Beta Build 13066 - Portals removed from Shattrath and Dalaran
Blizzard doesn't want you to use Shattrath and Dalaran as portal hubs anymore, the latest beta update removed all the portal to the cities and replaced them with class trainers.

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Cataclysm Release Date Postponed (Not Official)
A few weeks ago I announced that the target release date for Cataclysm was November 2. Well, according to an update I just got, the release has been postponed and Blizzard will try to release the game in early December. (Basically, either December 7 or December 14)

The Cataclysm by itself will happen earlier and will let you play in the "new" zone for a couple of days/weeks before you can buy the expansion and access the level 85 content. Keep in mind that they're mostly inside info, they're not official and I just report them because ... well, I'm sure you all want to know when it's supposed to happen.

Super-Mega-Uber Cataclysm Items Update
The latest beta build added A LOT of epic items to the game, we have valor points rewards, justice points rewards, Tier 11 armor sets stats, and PvP rewards!

Valor Points rewards
Valor Points are the high tier emblems of Cataclysm, you will only earn them from raids.

Level Type Spec Slot Name
359PlateStrength.DPSFeetWoe Breeder's Boots
359PlateTankFeetRock Furrow Boots
359PlateSpell DPSFeetEternal Pathfinders
359MailAgi.DPSFeetMoccasins of Verdurous Glooms
359MailHealFeetBoots of the Perilous Seas
359LeatherAgi.DPSFeetTreads of Fleeting Joy
359LeatherHealFeetFading Violet Sandals
359ClothSpell DPSFeetMelodious Slippers
359ClothHealFeetSlippers of Moving Waters
359CloakStrength.DPSBackFloating Web
359CloakAgi.DPSBackViewless Wings
359CloakTankBackGray Hair Cloak
359CloakSpell DPSBackHaunt of Flies
359CloakHealBackHeavenly Breeze
359FingerStrength.DPSFingerBand of Bees
359FingerTankFingerRing of the Battle Anthem
359FingerSpell DPSFingerBand of Secret Names
359FingerHealFingerTwined Band of Flowers
359TrinketStrength.DPSTrinketLicense to Slay
359TrinketAgi.DPSTrinketFluid Death
359TrinketTankTrinketBedrock Talisman
359TrinketSpellTrinketSoul Casket
359TrinketHealTrinketCore of Ripeness
359RelicAgi.DPSRelicRelic of Golganneth
359RelicSpell DPSRelicRelic of Norgannon
359RelicHealRelicRelic of Eonar
359RelicStrength.DPSRelicRelic of Aggramar
359RelicTankRelicRelic of Khaz'goroth

Tier 11 Armor Sets Stats
Tier 11 Armor sets are bought with tokens and valor points.

