The Battle for Gilneas Battleground - Preview
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When King Greymane severed ties with the Alliance after the Second War, the kingdom of Gilneas became independent from all other nations and opposing forces. Although the massive Greymane Wall protected Gilneas from outside threats, a virulent worgen curse and civil war crippled the kingdom from within. As the Cataclysm strikes and the Greymane Wall's gates are destroyed, the people of Gilneas must come to terms with their dark curse and learn to persevere through catastrophic earthquakes and an unrelenting Forsaken invasion. The Horde recognizes this land as a strategic location with key resources to fuel the faction's war effort against the Alliance, and Horde forces will not stop their siege until the city and its surrounding territories are under their control. To protect its lands from the Horde, the once-isolated nation of Gilneas must now work with the Alliance.

Controlling Resources
The Battle for Gilneas is a new 10 vs. 10 Battleground for level-85 players. Much like they do in Arathi Basin, teams must control strategic capture points on the map to accumulate resources. The first team to gather 2000 resources wins.

The Battle
Teams will start at opposite ends of the map with default graveyards nearby. Once the match begins, teams will race toward each other to vie for control of three strategic points; each point will allow your team to gain resources and additional graveyards. Adding to the intensity of the battle are many obstacles that block line of sight, as well as chokepoints for fending off enemy advances.

The Overlook
In the center of the map is an area known as the Overlook. Hills on either side of the map create chokepoints, while narrow paths through the hills provide teams with alternate routes. A river dividing the map will also lead opponents toward a single bridge. In some cases, dominating the Overlook might be the key to controlling the capture points.

Capture Points
In The Battle for Gilneas, three distinct resource points are available for the taking by either the Horde or the Alliance: the Mines, the Lighthouse, and the Waterworks. Once any of these points is held by a team, access to nearby graveyards will be granted. In addition, workers from the controlling faction will show up to collect the resources necessary to win the battle.

Chaos will be unleashed upon Azeroth when Deathwing returns, but many steadfast leaders will see the Cataclysm as an opportunity to further the cause of their people... or simply attain more power. The situation in Gilneas is no different. Will the embattled Gilneans be able to defend their land after realigning with the Alliance? Or will the Forsaken, reinforced by Garrosh's Horde, seize this near-forgotten territory as a new stronghold in the Eastern Kingdoms?
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  1. mmoc2844d6fac0's Avatar
    ho wow an battle of gilneas will be an other arathi basin.... omg!!! what big innovation!!! epic fail -.-
  1. Kiro's Avatar
    OMG! This looks AMAZING! Holding flags to collect resources while seeing faction helpers gathering is such a great idea! Cool thing is that you get to spawn closer to the flag if you control it making for some heated battles. Blizzard is really amazing, and this is exactly what the game needed, something new and fresh. This along with the other new cool game of capture the flag in TP is something that's needed as well. I want to know what Blizzard feeds those guys at their developer building so I can come up with awesome totally new ideas too.
  1. Nythiz's Avatar
    Gotta love how people bash this as AB v2 and then trash it. AB is a great BG (imo the best); no need to reinvent the wheel when you can make it a variation like this.

    Also I hope they get around to making new types of BGs with different objectives (King of the Hill / Deathmatch style play / Objective like SotA only without actually sucking). The problem is that i think there's a lot of things that you can not balance in those games.
    Take a king of the hill type game, it would heavily favor classes with knockbacks. Take a deathmatch style play, the team with less healers almost insta-lose. The urban warfare was a nice idea, but it heavily favors some classes (LOL LOS).

    I think people would be surprised how much effort goes into designing stuff like battlegrounds. Making mirror maps is really boring, balancing non mirror maps is really hard. Also I'm pretty sure blizzard didn't randomly put down the graveyards and capture points in this new BG; so I doubt horde has a huge disadvantage, there is probably some factors on the map you can't see.
  1. mmocdde1af79be's Avatar
    AB in another setting.

    I can only say: awesome, I love playing AB.

    And no, no sarcasm. Seriously do you people complain like that too when an fps comes out with several maps on which you can do deathmatch ?
  1. TobiasX's Avatar
    Battle of Gilneas looks awesome, can't wait to try it out.

    Although 'Urban Warfare' is getting a bit overused in this thread I would like to try out a battleground with a bit more cover and objects to go LoS with.
  1. Upptagen's Avatar
    For all those who think that the map is alliance favored, it might be true, but maybe not. By the way, I am playing Horde.
    You know in EotS, you have to go to the right in the start to not lose health. It might be something similiar for alliance in this BG, and then Horde might be able to catch up for Waterworks.
    I think Blizzard knows it.
  1. WaitingforSWTOR's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by zaaar View Post
    same stuff again and again, just changing location every time..

    wsg = twin peaks
    ab = battle of glineas
    Av = IoC
    Eots = ab /wsg

    Sota... well, kinda original i must admit
    One of the purposes of PvP is to kill the other faction, no BG can change that. What you want different? are there any objectives, lets say f.e. in CounteStrike, besides rescue hostages or disable bombs?

    And my view about vehicles on PvP: i love them cuz i hate rogues, and vehicles cant be stunlocked. See where the most whiners about vehicles come... honorless rogues
  1. mmoc24c42d1ec8's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ziljin View Post
    Lol, i just realised the npcs in AB is there for collecting resoures..
    Same here
  1. thilicen's Avatar
    For all the people whining about this BG favoring the Alliance, the new CTF instance has alliance players having to chose between 2 ways out or swimming as a third while horde players can run out 3 different ways from the alliance base. Some BGs will be slightly uneven, for me that adds flavor and a challenge, my only wish is that who getting which side would be random -kinda- like SotA.
  1. Cronnix's Avatar
    Only me not getting exited over this crap for a new battleground?! I mean, we dont get a single new mechanic, just AB with vehicles.. Blizzard running out of ideas?
  1. Kiro's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cronnix View Post
    Only me not getting exited over this crap for a new battleground?! I mean, we dont get a single new mechanic, just AB with vehicles.. Blizzard running out of ideas?
    Problem is they just don't care. They're not pressured to try and come up with novel new concepts because the hive eats up anything they put out. They could come out and say, "we're charging you $30/mo now, oh, and Cata, has half the content promised as the other half is all DLC", and people would still say "OMG BLizzard is AMAZING, I love you!".

    But yes, either they are tapped out on ideas, or they just don't really care to work on new things due to the lap dogs.
  1. mmocaccee7d018's Avatar
    Is it just me, or does it look nothing like Gilneas, even after all of the phasing. I can't see any similarities between this BG map and the after phasing map of Gilneas. Whats going on?
  1. Scrabblet's Avatar
    Double rainbow aaaaaaaall across the sky!!!!

    What does it meannn?
  1. Paff's Avatar
    Now make an EotS revamp and make it happen already ffs. Looking forward for RBG, because apart from that there isn't anything else innovative much in Cataclysm really. So Please Phuck Up Not Blizz!
  1. arks1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by anarchy14 View Post
    Seems somehow biased towards Alliance since the Waterworks are on their side of the river...
    It's because of all their tears.
  1. Quench's Avatar
    Looks okay, but for some reason I'm getting tired of maps where you need to click on flags to control graveyards. WG is the only BG that doesn't have graveyards you can capture. When I get tired of capturing graveyards in battlegrounds I always turn to Warsong Gulch. There should be another alternative for me to turn to.
  1. HidesInTrees's Avatar

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