US Maintenance
Originally Posted by Laetzin (Blue Tracker)
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are extending the maintenance for all realms until 1PM PDT.

Thank you for your patience.

Is Patch 4.0.1 Today?
Probably not, really.

Cataclysm Raid Testing Soon!
Originally Posted by Valnoth (Blue Tracker)
We've been testing raids extensively in-house for months. Beta raid testing will begin very soon. Stay tuned.

And yes, there will be new character templates available and there will be a reset to character copy limit.

[...] Daelo and/or a CM will post a schedule when we are ready.

Guild Member Caps for Cataclysm
Originally Posted by Mumper (Blue Tracker)
We will be introducing a new, hard cap of 600 members in a single guild for Cataclysm. This function will go live with patch 4.0.1 and is already live on the beta and PTR's.

As most of you already know, we have supported a soft cap of 500 members in a guild since World of Warcraft launched. We have allowed guilds to exceed the 500 limit up until now since being in a guild really just amounted to ranks and chat channels. With the advent of the new guild system in Cataclysm we are tracking many more things on each individual player in a guild and in order to support that, we need to limit the amount of members to a reasonable level.

The new cap of 600 members is fully supported in the new guild system and that means that everyone will be visible in the ui and able to contribute to all guild functions like experience and reputation gain. We have pulled a large number of statistics to get to the 600 member cap for guilds and we are happy to say that this value covers more than 99.9% of all the active guilds in World of Warcraft.

The small number of guilds that are over the 600 person cap will be able to keep their guilds intact (and fully supported in the new guild system), but they will not be able to add new members until they fall below the 600 member cap.

Dressing Room Zoom
Cataclysm will add a much-needed feature to the Dressing Room, you can finally zoom in/out with your mousewheel! (Thanks to Twible for his PM)

The real purpose of Goblins revealed in a Cinematic Easter Egg
The cinematic posted a few days ago has an ... interesting easter egg. Can you find it in this picture? (Thanks to Chromatic19 for his PM!)

Honor Jewelcrafter Quartermaster gone in 4.0.1
Apparently, the Jewelcrafter Quartermaster will be removed in 4.0.1. A lot of people have been asking what would be the new price of epic gems with the new honor points, the answer is simple, you can no longer buy them in 4.0.1. The NPC has been recycled as a Weapon Quartermaster.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
New race/classes combo availability
They will be available to everyone shortly before the release of Cataclysm when The Shattering takes place. (Source)

Dance Studio - Blizzard promised me a (dancing) pony!
New dances remain a work in progress and we do not have plans to implement them prior to Cataclysm.

[...] We absolutely wouldn't advertise something in a trailer if we have no intention of including that feature. The trailers are virtually always created more than a year prior to the release of what they're advertising. All of the features are planned -- or work on them has already begun -- but we never know until much closer to the release date what features might have to be shelved to ensure bigger features are polished.

We announced new dances for Wrath of the Lich King and a good deal of work went into them, but we weren't happy with the feature overall as we got closer to release. We decided we would hold off on trying to push it out anyway and focus on bigger projects.

This is the nature of good development, even if it leaves some disappointed. (Source)

New Official Website
The new website is still in development and planned for release prior to the launch of Cataclysm. The new forums will coincide with this release. (Source)

Guild Leveling
Guild features in 4.0.1
The user interface changes for guilds will take place in 4.0.1. The actual guild advancement features will be implemented with Cataclysm itself. (Source)

Guild Mounts reputation requirements
The reputation requirement will be shown on the tooltip once the reward is unlocked via it's corresponding achievement.

Both the guild mounts require exalted faction to purchase. (Source)

Guild Experience/Reputation Boost on Beta
The 5x multiplier is currently active for both experience and reputation. Getting stuck around 9k is right around where we expect players to be with the multiplier. The cap on reputation is weekly and will reset Tuesday night at 3am. (Source)

Raids & Dungeons
Mimiron's Head / Invincible in 4.0.1
No changes are being made to raid mounts in patch 4.0.1. (Source)

Realm First achievements - 10/25 Mode
They are available to both 10 and 25 player raids, whoever does it first.