Level Type Spec Slot Name
359Plate Unholy/FrostChestMagma Plated Battleplate
359Plate Unholy/FrostHandsMagma Plated Gauntlets
359Plate Unholy/FrostHeadMagma Plated Helmet
359Plate Unholy/FrostLegsMagma Plated Legplates
359Plate Unholy/FrostShoulderMagma Plated Pauldrons
359Plate BloodChestMagma Plated Chestguard
359Plate BloodHandsMagma Plated Handguards
359Plate BloodHeadMagma Plated Faceguard
359Plate BloodLegsMagma Plated Legguards
359Plate BloodShoulderMagma Plated Shoulderguards
359Leather Resto.ChestStormrider's Robes
359Leather Resto.HeadStormrider's Helm
359Leather Resto.LegsStormrider's Legwraps
359Leather Resto.ShoulderStormrider's Mantle
359Leather Resto.HandsStormrider's Handwraps
359Leather BalanceChestStormrider's Vestment
359Leather BalanceHeadStormrider's Cover
359Leather BalanceLegsStormrider's Leggings
359Leather BalanceShoulderStormrider's Shoulderwraps
359Leather BalanceHandsStormrider's Gloves
359Leather FeralHeadStormrider's Headpiece
359Leather FeralChestStormrider's Raiment
359Leather FeralLegsStormrider's Legguards
359Leather FeralShoulderStormrider's Spaulders
359Leather FeralHandsStormrider's Grips
359Mail HunterHeadLightning-Charged Headguard
359Mail HunterChestLightning-Charged Tunic
359Mail HunterLegsLightning-Charged Legguards
359Mail HunterShoulderLightning-Charged Spaulders
359Mail HunterHandsLightning-Charged Gloves
359Cloth Mage HeadFirelord's Hood
359Cloth Mage ChestFirelord's Robes
359Cloth Mage LegsFirelord's Leggings
359Cloth Mage ShoulderFirelord's Mantle
359Cloth Mage HandsFirelord's Gloves
359Plate RetributionChestReinforced Sapphirium Battleplate
359Plate RetributionHandsReinforced Sapphirium Gauntlets
359Plate RetributionHeadReinforced Sapphirium Helmet
359Plate RetributionLegsReinforced Sapphirium Legplates
359Plate RetributionShoulderReinforced Sapphirium Pauldrons
359Plate ProtectionChestReinforced Sapphirium Chestguard
359Plate ProtectionHandsReinforced Sapphirium Handguards
359Plate ProtectionHeadReinforced Sapphirium Faceguard
359Plate ProtectionLegsReinforced Sapphirium Legguards
359Plate ProtectionShoulderReinforced Sapphirium Shoulderguards
359Plate HolyHeadReinforced Sapphirium Headguard
359Plate HolyChestReinforced Sapphirium Breastplate
359Plate HolyLegsReinforced Sapphirium Greaves
359Plate HolyShoulderReinforced Sapphirium Mantle
359Plate HolyHandsReinforced Sapphirium Gloves
359Cloth ShadowShoulderMercurial Shoulderwraps
359Cloth ShadowChestMercurial Vestment
359Cloth ShadowLegsMercurial Leggings
359Cloth ShadowHeadMercurial Hood
359Cloth ShadowHandsMercurial Gloves
359Cloth HealingHeadMercurial Cowl
359Cloth HealingChestMercurial Robes
359Cloth HealingLegsMercurial Legwraps
359Cloth HealingShoulderMercurial Mantle
359Cloth HealingHandsMercurial Handwraps
359Leather RogueHandsWind Dancer's Gloves
359Leather RogueHeadWind Dancer's Helmet
359Leather RogueLegsWind Dancer's Legguards
359Leather RogueChestWind Dancer's Tunic
359Leather RogueShoulderWind Dancer's Spaulders
359Mail Resto. HeadFaceguard of the Raging Elements
359Mail Resto. ChestTunic of the Raging Elements
359Mail Resto. LegsLegwraps of the Raging Elements
359Mail Resto. ShoulderMantle of the Raging Elements
359Mail Resto. HandsHandwraps of the Raging Elements
359Mail Elemental ChestHauberk of the Raging Elements
359Mail Elemental HandsGloves of the Raging Elements
359Mail Elemental HeadHeadpiece of the Raging Elements
359Mail Elemental LegsKilt of the Raging Elements
359Mail Elemental ShoulderShoulderwraps of the Raging Elements
359Mail Enhance. ChestCuirass of the Raging Elements
359Mail Enhance. HandsGrips of the Raging Elements
359Mail Enhance. HeadHelmet of the Raging Elements
359Mail Enhance. LegsLegguards of the Raging Elements
359Mail Enhance. ShoulderSpaulders of the Raging Elements
359Cloth WarlockHandsShadowflame Handwraps
359Cloth WarlockHeadShadowflame Hood
359Cloth WarlockLegsShadowflame Leggings
359Cloth WarlockChestShadowflame Robes
359Cloth WarlockShoulderShadowflame Mantle
359Plate Fury/ArmsChestEarthen Battleplate
359Plate Fury/ArmsLegsEarthen Legplates
359Plate Fury/ArmsHeadEarthen Helmet
359Plate Fury/ArmsHandsEarthen Gauntlets
359Plate Fury/ArmsShoulderEarthen Pauldrons
359Plate ProtectionHeadEarthen Faceguard
359Plate ProtectionChestEarthen Chestguard
359Plate ProtectionLegsEarthen Legguards
359Plate ProtectionShoulderEarthen Shoulderguards
359Plate ProtectionHandsEarthen Handguards

Justice Points Rewards
Justice points are the first tier of Cataclysm dungeon emblems, you will get them in heroic instances.

