Cataclysm Dungeon - Updated Loot List
More loot appeared on beta realms and we now have a good idea of what to expect in level 85 dungeons in normal mode. I'm not an expert in theorycrafting but I'm pretty sure that something like Wild Hammer will make you unequip your Shadowmourne. (Reminder: No screenshots yet, models aren't implemented)

333DaggerMelee DPSOne-HandWindwalker Blade
333DaggerSpellMain HandModgud's Blade
333MaceTankOne-HandMace of Transformed Bone
333MaceMeleeTwo-HandWild Hammer
333Off-HandSpellOff-handBook of Origination
333ShieldTankOff HandBulwark of the Primordial Mound
333StaffHealTwo-HandSoul Releaser
333StaffSpellTwo-HandStaff of Siphoned Essences
333SwordMeleeOne-HandSun Strike
333SwordSpellMain HandBlade of the Burning Sun
333ThrownPhysicalThrownSlashing Thorns
333WandSpell, HealRangedWand of Untainted Power
333PlateTankHandsFingers of Light
333PlateMeleeChestBreastplate of the Risen Land
333PlateTankShoulderEarthshape Pauldrons
333PlateMeleeWaistBelt of the Forgemaster
333PlateTankWristArmguards of Unearthly Light
333PlateHealLegsLegguards of Noon
333PlateHealWristBracers of Umbral Mending
333MailPhysicalFeetRed Scale Boots
333MailPhysicalHeadWildhammer Riding Helm
333MailPhysicalShoulderBloodpetal Mantle
333MailSpell, HealFeetDark Iron Chain Boots
333MailSpell, HealWaistBelt of Petrified Tears
333LeatherPhysicalChestVest of Misshapen Hides
333LeatherPhysicalWaistRed Beam Cord
333LeatherPhysicalWristPoison Fang Bracers
333LeatherSpell, HealChestCursed Skardyn Vest
333LeatherSpell, HealFeetAwakening Footfalls
333LeatherSpell, HealWaistUnderworld Cord
333ClothHealFeetHekatic Slippers
333ClothHealLegsCurse-Tainted Leggings
333ClothHealWristCrimsonborne Bracers
333ClothSpellChestRobes of Rampant Growth
333ClothSpellHeadCrown of Enfeebled Bodies
333ClothSpellLegsLegwraps of Astral Rain
333CloakTankBackShroud of Dark Memories
333CloakHealBackSolar Wind Cloak
333CloakHealBackAzureborne Cloak
333FingerMeleeFingerNova Band
333FingerTankFingerTemple Band
333FingerMeleeFingerUmbriss Band
333FingerMeleeFingerCircle of Bone
333FingerPhysicalFingerRing of Blinding Stars
333FingerPhysicalFingerRing of Dun Algaz
333FingerHealFingerBand of Life Energy
333FingerSpellFingerBand of Rays
333FingerSpellFingerAbandoned Dark Iron Ring
333NeckTankNeckDarkhowl Amulet
333NeckMeleeNeckSeedling Pod
333NeckMeleeNeckMouth of the Earth
333NeckSpellNeckCharm of the Muse
333TrinketTankTrinketThrongus's Finger
333TrinketHealTrinketBlood of Isiset
333TrinketHealTrinketCorrupted Egg Shell
333TrinketMeleeTrinketRight Eye of Rajh
333TrinketMeleeTrinketMark of Khardros
333TrinketPhysicalTrinketLeft Eye of Rajh
333TrinketPhysicalTrinketSkardyn's Grace
333TrinketSpellTrinketAnhuur's Hymnal
333TrinketSpellTrinketGale of Shadows

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

The problem with downranking that we hated, and the reason we killed it, wasn't because players were being clever by using cheaper heals when they needed a smaller heal. That's good gameplay and the kind of thing the new model should reward. The part of downranking that was broken, was that the coefficients matter so much more than the base points that you could maintain mana forever by casting a heal that was only slightly less effective. That wasn't gaming the numbers. That was breaking them. (Source)

Paladin (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Healing as ... retribution
I said holy gear in a ret spec. And why would the heals be small? In a raid environment, the ret spec could have as much as 2000 more sp than a similarly geared holy paladin because of Sheath of Light and various buffs to AP. This alone would show how little scaling of healing spells the holy tree provides.
We'll look into it and make sure it's not viable. We've certainly had cases in the past where the conversion factors that let Ret not be terrible at healing look really attractive to someone actually wearing healing gear. (Source)

Warrior (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Heroic Leap
This ability has a lot of history because we tried it once before. For the Cataclysm version, we received a lot of feedback originally that Heroic Leap just didn't distinguish itself enough from Charge etc. any more. This is a world with Juggernaut and Warbringer after all. We discussed that feedback and understood where warriors were coming from, so we redesigned it so that players could choose where they would leap to. We think the current implementation has lot of different uses. No, it can't get you over canyons or up to ledges, but how often will those case legitimately arise? The potential exploits were the ability that unfettered would be enormous, and reducing those is what let us offer Heoic Leap as it is in the first place. It's a useful ability now. We can experiment with visual effect and height and that sort of thing. I understand from reading this thread that there are players who would design a different ability were they in our shoes. That's fine. This is a subjective business. (Source)

Slam is a controversial ability for sure, but we know there are Arms warriors who considered the height of skill of their class to be when they had to line up the Slam swing time in between their Mortal Strikes. It's not for everyone, for sure, but with Improved Slam and Bloodsurge and being able to move, it really isn't asking too much of you. Yeah you'll screw it up sometimes, but it won't be a catastrophic dps loss when you do.

