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Zalazane's Fall and Operation Gnomeregan now on live servers
The first part of the Cataclysm prologue just started on live servers. Alliance player will find the Operation Gnomeregan event in Dun Morogh and Horde players should go to Durotar for Zalazane's fall. See the quest links below for more information.

Important - The events are fairly short and entertaining, I really suggest that you go play them on live servers instead of checking the screenshots.

Zalazane's Fall Screenshots
This is a very fun questline, it's not too long and it's a pretty nice introduction to what will happen in Cataclysm! For more details on the quests please read:

Operation Gnomeregan Screenshots
This is a very fun questline, it's not too long and it's a pretty nice introduction to what will happen in Cataclysm! For more details on the quests please read:

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Cataclysm Dungeons difficulty
The normal dungeons require a little more crowd control than many LK players are typically used to, but they aren't intended to be brutal. You shouldn't need to farm a lot of gear before stepping into one. Keep in mind that feedback is going to be all over the place in a beta. Some players are heading into dungeons they know nothing about and getting frustrated when someone can't immediately explain the boss mechanics to them. Some just have no sense in investment since this isn't their "real" character (such irony). Some of the bosses are overtuned and some of the class abilities are undertuned at this stage. Because Uldum and Twilight don't have quest rewards yet, there are also some folks who are just really undergeared. Half your glyphs probably don't work. The new enchants aren't readily available. And so it goes. That sort of thing will all get ironed out over the next several weeks.

You shouldn't have huge mana problems in a normal dungeon. Your middle heal should get you through most of it just fine. You'll have to use more of your emergency heals in the heroics and raids, and you'll also be expected to gear up a little more for the heroics and raids. In Burning Crusade, players went and finished the Shadowmoon quest lines or got their reps to Exalted or maxed out their trade skills in order to have the best gear available for the heroics and raids. That is our model for Cataclysm. (Source)
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  1. Marlamin's Avatar

    It's not a patch, it was just activated after maintenance. The actual content was implemented in 3.3.5.
  1. Starsack's Avatar
  1. Grems's Avatar
    Cataclysm just went from soon to very soon!!

    Can't wait to try it out!
  1. mmoc44e5154f48's Avatar
    Too soon, too soon ;-(
  1. DerpderpHAMMA's Avatar
    is it a server wide event?
    also woot
  1. Jedimas729's Avatar
    That is awesome! I wish I wasnt at work so I could try it out. Stupid work making me stay here for 4 more hours
  1. DR.Green's Avatar
    very very nice!!
  1. drsjohnny's Avatar
    wow that was quick shame i didn't get a chance to lvl my horde to 80 but he's at 66 so gonna miss out on him i guess
  1. Entalpia's Avatar
    So the end begins... now we are waiting for beginning to end...
  1. mmoc7a21221f70's Avatar
    Funny. I quited and told all my friends I'll be back when this event starts.
    Today I decided to come back even without the event being activated and now this.
  1. Firemist's Avatar
    Woot! can't wait to log on and try these out!
  1. mmoc3c85dad98b's Avatar
    FINALLY!!! Time to take back da voodoo, mon!
  1. Davhorn's Avatar
    Is this only on US servers or on EU aswell? Im on EU and don't wanna wait untill tomorrow! (patch day is tomorrow on EU servers and i can't log on atm to verify if this is live on EU)
  1. Strafer's Avatar
  1. mmocc1f919e93d's Avatar
    sexh time
  1. Taiki420's Avatar
    I just got in beta today and Blizz releases stuff for live, those guyys..
  1. mittacc's Avatar
  1. Firemist's Avatar
    Just a side comment, are the links under the wrong heading? aka Vol'jin with the Gnomer screenshots and vice-versa?
  1. mmocebc1bedaa0's Avatar
    is it possible to do with low lvls?

    I have no alliance characters whatsoever and would like to do the gnomer ones too
  1. Millennía's Avatar
    Would also like to know if its just US now?

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