Level Type Spec Slot Name
346DaggerAgi.DPSOff-HandThroat Slasher
346DaggerSpell DPSMain HandModgud's Blade
346MaceHealMain HandScepter of Power
346Off-HandHealHeld In Off-handApple-Bent Bough
346Off-HandSpell DPSHeld In Off-handHermit's Lamp
346ShieldHealOff HandShield of the Mists
346ShieldStrength.DPSOff HandShield of the Four Grey Towers
346SwordSpell DPSMain HandBlade of the Burning Sun
346SwordStrength.DPSOff-HandDawnblaze Blade
346WandHealRangedWand of Untainted Power
346PlateHealChestChestguard of Dancing Waves
346PlateHealHandsGloves of Curious Conscience
346PlateHealHeadCrown of the Blazing Sun
346PlateHealLegsLegguards of the Gentle
346PlateHealShoulderPauldrons of the Forlorn
346PlateHealWaistBelt of Barred Clouds
346PlateStrength.DPSChestBreastplate of Raging Fury
346PlateStrength.DPSHandsReaping Gauntlets
346PlateStrength.DPSHeadHelm of Easeful Death
346PlateStrength.DPSLegsGreaves of Gallantry
346PlateStrength.DPSShoulderPauldrons of the High Requiem
346PlateStrength.DPSWaistBeech Green Belt
346PlateTankChestChestplate of the Steadfast
346PlateTankHandsNumbing Handguards
346PlateTankHeadHelm of the Proud
346PlateTankLegsGreaves of Splendor
346PlateTankShoulderSunburnt Pauldrons
346PlateTankWaistGirdle of the Mountains
346MailAgi.DPSChestVest of the True Companion
346MailAgi.DPSHandsGloves of the Passing Night
346MailAgi.DPSHeadWillow Mask
346MailAgi.DPSLegsHillside Striders
346MailAgi.DPSShoulderWrap of the Valley Glades
346MailAgi.DPSWaistBelt of the Dim Forest
346MailSpellChestVest of the Waking Dream
346MailSpellHandsGleaning Gloves
346MailSpellHeadHelm of the Inward Eye
346MailSpellLegsLeggings of Soothing Silence
346MailSpellShoulderSeafoam Mantle
346MailSpellWaistBelt of the Still Stream
346LeatherAgi.DPSChestTunic of Sinking Envy
346LeatherAgi.DPSHandsSticky Fingers
346LeatherAgi.DPSHeadMask of Vines
346LeatherAgi.DPSLegsLeggings of the Burrowing Mole
346LeatherAgi.DPSShoulderEmbrace of the Night
346LeatherAgi.DPSWaistSash of Musing
346LeatherSpellChestRobes of Forgetfulness
346LeatherSpellHandsBlessed Hands of Elune
346LeatherSpellHeadCluster of Stars
346LeatherSpellLegsLeggings of Late Blooms
346LeatherSpellShoulderSomber Shawl
346LeatherSpellWaistThatch Eave Vines
346ClothHealChestMusk Rose Robes
346ClothHealHandsGloves of Purification
346ClothHealHeadMask of New Snow
346ClothHealLegsLeggings of Charity
346ClothHealShoulderSummer Song Shoulderwraps
346ClothHealWaistBelt of the Falling Rain
346ClothSpell DPSChestRobes of Embalmed Darkness
346ClothSpell DPSHandsGloves of the Painless Midnight
346ClothSpell DPSHeadCowl of Pleasant Gloom
346ClothSpell DPSLegsPensive Legwraps
346ClothSpell DPSShoulderMeadow Mantle
346ClothSpell DPSWaistIncense Infused Cumberbund
346NeckAgi.DPSNeckAmulet of Dull Dreaming
346NeckHealNeckCeladon Pendant
346NeckSpell DPSNeckString of Beaded Bubbles
346NeckStrength.DPSNeckPendant of Quiet Breath
346NeckTankNeckThe Lustrous Eye

Arena Season 9/Rated Battlegrounds Rewards
PvP rewards are also available, the higher tier of PvP points will be acquired through Arena matches and Rated Battlegrounds.