[...] We currently have no plans to change realm first raid kills into separate achievements for 10 / 25 player raids. Our new flexible raid lock system allows players many more choices and opportunities to complete the content in the way that suits them best. Making separate achievements here goes directly against that philosophy.

And just to be clear, these achievements offer no rewards or titles. (Source)

Ability queue system
If I am tanking on live, and I spamming devastate pre-emptively and I see shield slam light up from my proc, I can easily switch over to hitting shield slam and shield slam will go off.

On beta, if I am spamming devastate and I see shield slam light up. I will be locked into devastate if it's within like 1~sec until the GCD is up. I see devastate light up, I try spam to hit shield slam but it will not go off.
We had to change the ability queue system you are describing to fix an exploit that was threatening to become pretty widespread. It is unfortunately one of those cases where a few bad apples ruin things for everyone.

We are working on an improvement where the most recent command will override the previous one. If for example you are spamming Hamstring, and then succeed in snaring someone, you can switch to Mortal Strike which will clear out the Hamstring queue instead of wasting more GCDs on Hamstring. (Source)

Death Knight (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Rune Strike
We changed Rune Strike to: after a dodge or parry or whenever you are in Blood Presence.

We can use RS any time we have 20 RP if we are in blood presence, No cd other then GCD. No need for avoidance to light it up.
Correct. (Source)

Paladin (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Holy Paladin - Beacon of Light / Protector of the Innocent
Beacon isn't going anywhere. We think the Cataclysm implementation is in a good place between never wanting to heal the tank and always wanting to heal the tank.

We changed Protector of the Innocent to make the talent feel less like Divinity not because we were trying to band-aid any real or imagined paladin problems as some of your conspiracy theories suggest.

If, as some of you think, Holy paladin throughput is low, then we'll buff it before it goes live. It will be easier to make direct comparisons between healing specs once more folks (besides us I mean) are testing raids. And by direct comparisons, I don't mean who wins the meters. (Source)

Paladin Tanking and GCD
As you might have surmised, I spent a lot of time in this thread gathering information because we were concerned about player perceptions of the paladin rotation. That conversation in turn spawned additional, less-public conversations and ultimately resulted in our convening a distinguished panel of experts in our secret mountain hideaway for a discussion of paladin tanking mechanics.

While we still have grave concerns about players being able to fill every GCD, we also don't want to change paladin tanking so much that it is unrecognizable for long-term paladins. Therefore, we are going to try Crusader Strike on a 3 second cooldown for Protection only. Hammer of the Righteous will have the same cooldown. This will allow Protection to fill in almost every gap in the rotation and not be waiting so long on every cooldown, which should help the rotation feel more active. It will also allow Inquisition and Shield of the Righteous to sometimes be up at the same time. That change is pretty significant and will no doubt invite all sorts of theorycrafting on the right way to manage Holy Power. We still have additional grave concerns that once paladins can have both Inquisition and Shield of the Righteous up simultaneously that they will feel underpowered and therefore frustrated whenever they lack sufficient Holy Power for 100% uptime on both. We'll just have to see how that feels.

While we still think an off the GCD interrupt isn't an essential tool for a tank, we also don't think it's going to break anything for paladins to have one either. Our eventual solution is to let Vindication's ability to let HoJ interrupt also take HoJ off of the global cooldown. That change will require new tech, so it's not something you're likely to see anytime soon, but you can know that it's in our long term plans. Again, we don't think the interrupt issue is a critical problem that must be solved today. The rotation one in the previous paragraph is a bigger deal.

