Horde Guild Mount - Scorpion / Kron'Kar Annihilator
The model of the Horde Guild Mount, the Kron'Kar Annihilator is now available, it will be buyable from your guild rewards panel if your guild reached Guild Level 25.

The lovely Kody also released an updated video of the Alliance version of the guild. Tabards now works on it and I'm sure you can already imagine how ridiculously awesome it will look when you run in a battleground with 25 guild members on it.

Female Worgens Models on Beta
The new models for the female worgens are now available on the beta servers.

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  1. obaminator's Avatar
    blizzard... why do you hate alliance... you give us a dope lion mount, then you release the fuckin amazing scorpion... you give us fucking werewolves, and then you shove 10 tampons up the female worgens poophole. Thank you blizzard, Ty..
  1. juelz's Avatar
    Cannot be Unseen

  1. Qhara's Avatar
    WOW Beta is getting better and better...so jealous...

    Scorpion Mount...MEH! Alliance is much better. why? well because its just like a normal pet-looking scorpion but much bigger. maybe with saddle on it. i hope its not final though. maybe adding a bit of an armor here and there.

    <<<------no Beta Club.
  1. Kabasue's Avatar
    DAMN!!! who gave the female worgan a crack suppository.
  1. berree's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kabasue View Post
    damn!!! Who gave the female worgan a crack suppository.

  1. Naarius's Avatar
    I'm really glad to see how the guild mounts came out. Blizzard definitely did a good job making nice looking, yet not overly complex, mounts to give out. Now we just have to see how hard it is to get to level 25.
  1. Rayleigh's Avatar
    So horde get a really bad-ass mount I see.The alliance get another kitty mount : / Not saying its not good, just scorpion is really freakin' awesome.
    Also, ftw is up with the female worgen faces? They look really suprised, scared, and pissed all at the same time.
  1. THEORACLE64's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kanaru View Post
    hahahaha, i lol'd... a lot.
  1. mmathes339's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kanaru View Post
    I LoL'd as well.

    BTW, does anyone notice...they appear to have a very similar body type to the dranei females?
  1. Zagnaphein's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kanaru View Post

    ahaahhahah You sir won the Internet ahahahhaa.
  1. Ahms's Avatar
    they just need to fix the eyes on that worgen model. just take out the pupil
  1. Cold's Avatar
    I dont like that scorpion so plain and look boring, i guess Blizz being lazy. That worgen face look disturbing LoL, but i hope u can choose better looking face than that. >_< if not, then maybe i'll be playing the male one.
  1. Bear's Avatar
    Female worgen eyes are way too herp derp. The scorpion looks amazing and the lion still looks incomplete.
  1. Scix's Avatar
    Okay WTF on the most awesome mount in the game. WTF Blizz you Hordeist bastards?
  1. 1sickpuppy's Avatar
    I am stealing that pic!! OMG 100 thumbs up.
  1. Herrenos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mmathes339 View Post
    I LoL'd as well.

    BTW, does anyone notice...they appear to have a very similar body type to the dranei females?

    yeah it's fairly clear they put paws and a doghead on the female draenei model.
  1. Eviscerate's Avatar
    lion, scorpion, who the hell cares? you can fly all over azeroth now, and pretty much the rest of the world (of warcraft).

    ground mounts will be only appealing for BG's, and even there, you dont even spend a sizable amount of time mounted up.

    now, if we are talking about faction based flying mount rewards.....
  1. Cornicer's Avatar
    I literally LOLled when I saw the female Worgen. It looks like she's constipated.

    As for the Scorpion.... it's cool, but where are the hordies going to sit? o.O
  1. Voltex123's Avatar
    The worgen female looks like she is doing a turd..
  1. skyesfury's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Maleficious View Post
    LOL worgen females look like they are on some kind of drug!Also I like the lion mount more than the scorpion, I must say I'm quite dissapointed of the plain model of the scorpion.
    The lion mount looks like the finished product. The scorpid mount doesn't even have the tabard on the side yet so of course it's gonna look plain...

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