Level Type Spec Slot Name
365Plate Death KnightChestVicious Gladiator's Dreadplate Chestpiece
365Plate Death KnightHandsVicious Gladiator's Dreadplate Gauntlets
365Plate Death KnightHeadVicious Gladiator's Dreadplate Helm
365Plate Death KnightLegsVicious Gladiator's Dreadplate Legguards
365Plate Death KnightShoulderVicious Gladiator's Dreadplate Shoulders
365Leather FeralHandsVicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Gloves
365Leather FeralHeadVicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Helm
365Leather FeralLegsVicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Legguards
365Leather FeralChestVicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Robes
365Leather FeralShoulderVicious Gladiator's Dragonhide Spaulders
365Leather Resto.HandsVicious Gladiator's Kodohide Gloves
365Leather Resto.HeadVicious Gladiator's Kodohide Helm
365Leather Resto.LegsVicious Gladiator's Kodohide Legguards
365Leather Resto.ChestVicious Gladiator's Kodohide Robes
365Leather Resto.ShoulderVicious Gladiator's Kodohide Spaulders
365Leather BalanceHandsVicious Gladiator's Wyrmhide Gloves
365Leather BalanceHeadVicious Gladiator's Wyrmhide Helm
365Leather BalanceLegsVicious Gladiator's Wyrmhide Legguards
365Leather BalanceChestVici"
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  1. lunaspike's Avatar
    Wow calling people that pvp to get gear scrubs? Are you fcking serious. Those people have more skill than your lolpve keyboard turning self ever will. If you honestly think pve is more complicated, and unpredictable than pvp you are out of your mind.

    same mobs
    same skills
    same movement
    same resistances
    same weaknesses
    every single time. Once you learn an encounter there is nothing new.

    each match has different opponents (usually)
    each opponent has different skills.
    random movement, los pillar humping, swing timers to step through your opponent, aoe, all changes every single match
    each one might have the same gear or some mix, not including other things like enchants, specific gearing based off specs. Is it a mm arpen or a sv crit. Recognizing quickly what your opponents are and how to counter them is the only way to win. Example you start the arena your opponents pop up, you have a mage/hunter and oohhh look nothing for the last. Now is he a rogue or druid, and if he is druid is he stealth for tree etc. (ignore comp for that example)
    Different weaknesses each match, and sometimes it changes within the same match.

    Yet you call the people that deal with all of those differences scrubs, while you go do a pve boss and consider yourself "skilled". Yeah, I think I know who the "scrub" is, and it isn't the guy busting his ass in rated pvp to get gear just so he can be forced to go pve to get gear.

    Guess what pvers do you think someone hardcore pvp enjoys being forced to pve to get gear? You complain "oh you are in pvp gear, you suck", well how the hell do you think YOU would feel if you were forced to pvp to get gear? You probably wouldn't like it.
  1. maltoman's Avatar
    Yeah well since when have Blizzard been accurate with release dates -.- thought they would have learned by now not to get ppls hope up by setting a release date when it's not final...
  1. powerstuck's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by xHurricaneSlashx View Post
    I dont understand why all the gear for each type of armor and each slot has the same stats, like stam, how are say tanks suppose to have more hp than dps? All they will have to get higher are gems and enchants. All classes are going to have the same hp, where as before it always seemed to be cloth < leather < mail < plate.
    Probably that tanks have some talents increasing their base health while casters (clothies) don't.

    Maybe that this time, the dmg received will be modified heavly by armor, making cloth less absorbant and plate more.
  1. davesurfer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by stillnotking View Post
    I'm not sure you understood my post. I'm aware of the point cap, but if WotLK heroics are going to give justice points as a reward then you could simply go back and farm them at 85, buying items as you go to stay under the cap.

    As I said, it's possible that WotLK heroics will stop giving points when the expansion launches, but I haven't read any plans for that happening.
    In some blue post I saw "level appropriate" So maybe after you are 81/82 it stops
  1. Demoncrash's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Piklok View Post
    There will be new reces before december or only 1-60 lvl quests ?
    pretty sure its just the new talent trees and other stuff like guild lvling/achievement system, new stat system,etc. You wont get the revamped world with quests or new races until Cataclysm launches, though there will be a staged world event like the scourge invasion for WotLK.
  1. Chaoyll's Avatar
    Cataclysm possibly being released even later?
    Easy portals from Shattrath and Dalaran removed?

    Worst. News. Ever.
  1. lunaspike's Avatar
    Maybe that this time, the dmg received will be modified heavly by armor, making cloth less absorbant and plate more.
    They've actually buffed cloth/leather armor and nerfed plate just to prevent this. They want cloth and leather providing more protection, and plate less.