I have to add the standard no promises clause to all of the above, because I have learned that I need to do that. (Source)

I'm sorry I disagree with people here, but I don't like bieng GCD locked, its not fun, its not a test of skill, its a test of your ability to get your rotation into muscle memory and alternate CS with other abilities. I see no reason that cast random doesn't fill in the second half of our rotation as it stands...
We agree, Llowelyn. Our hope is that the changes I described above still provide some gaps without crossing the line into too many unpredictable gaps, which is it how it felt for a lot of paladins. I do have concerns that several months from now we're going to see "Stop making me use Judgement! I don't have the GCDs to use it, and I CAN'T delay Crusader Strike, or I am missing out on Holy Power generation and my threat goes to pot!" (Source)

We like Inquisition as an ability for Protection. It means that all your Holy Power doesn't automatically go to Shield of the Righteous. You might sometimes be able to have both layered now. That was a concern we had, but it also may prove interesting as long as one isn't always the right choice and as long as paladins don't start complaining when they don't have enough Holy Power generation to always power both. (Source)

Hammer of the Righteous/Crusader Strike Cooldown
Crusader Strike - 3 sec cooldown. Hammer of the Righteous - 3 sec cooldown. Cooldown shared for both. (Source)

Hammer of the Righteous scaling
We realized that the AE portion of Hammer of the Righteous didn't scale with Vengeance. While it's true that Prot paladins gain some spell power, they get it from Strength, not the attack power provided by Vengeance. We changed Hammer to scale with attack power, which should mean it hits harder with Vengeance. That will provide some of the damage boost you are looking for. (Source)
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  1. toychristopher's Avatar
    Ghostcrawler's smiley faces are really starting to get on my nerves.
  1. Demik's Avatar
    I'm not one to complain, but raid testing is terrible. There will be boss strategies posted all over the web. Since for some reason, everyone is in a hurry to complete everything as quick as possible, they won't figure out boss mechanics on their own when cata is live. They will then complain that the content is too easy and get bored way before content patch.

    I usually support what Blizzard does, but I think public raid testing ruins the game. Guilds should have to figure out everything for themselves. Everyone is in a rush to be "better" than everyone else, the we never do the most fun part of the game, IMO. Working together and pulling that boss for the first time with no prior knowledge of what he does.
  1. Narshe's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by deplorable View Post
    you're either an idiot or.. no, you are just an idiot. Paladins have been having issues because, funnily enough, they've always been broken and blizzard thought they could improve on it with the "holy power" mechanic.

    Which just well it was a crap shoot. They've even had to cheat with retribution by just doubling the % increase for two handed weapons, which is just lazy for an increase in DPS. At one stage no Blizzard dev played paladin, at all.

    So they're not "thier little baby" quit making over the top idiotic statements. Or people will assume, like me, that you are, in fact, a complete idiot. =)

    don't just know your class, know every class. You'll have more fun that way and understand more about all the sides rather than just your own (which doesn't really matter, sorry but you're one of the masses; like me)

    Your opinion to Blizzard is non-existent, deal with it like the rest of us oh and please don't breed. that'd just be awesome.
    Holy Paladin nerd rage, Batman!

    I guess you dont play Rogue or DK, and arent used to going weeks to months at a time in beta with no feedback?
  1. bloodwine77's Avatar
    I can't bring myself to have any sympathy for the mega-guilds with thousands of members.

    Why would anyone want to join a guild of that size? What could they possibly offer?

    I have never been in a guild of the magnitude of AIE that has almost 6800 members, but could you even see the entire roster in your UI? Would guild chat stream so quickly that it'd appear to be the matrix?
  1. netwar_'s Avatar
    So much emphase on paladins, not enough on others... specially shamans, or specificaly enhance shamans.

    GC is sold.

    And for those who says its because the class has changed a lot, ask hunters, they changed as much and they didnt get so much attention from GC.
  1. Rukari's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by isendims View Post
    It is not on the box, I'm looking at it right now. It also doesn't mention air-combat in wintergrasp that some complain about. The box I have is also from release day.
    Inside the front flaps of my box it says "Engage in aerial dogfights with flying mounts and new, gnome-engineered planes." and it has a picture of two gnome planes shooting at each other in front of what is clearly Wintergrasp fortress.

