Horde Guild Mount - Scorpion / Kron'Kar Annihilator
The model of the Horde Guild Mount, the Kron'Kar Annihilator is now available, it will be buyable from your guild rewards panel if your guild reached Guild Level 25.

The lovely Kody also released an updated video of the Alliance version of the guild. Tabards now works on it and I'm sure you can already imagine how ridiculously awesome it will look when you run in a battleground with 25 guild members on it.

Female Worgens Models on Beta
The new models for the female worgens are now available on the beta servers.

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  1. isendims's Avatar
    Im sure its just the angle that we are looking at it that makes it look wierd
  1. Tanfastic's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Maleficious View Post
    LOL worgen females look like they are on some kind of drug!Also I like the lion mount more than the scorpion, I must say I'm quite dissapointed of the plain model of the scorpion.
    Plain? Its a brand new awesome model! Its like the most un-plain model yet!
  1. Nitex's Avatar
    It will be so easy to make fun of all the worgen females.
  1. Svaren's Avatar
    Yeah, not sure I trust a scorpion for a mount. Especially with the stinger hanging out behind my back.
  1. Swizzle's Avatar
    Okay, I know I'm supposed to be all mature and what not....but DAMN!!! THEM TITS BE HUGE!!
  1. Jetstream's Avatar
    Oh god why, why with the scorpions? I hate those things so much. Scorpid are silly looking, so they don't squick me out, but that thing does very damn much.
  1. lopus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tanfastic View Post
    Plain? Its a brand new awesome model! Its like the most un-plain model yet!
    i think by plain he meant that the scorpion does not have any armor or adorment , and personally i dont see a problem whit it been plain, it looks wild and untamed.
  1. penguinsane's Avatar
    Her tits look like they're ready to attack her face.

    Like, seriously, Blizz. Those don't look like real boobs. Concave the top a little, ffs.
  1. Wat's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nitex View Post
    it will be so easy to make fun of all the worgen.

  1. Meebo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cornicer View Post
    As for the Scorpion.... it's cool, but where are the hordies going to sit? o.O
    My thoughts exactly. I fear for any Scorpid when a Tauren tries to mount it.
    You have to admit though that it would be an awesome mount for the small races of Goblins and Gnomes.
  1. The Stormbringer's Avatar
    Wow. That looks horrifying. The female Worgen model is definitely scarier than both the Horde and Alliance guild mounts combined.

    Seriously, Blizz. Please tell me you're including the OLD facial options for the Worgen? You know, the ones you had before? I really liked those. They had lots of hairstyles, and looked like there was a lot of work put into them. I could certainly see myself not CRINGING IN HORRROR every time I looked at my model if I had those faces, for male and female.

    Please? Please. PLEASE!
  1. Voiture's Avatar
    Yeah... I almost like the worgen female, but something is a little off. I think it's just that particular face/colour combo/angle though, because this screenshot doesn't look as bad (s232.photobucket.com/albums/ee163/x51havoc/?action=view&current=Worg3.jpg).

    I'll have to play around with hair/face/pattern combos to be sure, but I think this is promising. Also, totally loving the new hair. :}
  1. Shadowbeam's Avatar
    I lol'd
  1. Cathryn's Avatar
    Not to be a QQer or anything, but what in the world is wrong with those Worgen females? They look ridiculous.

    While I enjoy rolling females because I identify more with them, if the Worgen females continue to look like that, I definitely will be rolling a male. There's clearly something wrong with their eyes, and they're a really crazy mix between "too cute" and "way too ugly/crazy in the head", edging on the ugly/crazy side. I'm not seeing fierce, I'm seeing ridiculous. I hope they go through a re-skin like the males did prior to launch, or look better in action than they do in a still screen. The male versions look so much cooler at this point.
  1. Alixie's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Superguy View Post
    For some reason, the Worgen Female reminds me of a Furry Troll Female.
    My thoughts as well. They look half done from top to bottom. The whole model reminds me of a female troll and a female tauren. Im pretty disappointed that the old hairstyles which were nice, aren't being used for them. I'm hoping the snarl is a choice face, and the eyes get fixed.
  1. Vallius's Avatar
    Love the Scorpion, love the Lion but I HATE those Worgen female's eyeballs/teeth! W T F?! I sincerly hope that is a coding error and it was textured to the face incorrectly because damn... that is hideous.
  1. WoWGoneBad's Avatar
    ROFLMAO after seeing the Horde versus Alli mounts and GOLLY GEE WOW im sooo glad im horde. That Scorp is fuking awsome and BEASTLY compared to the alli mount kitty chow anybody
  1. jetaimaster's Avatar
    One of the greatest game developers can't even hire a person to design a female werewolf. And it's not even average looking. The thing is the most frightening thing to ever grace the game, and I don't mean it in a good way.
  1. Vallius's Avatar
    As an aside to the Lion mount, do I have to wield that guild banner when I ride him? Or is that just something they have equipped? I'd like to not have that in my hands while on that mount or a feature to turn it off would be swell.
  1. ZiiSqueak's Avatar
    I absolutely love the new female faces. The savage/insane intensity is pretty awesome imo. I hope that this stays at least as an option, because I would really like my worgen to look as though she could snap and rip your face off at any moment.

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