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Tier 11 Models Preview - Druid, Rogue, Warlock
After posting the Tier 11 Stats a few days ago I realized that I didn't do any proper preview of the existing Tier 11 models, time to fix that! This preview isn't official, stuff might be slightly wrong (Gloves and Boots might have a slightly different model, I can't really check that) but it should give you a good idea of what to expect on live servers.

  • I also included the Warrior's helm, the rest of the set is still missing.
  • Sets for other classes aren't available yet.
  • One of the recolor of the Rogue set is bugged on males.
  • I included both Pants and Robe version of the Druid set, you should just assume that the actual set will use the robe model. (They always add pants models just in case)




Bonus - Warrior Helm

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  1. mmocee1aa8d918's Avatar
  1. Sonoka's Avatar
    Warrior helmet.. WAT?
  1. Fraza's Avatar
    Druid's tier looks like they had sex with a priest.
  1. Thoorium's Avatar
    Those are sexy
  1. mmocc2f6467562's Avatar
    So glad im a warrior!

    Also druid shoulders look rly badass
  1. Bleda100's Avatar
    Sure, that this is the druid set? The wings make me believe its more like Priest or ( god forbid) paladin.
  1. Envojus's Avatar
    Warrior t11 helmet name "Helmet of the Crystal Deathwing Chin"
  1. Alendar's Avatar
    I hope the paladin set will be at least half as cool as the druid and warlock sets.
  1. Jonkheer's Avatar
    in love with druid shoulders
  1. mmoc3fcbc49a19's Avatar
    Omg druid one is amazing...!!!
  1. Sollace's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Envojus View Post
    Warrior t11 helmet name "Helmet of the Crystal Deathwing Chin"
    Sounds like the next Indiana Jones movies.

    I like the first 2 druid colors though the 3rd one looks rather priestish. I also like the shoulders of the rogue gear but wtf is up with the helms on both of these classes gear? Warlocks can be somewhat excused because they are obviously going for the cultist look.
  1. Sonoka's Avatar
    I can agree that the blue druid set was AMAZING. >_< /reroll
  1. flanYfran's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Envojus View Post
    Warrior t11 helmet name "Helmet of the Crystal Deathwing Chin"
  1. Finangus's Avatar
    Druid Tier 11 Name:

  1. h4rr0d's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Alendar View Post
    as cool as warlock set.
    Really? Only things released so far that come even close in fuglinnes to lock t11 are rogue t8 and t10 helmets...
  1. Hnngh's Avatar
    I facepalmed hard when I saw warrior helm.
  1. james1337's Avatar
    I'm not too sure I'm gonna be happy with the rogue helm. A turban? Guess it can always be turned off I suppose, just like the T10 helm.

    But that druid set? Absolutely gorgeous!
  1. Winfernal's Avatar
    I like the druid set, the rogue set is fine to. But that warlock helemet is destroying the look of the whole set. When i see it, i want to destroy that helmet with my eyes...

    Can't wait to see the Priest set, as the druid set looks like it
  1. Tiax Le Grand's Avatar
    I dont like the rogue set. Too flashy for a guy that need to hide himself in the dark
  1. Nuronv's Avatar
    I like the darker blue druid set.

    I've noticed all the sets so far seem to add that glowing eye effect. All the cool kids have it

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