  1. LordKain's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by VincentWolf View Post
    Official statement from Blizzard is that goblins are fail? LOL so true (fits the rest of the horde well too).
    Wow....if you think that hidden easter egg is Blizzards take on the Goblin race.....

  1. Upptagen's Avatar
    raid testing on beta, nothing remains unseen untill the launch, so fun
  1. Seref's Avatar
    "Hunters changed as much as Pallys"? All hunters got was focus... And shamans are awesome they don't need much changing.

    As for the raid testing, I think its a bad idea... Inhouse is okay, but public raid testing ruins the experience/learning curve....
  1. Beastclawx's Avatar
    It says FA-IK not FA-IL.
  1. netwar_'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Seref View Post
    "Hunters changed as much as Pallys"? All hunters got was focus... And shamans are awesome they don't need much changing.

    As for the raid testing, I think its a bad idea... Inhouse is okay, but public raid testing ruins the experience/learning curve....
    You forgot something about hunters pets... and elem/resto shamans looks fun, but not enhance, not at all.
  1. nsctpsm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Izzykizzy View Post
    Asfor the easter egg,i watched the 'cinematic' over again and the scene skipped by faster than i could blink my eyes,let alone even read it spells out 'fail'. The guy who found it mustve slowmo'd through every scene to try and find anything special about it.
    Exactly my point... it's one frame. An easter egg, by definition, isn't usually something that people could miss that easily.
  1. Grimblake's Avatar
    lol, Nuclear symbol with fail.
  1. scaredandbaked's Avatar
    I cant Find the Damn Easter Egg
  1. Jinna's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nsctpsm View Post
    Exactly my point... it's one frame. An easter egg, by definition[citation needed], isn't usually something that people could miss that easily.
    An Easter Egg is normally something you wouldn't see unless you are looking for it, like a hidden menu on a dvd screen, or a message hidden in a single frame of a movie shot. They are not there for the observant. They are deliberately hard to spot, because their intention is that you actively scour the footage for it.

    Easter eggs are the 'where's waldo/wally' of movies. Go watch Star Trek (the newest movie) and find the R2D2 easter egg.
  1. Sledfang's Avatar
    Erm, the propeller was way too obvious to be an Easter Egg......

    Yes, obviously a three bladed propeller looks similar to a nuclear sign.

    It has nothing to do with the nuclear sign. Its really refering to the "FAIL" message.
  1. sephrael's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rukari View Post
    Inside the front flaps of my box it says "Engage in aerial dogfights with flying mounts and new, gnome-engineered planes." and it has a picture of two gnome planes shooting at each other in front of what is clearly Wintergrasp fortress.

    You can engage in aerial dogfights with gnome-engineered planes as a daily quest in Icecrown. Also, the box doesn't SAY it is Wintergrasp - just because it resembles the area, does not mean that it IS Wintergrasp and that flying mount combat is promised in Wintergrasp. Your complaint is not dissimilar from complaining about how this commercial isn't factual:

    What?! My gaming experience with this product was NOTHING like it was advertised! WTF false advertising, so illegal!
  1. videotape's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nsctpsm View Post
    Exactly my point... it's one frame. An easter egg, by definition, isn't usually something that people could miss that easily.
    This would be a valid point if an easter egg weren't exactly the opposite of what you're suggesting. It is a common mistake to describe obvious things as easter eggs. Easter eggs are well hidden. Not only is this clearly intentional (the chances are so small, we'd all be struck by lightning seven times before anyone managed to accidentally model a particle animation from precisely the right camera angle such that completely randomized orientations and distribution lead to a projection spelling out "FAIL"), but it perfectly fits the criteria required to earn the label of "easter egg."
  1. Cirque's Avatar
    Anyone else somewhat tired of the endless paladin blue posts? x.x Just wait and see what happens, I don't see hunters whine every minute either.
  1. jetaimaster's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cirque View Post
    Anyone else somewhat tired of the endless paladin blue posts? x.x Just wait and see what happens, I don't see hunters whine every minute either.
    Paladins are the most played class. They will be heard first. Basic business practice.

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