If you can read this news post, you're on the new servers!
As mentioned yesterday, we finally started moving the servers to Curse's infrastructure this week. We're still moving a lot of stuff and some pages might be down for a little while but ... we're there! It means we can finally start planning funny updates to the site, and, well, a lot of bug fixes. We also have a couple of shiny pictures, thanks to Xtek.

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Dual-Specialization Price Reduced
The price of Dual-Specialization has been lowered in a recent beta build, it now costs 100 gold and new players who reach level 40 should be able to afford it without too much problem.

Character Selection Screen - Built-In Theorycraft
In Cataclysm, the character screen will let you check easily how much of stat you need to be capped, calculations for Expertise, Hit Rating, and a few other stats are available. This will probably save you a lot of time when you try to figure out if you really need that extra hit on your shiny new epic.

Build 12804 - Mount Hyjal Update
Mount Hyjal received a very interesting update in the latest beta build. If you visited the zone or looked at screenshots during early beta, you probably remember the huge crater called Archimonde's Vengeance. Well, this subzone is gone and has been replaced with a greatly improved version! The crater is no longer there but the key NPCs of the questlines are still around.


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Concept Arts
The Blizzard Art gallery has been updated with 2 pieces representing the Warcraft universe.

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  1. mrwingtipshoes's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Malenurse View Post
    Fuck you all the whiners. Imagine u buy a fuckin car from a shop for 10000 euros, next day same car is costing 8000 euros, u cant fuckin demand them to give you 2k euros back.
    Amazingly mature and well thought out post!

    No one demanded anything, serveral people said it would be nice.... Are you saying a random 900 gold per toon wouldn't be nice if it showed up in your mail box?

    Take your vulgar nerdrage and go away.
  1. Fenrizthot's Avatar
    First of all, grats and hope the site gets a few cool changes=]
    Second I want about 1800g back. 100g is what I made on my first 10 levels of playing.
    And the new stats system is going to make geming so damn easy. specially when you play a new class, and you don't want top spend long time reading about it, and stuff like that. Pretty good idea.
  1. gnoop's Avatar
    HP PC servers? I hope you never have problems with them, quite honestly. We dread having problems as HP's PC server support seems to really hate having to send people out to do any work. Hell, yesterday the guy I spoke to about an existing case wanted me to just wait for the first tech to call me back... and he doesn't get in until about 3pm usually. It's 11am. I'd like to work on it NOW?
  1. lustyevilgnome's Avatar
    Nice to see the dual-spec price reduction. I like having different playing options on my alts, but I didn't really feel like spending another 17,000 gold for it.
  1. mrwingtipshoes's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Flowne View Post
    Hope they gonna add Triple Spec aswell in Cataclysm.

    That would realy great

    Cheers btw for the server change!
    Honestly, with the change in glyphs being "learned" into a "spellbook" where you can switch them in and out anytime you want, respecing should be cake and honestly, cheap. Especially if you use an addon to store your other spec (forget the name) it will end up being like 2 buttons to switch specs.
  1. Gallahadd's Avatar
    great news on the servers, I wondered why MMO was down this morning, but then a mate reminded me :P
    guess I'll put off getting dual spec for my new Drood till the Expac eh
    LOVE the new changes to char panel, will get rid of alot of the theorycrafting needed for 'am I capped in X stat', of course as they're removed Def and ArP, which were the two most commonly asked 'am I capped' stats, it does lessen it a bit, but still there for Hit and Exp, which is win.

    hyjal looks even purdier now always a good thing.
  1. styopa's Avatar
    Is it really still "theorycrafting" if it's actually BLIZZARD numbers and calculations?

    It's probably a subtle point, but the fact is that the bulk of what theorycrafters have been dissecting (most in vanilla, less so as time went on and certain factoids came out over time) was INFERRED theory, while the details that we're going to see in Cata are the ACTUAL numbers. I doubt there will be significant surprises, but there is a difference nonetheless.
  1. azrielen's Avatar
    Awwww I kind of liked the crater. Seemed appropriate. This new place almost doesn't make sense. Why is Geddon so close to those trees? Looks weird. Ah well, beta is beta. I'm sure it'll be awesome to play anyway! Maybe they thought the crater was too plain and ugly.
  1. john18761's Avatar
    screw you blizz you owe me 10k
  1. Xtek's Avatar
    We spent a good 3 solid days working from the early AM until 5 AM. Took a lot of hard work to get it where we are now and the site should (hopefully) run much, much faster now. Hope you all enjoy it.
  1. engrey's Avatar
    Shiny new servers are shiny!
  1. chaddd's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by santrix View Post
    Was that we saw the servers for mmo-champion or world of warcaft's servers?
    MMO-Champion. Those are 1U HP servers... Blizzard uses beefy Blades.

    ---------- Post added 2010-08-27 at 12:19 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Fréyr View Post
    Shiney new blade server(s)!
    I was expecting bigger ones, or rather, more of them.

    Those are not blades but 1U/2U HPs. The size doesn't matter in this case as the servers are only processing Db lookups to the disk shelves below that you can see. Really only local disks with the OS, CPU(s), and RAM.

    Blades are pretty easy to spot (large housing unit w/ blades (add in servers) mounted vertically).
  1. Tanatos's Avatar
    Where is this Mount Hyjal? I've explored entire Azeroth and I don't remember comming across this creater.
  1. chaddd's Avatar
    Ew at HP servers. You could have gone with Dell R510s for the same price or 2 R810s w/ dual hex-core processors. /shrug
  1. Xtek's Avatar
    chaddd, we have dual hex-core CPUs.
  1. Konkwista's Avatar
    sloppy cabling is sloppy
  1. Xanity's Avatar
    I PAID 1000g like a week ago O_o
  1. Nathan1980's Avatar
    New Hyjal is looking really great and amazing.Thanks
  1. TheFuse's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Xanity View Post
    I PAID 1000g like a week ago O_o
    Rawr, I'm going to rage about something that won't come into effect for at least two months. I lick windows. Rawr.
  1. Master Guns's Avatar
    What you people don't realize about Hyjal is - it's probably just a phase change. The questline might be BEFORE Archimonde makes the crater..and as you progress through the storyline...it phases..

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