Blizzcon 2010 Pet is another Murloc to add to your collection! Will try to get a better picture when the shiny little murloc appears in my game files.
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"Death will rise from the tide!" Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain once warned -- and at BlizzCon 2010, the band's dire musical prophecy will finally come to pass. Everyone who attends this year's BlizzCon or purchases the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket will receive an exclusive set of murlocalyptic in-game items for World of Warcraft and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. World of Warcraft players will be joined by Deathy, a murloc companion decked out as Deathwing and doing his best to strike fear into the hearts of Azeroth's crustacean population. You'll also be able to display your tidal pride in StarCraft II with a Murloc Marine character portrait and a pair of deep-sea decals to emblazon on your units, each with a different terran, protoss, and zerg design.

BlizzCon 2010 takes place on October 22 and 23 at the Anaheim Convention Center. For further details or to order the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, visit
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  1. bobowe's Avatar
    yeah=) finally i found out what im gone get when i arrive to blizzcon<3=D
  1. Kiro's Avatar
    Nice, I don't have to buy the CE and the PPV now thanks to the boring, lazy, same ol-same ol pets. Thanks Blizzard!

    To everyone else if you like it, enjoy!
  1. Cirque's Avatar

    It's cute though. But the name.. T_T
  1. Chranos's Avatar
  1. battle's Avatar
    HAha awesome
  1. Apollion's Avatar
    Looks cool, but not 30€ cool.

    I'd be happy to have it, but then it'd become a walking proof of my stupidity for paying 30€ for a few pixels, plus the usual monthly rip off.
  1. Coldkil's Avatar
    i knew that was something like that.
    that's why i ordered it even before knowing :P
  1. Crash's Avatar
    Glad I've already ordered my Virtual Ticket thingy.
    Great news from Blizzcon + pet = EPIC !
  1. Faldon's Avatar

    Do want.
  1. Rofos's Avatar
    meet the murchin!
  1. Lilbruz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheOne View Post
    Those guys at Blizzard certainly know how to suck the money out of people's wallets. Well... people's parents wallets anyway.

    "Daddy I want this."
    "Sure son, just get out of my face."
    Yeah...Blizzard is sucking people dry of money...cause everyone is forced at gunpoint to buy everything Blizzard puts out there, right ? COULD it be that your little "Daddy I want this" sketch featured a dad that needed to learn to say NO to his spoiled little kid perhaps ? If a dad pays for things like this without thinking, its their own fault their kids grow up never to have learned how the real world works..

    And seriously...stop your stupid "OMG Blizzard are greedy" speeches. Its getting so fu***** old ! No one is forcing you to buy anything from them - not even your monthly subscription. You CAN just stop playing, you know.

    No one really cares if anyone buys this or not. Some do, some dont. But people love to bitch about it. Especially if they can do a little flaming on "how greedy Blizzard is". The important thing is that the people that DO buy this do it because they want to...and with their own damn money. No one is spending YOUR money on it, so shut your mouth. No one that buys this cares if YOU think its worth it or not. And no one NOT buying this will "convince" others to not buy it if they want to.

    Its simple really.

    For the record, I will be buying the stream again this year. Because I want to, and because I think it was good value for money last year. And this year, the coverage will be even better.
  1. cerbul's Avatar
    This deathloc looks more fearsome than deathwing...
  1. Samin's Avatar
    Not that amazing. Could just as well be an aprils fool joke (but we all know they're high quality too from blizzard, so no offense)
  1. Granyala's Avatar
    Am I the only one thinking: "The use the Deathchin Merchandise a bit too much"?
    But Deathwing needs money to finance his campaign of destruction. Do you have any idea how much an erupting volcano costs? Not to mention the tsunami. :S
  1. WaitingforSWTOR's Avatar
    Oh noes we are milked again :S
  1. Nethersys's Avatar
    LOL ... funny I <3 it ...
  1. shesta's Avatar
    Kinda cute, but no way I'd pay 30 euro for it. Also, getting a bit sick of the Deathwing tie-ins. His chin looks terrible as it is, why slap it on everything else?

    WTB zergling pet. Big time.
  1. TheWaffler's Avatar
    It's funny but I wouldn't pay 1$ for a pet, why would I pay $40+?
  1. The Darkener's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by WaitingforSWTOR View Post
    Oh noes we are milked again :S
    You don't have to buy it.

    Are people really that dump? Or are they just mad at them/their parents for not making a better life for themselves, 'cause they can't afford it?

    I don't want to insult anyone, but it's really annoying when everyone is saying how greedy they are. First, learn what business is.
  1. Lilbruz's Avatar
    Its more funny to me that people seem to think this is the ONLY thing you get for $40. Dont forget what you are really paying for, which is live HD streaming from Blizzcon

    As a reminder:

    # Expanded live coverage over four Internet channels offering 50+ hours of HD BlizzCon programming
    # BlizzCon 2010-exclusive "Deathy" World of Warcraft pet and StarCraft II in-game items1
    # Access to exclusive BlizzCon merchandise sale occuring October 13-142
    # Complete coverage of panel discussions, tournaments, and game-related announcements, plus exclusive interviews and epic closing ceremonies
    # Enhanced video on demand and DVR functionality

    Its not JUST a pet people.

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