We've seen just a ton of feedback in the past few weeks on lots of different abilities for different classes that essentially comes down to "X is too hard to use." We think overall that WoW's combat is pretty forgiving. We really don't think this is the time where we need to be making everything much harder to screw up. Simple is good. Confusing is bad. But abilities or rotations that are challenging are good for the game to a point. (Source)

MMO Report
Someone stole Casey for the week, but the MMO Report is still around!

Dark Legacy Comics #254 and Teh Gladiators #164 + #165 are out.

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  1. K1boRG's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gerti View Post
    I thought they were going to get rid of spellpower?

    yeah on blizzcon they announced that SPELLPOWER IS GONE O.o and now they bring it back? Blizzard wtf?
  1. Jibashi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Issalla View Post
    *drools* WTB this guy doing the MMO report topless again!!

    Oh sorry totally missed the new loot etc .. got distracted ..

    I, for one, welcome our new shirtless overlord.
  1. Maklor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Beachcomber View Post
    I am increasingly disturbed by the profane manner that MMO Report is presenting MMO "News". It is perverted, twisted, and a few other adjectives that I'd rather not mention.

    Bobouille, do you actually watch this? The latest episode is the worst yet. I think that will be the last one that I look at for a while.

    I'm not a Puritan or anything, but every...single...sentence is some kind of joke in extremely poor taste.
    Hmm I thought it was the best ever.
  1. Samius's Avatar
    That shitty blue doesn't look better than Shadowmourne at all. Especially when you factor in the 3 sockets (that can be used for new tier gems also) and the proc.
  1. luregas's Avatar
    I've noticed a rather glaring lack of Feral weapons here. Hopefully they add one before Cataclysm goes live, otherwise Bear Tanks are going to be hurting. :-/

    Or maybe Bliz can just let us dual-wield daggers... BWAHAHA! >
  1. Cernunnos's Avatar
    Or maybe Bliz can just let us dual-wield daggers... BWAHAHA! >
    dual wield fist weapons! We are druids dammit! We attack with our fists! Errr claws.
  1. AxleStukov's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Samius View Post
    That shitty blue doesn't look better than Shadowmourne at all. Especially when you factor in the 3 sockets (that can be used for new tier gems also) and the proc.
    142 weapon dps, a 600 damage higher topend, and 178 mastery/haste instead of 114 crit/haste in the hammers favor, while Shadowmourne has about 400 more strength with the Chaos Bane proc and 3 +67 strength gems . And while 800 attack power sounds like a lot, it does not beat the raw 142 weapon dps/600 higher topend. Hammer is better, take off your color coded glasses of "Blue = shit".
  1. Brasko's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gringo View Post
    Got into the Beta and the controls and UI really ruined it for me. Graphics look really nice, especially the characters, but the game is extremly confusing for new players. You get little to no guidance and navigating the world is a lot of guesswork...

    Tried to start 2 characters and then decided this sh*t is not worth my time and uninstalled the game.
    No offense mate, really, but you're probably just so accustomed to Warcraft holding your hand every step of the way that having to think about what you need to do next seems tedious. Anybody who's played Warcraft for a long time without already having played games like EQ or FFXI are going to have a pretty steep learning curve whenever they transition to a real MMORPG.
  1. Delkavar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by K1boRG View Post
    yeah on blizzcon they announced that SPELLPOWER IS GONE O.o and now they bring it back? Blizzard wtf?
    If you read the other posts, you'd see that spellpower is being taken off all armor, but it is staying on weapons...
  1. Beyz's Avatar
    I don't get all the people whining about Shadowmourne getting outdated.... You had you fun for like 1 year, isn't it funnier to actually be ABLE to improve your gear rather than not being able to...?
  1. greyghost's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Karmian View Post
    only one question: wasn't spellpower supposed to go away?
    On everything except weapons. Was mentioned in blue posts multiple times. You're supposed to get your biggest DPS boost from weapons anyways, so it makes sense.

    And I've read many opinions and descriptions on the FFXIV experience system, and the only thing that I can cohesively glean from it is that it's dragging up by the nose and smacking in the face anyone who would devote hours of play to a single type of class/character.... which is pretty much anyone who would play FFXIV.

    So I really gotta wonder why people allow companies to abuse their trust and patronage like this.
  1. kosechi's Avatar
    a 2.60 tanking weapon? bestill my heart!
  1. Issalla's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nangz View Post
    Lawl that mmo-report.

    Casey and that guy should double team the MMO-report.

    Was an amusing change.
    Hell yeah .. wtb him sitting there with no shirt on all the time! gaming and half naked men = win for us gaming girls/women!
  1. Peacemoon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Issalla View Post
    Hell yeah .. wtb him sitting there with no shirt on all the time! gaming and half naked men = win for us gaming girls/women!
    He definitly made it more interesting for all us woman and gay men as well ;-) lol.
  1. WaitingforSWTOR's Avatar
    Man i like the new MMO-report´s guy... Casey became boring after a while

    ---------- Post added 2010-09-06 at 11:21 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Issalla View Post
    Hell yeah .. wtb him sitting there with no shirt on all the time! gaming and half naked men = win for us gaming girls/women!
    Fortunately my wife is not a gamer anymore... but i play half naked and she approves
  1. Elderane's Avatar

    ROCK HORNSZ!!!11eleven
  1. Eleveneleven's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Elderane View Post
    ROCK HORNSZ!!!11eleven
  1. xnickybx's Avatar
    The guest host of mmo report was way better than Casey. Come on, he talked about pulling his pants down at a play ground and kissing a hooker on the mouth, now that's comedy.
  1. Lebeau's Avatar
    The temp MMOReport guy was gorgeous
  1. Apocalypseqq's Avatar
    No Gems Slot's don't tell me there killing Geming the Gear in Cata.

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