Horde Guild Mount - Scorpion / Kron'Kar Annihilator
The model of the Horde Guild Mount, the Kron'Kar Annihilator is now available, it will be buyable from your guild rewards panel if your guild reached Guild Level 25.

The lovely Kody also released an updated video of the Alliance version of the guild. Tabards now works on it and I'm sure you can already imagine how ridiculously awesome it will look when you run in a battleground with 25 guild members on it.

Female Worgens Models on Beta
The new models for the female worgens are now available on the beta servers.

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  1. Alucard666's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Yangli View Post
    I really don't understand all the hate, I like the female Worgen... all right, not every one should look that wild, but of course there will be other faces. Judging that they are ugly by seeing only one character is stupid - remember the female Dwarves, Gnomes, Trolls or Orcs you can make to look like a walking nightmare.

    I think every race/gender should have at least one "ugly" or old face. Or, in the case of Worgen, angry.
    you missed tauren female :d
  1. Mongoose19's Avatar
    Great another cool stuff for horde and shit for alliance, just great...
  1. Laina's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hell-Nicø View Post
    The main problem with the worgen female face is the eye, their pupil are with, but with a real color, like I make there, if far less ugly.
    You're right, that does look -alot- better.
  1. Chisa's Avatar
    lawl @ LSD worgen female ..

    lawl @ horde guild mount compared to alliance mount ...that's a total rip off, just look at the texture quality ...and alliance gets a stupid lame lion mount, teh fuck?
  1. Winterstrife's Avatar
    I wonder whats the /mountspecial for the Horde mount?
    Didn't really like it at the first look but after watching the video, it kind of grows on me.
    I'm definately getting one for my Tauren Paladin
  1. Whalephant's Avatar
    The scorpion mount is going to look ridiculous with people riding on it. Ugh.
  1. rikku45's Avatar
    I find it very annoying the Alliance get epic looking new model lion guild mounts and the horde just gets a crappy bigger version of an already used model scorpion!!!!!
  1. Erelyn's Avatar
    Scorpion as a mount <3
  1. Blazzez's Avatar
    Horde mount looks awsome shame i dont see the tabard thingie :P
  1. ellan's Avatar
    imo hodre lost with that mount vs ally mount
  1. ganodorf's Avatar
    That lion rox!
  1. Karot's Avatar
    Female worgen = deer in headlights
  1. thatguy181's Avatar
    OMG I hope the female Worgen expression stays that way. Too funny.
  1. Hisagishuusei's Avatar
    Omfg! Horde mount rawks! So much better than Your silly Aslan mount allies! HAHA BE JEALOUZ <3
  1. Cradix's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by zhrooms View Post
    The Worgen female model is not as bad as you think, frontpage screenshot is misleading you.
    You keep saying that, and everytime I see your avatar all I see is "Oh god why is the sky purple and why is that tree staring at me that way?"

    So yes, it is that bad. And so is every other Worgen female face it has, because they';re all just staring listlessly out into space with no defined location they're supposed to be looking at.
  1. Yata's Avatar
    Worgen female look like they have rabies....
  1. Critterbot's Avatar
    Now worgens can say with confidense "I'm an epic mount". Atleast the females lol.
  1. roboscorcher's Avatar
    I like this face. Worgen are supposed to be scary, and she looks the part! If you want a calm, gentle female, go human again.
  1. Zaizo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chisa View Post
    lawl @ LSD worgen female ..

    lawl @ horde guild mount compared to alliance mount ...that's a total rip off, just look at the texture quality ...and alliance gets a stupid lame lion mount, teh fuck?
    I'm Horde I hate the Scorpion I want the Lion
  1. Amazad's Avatar
    You're kidding right ? Horde gets this awesome mount while the alliance is yet again stuck with a gay lion

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