    Also if you watch the beta videos the dps don't have low health at all. It isn't too far from the tanks tbh.

    Want an example, look in the list above at plate dps vs plate tank stamina. It's the same on dps and plate. Depending on how well mastery scales it might be better to tank in some of that dps gear.

    Another example of armor is look at the tank plate piece for armor compared to the mail dps chest piece.

    tank armor 3298 mail dps 2322
  1. Sarevokcz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by maltoman View Post
    Yeah well since when have Blizzard been accurate with release dates -.- thought they would have learned by now not to get ppls hope up by setting a release date when it's not final...
    except Blizzard havent announced anything. Boub made quite ridiculous estimate "based on his sources" and people actually believed it was the real date. Its their own fault, beta testers were telling them that it just wont be ready by a long shot by that date.
  1. Usagi Vindaloo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosInc View Post
    If your idea of "bustling and lively" is 200+ people standing still in place while phasing in and out of existence as LFD queues pop, then this is accurate. Although it does have a more "complete" feeling than other capital cities. How many empty houses are there in SW again?
    I wasn't speaking so much of the actual players and more of the fact that it actually felt a bit like a city, with shopping districts, random passersby (the NPCs that gave you directions were named vs. just random guards) and a feeling of height and... weight, for lack of a better word? I remember the very first time I came to Dalaran, I spent an hour exploring the nooks and crannies and checking out all the interesting stuff in the sewer. I'll be sad to leave all that behind.

    Um, the entire point and lore of the world is based around war. Perhaps you are playing the wrong game. I hear Hello Kitty doesn't have a war theme....
    I'm all about a big war! War with the Burning Legion, war with the Scourge, war with Deathwing, war with the naga... there's tons and tons of war to be had in WoW, and THAT is what I come for. But there's really no reason for the Alliance and Horde to be at war with each other. There are enough bad guys to fight without fighting people who aren't even bad guys to begin with!

    Once again, someone proves how lazy WotLK players are. Next people will be screaming they want to be instantly teleported to their quest mobs and back again so they don't have to walk all the way there.

    Easy mode is leaving guys. Get on the train with it or deal.
    Convenience and easy mode are not the same thing. The entire point of a game is to have fun while you're playing it. If there is unreasonable and annoying stuff that the game forces you to do, then you're no longer having fun, and thus the game is failing on some level.

    Asking us to walk to quest mobs is not unreasonable as there are usually five different quests that you can do enroute and get a lot done. Plus you get to enjoy and explore the world that Blizz has created. But lengthy travel times can be annoying, and having an efficient and convenient method of getting from one continent to another is not a bad thing in any way, shape or form. If nothing else, it lets us get to the really amazing and enjoyable content that much faster!

    Also, there's no reason to say negative things about WOTLK players, any more than there's any reason to say negative things about vanilla players (for the record, I'm a BC player). As a community, it is up to us to show each other respect and seek ways to ensure the game remains enjoyable for everyone, not just one group or another. Don't say, "Well, WOTLK players are lazy and I'm glad they won't be having as much fun," say, "I want to be sure that WOTLK players continue to have a good time WHILE NOT infringing on my own enjoyment!" Fun is not a limited quantity thing, and the more we share it, the more fun we all have. ^_^

    EDIT: I apologize if I came off angry or insulting. There's really no excuse for that. I just get very frustrated when I see fellow players taking shots at each other and being negative towards each other instead of trying to find ways of helping each other and encouraging Blizz to find good solutions that will ensure that everyone enjoys themselves equally. I know it's possible; TBC and WOTLK both came really close but fell short due to game balance issues. I'm just hoping that they manage to tune Cata correctly so that everyone, from the most skilled hardcore raider to the scrubbiest casual and everything inbetween, has something really fun to apply themselves to.
  1. Typhron's Avatar
    I'm cool with this.
  1. davesurfer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Typhron View Post
    I'm cool with this.
    Me too, Not happy with the class balacne on PTR. Seems work needs to be done
  1. Mankriks Wife's Avatar
    Am I mistaken?

    Points =/= Emblems so everyone will start off with 0?
  1. bendak's Avatar
    Dec 14 would be spectacular since I am off work the 2nd half of december for the holidays.
  1. Ordrek's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by h44mm00 View Post
    There is no reason to delay it, this is just marketing and wanting more money (as if they won't make hundreds of millions of dollars if they released in Novemeber anyway). Very frustrating for the people who were trying to plan around the holiday seasons.
    My conspiracy theories:

    -No portals in old content is a way to goad players into purchasing the expansion... where there will be a NEW portal hub. This is especially irksome to level capped twink accounts.

    -Changes such as the nerf to Human EMFH (from 2min to 3min) is to encourage a migration from the most popular race in WoW to something else so Blizz can collect race change fees. Maybe to undead since WotF got a bit un-nerfed (for once).

    I'm not saying a blame Blizz for trying to make money, but these seem blatant.
  1. mordras's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Demoncrash View Post
    pretty sure its just the new talent trees and other stuff like guild lvling/achievement system, new stat system,etc. You wont get the revamped world with quests or new races until Cataclysm launches, though there will be a staged world event like the scourge invasion for WotLK.
    There will be two patches prior to Cataclysm. What you are describing is in 4.0.1. 4.0.3 will contain the new world changes as well as the new race/class combos excluding Worgen/Goblin.

    Take a look at this post for further clarification...
  1. Leodegrance's Avatar
    Big problem with the delay for the expanison is now you have the same people whining about the expansion pack not coming out fast enough and that they are quitting.

    Those same people are now playing LOTRO free and bitching and filling that games channels with crap and whining that it is not WoW or like WoW.I even saw a damn ICC 25 man recruitment crap going on in the Crickhollow servers OOC chat channel yesterday for cripes sake.

    Either you like WoW and play it or you don't and never play it again,but stop coming to another game that had no issues in it's chat channels that much and filling it with your crap.If you want to play WoW then GTFO of the other game and play f'ing WoW.
  1. Cerus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dekanos View Post
    The release date was never Nov. 2, Boub was an idiot for posting that he heard 'word of mouth' that it was Nov. 2 and he or anyone that believed that tomfoolery was a goddamn moron. Blizz will never release a Warcraft title before Nov. 27th. Ever.

    Please stop posting things that have no basis in reality and no reference.
    Wrath was launched on Nov 13th and BC was delayed several months.

    ---------- Post added 2010-09-27 at 11:46 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Yörgle View Post
    Justice points for Cata items ?! :-O
    Isn't it a typo ? I assume the "justice pt" section is meant to be "hero pt"...
    If I remember correctly - Valor points are for current PvE content and are from raids only AKA Frosts. Justice points are for old content and can be obtained from Heroics AKA Triumphs. Conquest pts are Catas version or Arena points for high end PvP gear and Honor pts are for low end PvP gear.
  1. theturn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by powerstuck View Post
    What most of people are saying is that xpac going live week and half before christmas screws their holiday vacation planning, in other words, screw holidays with family, wow is more important... I just hope i'm getting it wrong.

    As far as why the date was (potentialy) may be factory issues (cd/dvds production and packaging), ERSB rating issues, language packs issues to name the few.
    I highly doubt blizz releases cata after dec 7 2010. If they do it will be in Jan. Although Kotick will release it on christmas cause no wow over the holidays is a budget black hole. Guess blizz shouldn't expect any christmas bonuses.
  1. Deepone's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by h44mm00 View Post
    There is no reason to delay it, this is just marketing and wanting more money
    "Marketing"? Wait... what?

    You're suggesting that leaking a delayed release to a site that's read exclusively by people who already play the game and were going to buy the expansion anyway is "marketing"? Have you seen the instances on the PTR? Have you watched any of the videos? Nothing is ready to go, and they have at least a month's worth of work to do. That puts them at late October before they're even ready to start doing the final QA on the gold CD, giving QA what, a week to test the CD to make sure it won't break your launcher, preventing you from playing the game or delete your sound driver? Yeah, that won't end in crying.

    Sit back, take a deep breath, and appreciate the fact that Blizzard won't ship until it's done.**

    ** - Done being defined as very nearly complete except for 3 or 4 raid instances, wonky heroics that will need tuning and PvP balance problems that will last through the first two patch cycles.
  1. GrieverXIII's Avatar
    WTF, agility bonus for Warrior set? Most likely (hopefully actualy) a bug.

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