Cataclysm Companion Pets Preview
I finally have enough data from the beta to post a decent preview of companion pets introduced in the expansion! This might not be the final list but it's much more impressive than the first one I posted a few weeks ago, I think we had 3 pets back then. And well, you could always visit Warcraftpets, Breanni is nice.

Achievements Rewards
A couple of achievements will reward you with new pets, most of them are Guild Achievements unlocking the ability to purchase these pets for gold in the guild reward panel, assuming you have enough reputation with your guild.

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Professions get a fair amount of pets in this expansion, if your plan is to get absolutely all the pet you will probably have to learn and drop a couple of professions.

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Quest Rewards
A couple of pets are rewarded through quests, including the super awesome Sunflower.

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If a pet cannot fit in one of the category above, it's most likely here!

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Real Life Events
Two pets are tied to real life events, you probably already know about them.

  • Deathy is the Blizzcon 2010 pet, rewarded for attending the Blizzcon or buying the Stream.
  • Lil' Deathwing is the Cataclysm Collector's Edition reward.

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The drop locations of these pets is still unknown.

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Hardboiled Egg
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Fox Kit
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Landro's Lil XT
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Rumbling Rockling
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Swirling Stormling
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Whirling Waveling

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Swipe Nerf / Thunderclap and Tank Threat boost
We had already nerfed Swipe before I saw this conversation, because it was pretty far out in front of other tank AE dps. Thunder Clap's coefficient is something like 0.10 and that could probably be 0.20, which would bring it more in line.

We are also talking a lot about just buffing tank threat across the board, because we've heard a lot recently that it's still too twitchy. (Source)

Tanking classes cannot AE Tank anymore
That actually isn't an intended change. We don't want AE healing to be trivial. I'll use some examples:

A) Pile of 20 whelps. Go ahead and AE tank this and ask your dps to AE too. You probably don't even need Shield Slam.

B) One giant. I wouldn't use Thunder Clap at all on this, except as needed to keep the debuff up. We want Thunder Clap to be terrible for holding single targets. (I don't think many tanks would argue this point.)

C) A pack of 4 targets that you plan to burn down one at a time. Here is the biggest point of contention. Thunder Clap should be fine for establishing initial aggro (though Shockwave will be better), and it should be fine for keeping add #3 off of the healer. But you should feel like you have to go to town with single target abilities on add #1 that the dps are all focused on. Then you should switch attention to add #2. In Lich King, it was too easy to just hold this whole group with Thunder Clap spam, and to be fair, the dps would just AE as well.

D) The same pack as in C, but this time you decide to CC add #3 and #4. In this case, you should be able to live fine without Thunder Clap at all (unless you really need the debuff). (Source)

[...] Right. If you are trying to AE tank and a bad dps is attacking the wrong target and dies, we call that justice. If you are trying to AE tank and a healer pulls aggo, then threat generation is just too low and we need to buff it. (Source)

Druid (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Cannot macro Lifebloom while in Tree of Life on Beta
This is a (dumb) limitation of our macro system, where it gets confused if you have two spells with the same name. In this case, the Tree of Life Lifebloom is actually a different spell than normal Lifebloom. The macro tries to cast (normal) Lifebloom, sees that you can't because it isn't allowed in Tree of Life, and just bails. Lifebloom is not the only spell in this category.

We understand why this is bad and are working on a fix. (Source)

Official Wallpaper
The official website has been updated with a very nice wallpaper.

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  1. stressball's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Winnie View Post
    Oh wahhh get over it
    Excuse me for having an eye for quality and details.
  1. Doktor Faustus's Avatar
    Arg... gotta catch 'em all noooooooo
  1. Bunnysniper's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hexme View Post
    Nice wallpaper, also i bet probably everyone and their mom is gonna pick up Archaeology now :P
    Well yeah, seeing as Archeology is a secondary profession like cooking/fishing and first aid...

    On a different note... ARGH!!! wanted the bunny on my main who's not an engi... not re-resetting profs again but dangit want the bunny!
  1. reve's Avatar
    While on subject of pets, isnt there supposed to be a JWC exclusive pet too?
  1. Bright's Avatar
    Can't wait to earn these sweet pets...
  1. Mynax's Avatar
    Do want that Shale Spider pet, but im thinking its gonna be a pain to get
  1. vitabis's Avatar
    Hmm, that wallpaper, can it be some sort of a teaser for the new catalysm introduction movie? just a question
  1. Executz's Avatar
    I'm confused as to how the guild achievements work..such as for example United Nations raise 55 reputations to exhalted. Is it based on reputation earned after the expansion is launched within guild raids or is it just individuals in the guild totaling 55 or more exhalted factions once again for reputation earned after the launch? As that would mean getting the achiev as soon as they become active?

    Pretty sure its a silly question but y confuzzled..
  1. pbean's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nathanyel View Post
    Er what? Rare drop from a rare? I hope it's a 100% drop from that rare... or at least BoE.

    Yes! Let's not make things hard to get! Let's just make everything fairly easy to get! That's way better!

    Not. >_>

    10% from a rare spawn would be nice. At least then it's unique and awesome and hard to get.
  1. Vashdakari's Avatar
    Cool Pets? Check
    Cool Wallpaper? Check
    LoL Feedback? Double Check

    All i can do is lol at Ghostcrawler trying to explain how the new tanking mechanic is going to work. I do welcome the return of old school tanking over aoe-zerg-fests; don't get me wrong. But if you've played long enough you remember a time when warrior tanks didn't even HAVE thunderclap available in defensive stance, and then it only hit a whopping 4 targets!

    The fact a dev is now sitting and having a little fireside chat with us to "explain" how its going to "work" is hilarious to me on soooo many levels.

    Seriously, how did we ever survive back then!?
  1. molinator's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by hotbanana View Post
    awesome wallpaper

    Love the tinge of gritty realism. I kind of wish the world in game looked more like that.
  1. UKace's Avatar
    Is the XT not just the one available to buy from the blizzard store? -
    (cannot make links as this is my first post..)

    If not then the implication from the name Landro is that it will be from the TCG Loot cards.

    Oh, and for the unidentified sources I would expect that both Goblins and Worgen are going to get their own vanity pet variety (as with cats/snakes/moths etc etc). I would expect that this is likely with the fox as they already have multiple colourations/varieties of these for the mob foxes and they are located in Gilneas.
  1. mstieler's Avatar
    Looks like my main is set to pick up all the Profession pets. Well, aside from farming up the Geode, but that's BoE so it's all good.

    And yeah, the Shale Spider thing, that's just wrong. Rare drop from a rare mob who you can't get to unless on a (randomized?) quest (from what I'm hearing).
  1. Seraphena's Avatar
    Oooh the shale spider and the fox kit are my favorites. I simply can't wait to collect those. I have the little fawn's salt lick on my pally and since I've made this priest my new main, I need to catch up on pets, mounts, and everything else. Also, great wallpaper!
  1. evonath's Avatar
    That is it!! I've finally come up with my "greeting" macro for future LFD runs!

    If you are trying to AE tank and a bad dps is attacking the wrong target and dies, we call that justice. - GC
    From the mouth of Blizzard's official voice!
  1. Toyoka's Avatar
    I love the Jousters reference I'm guessing we'll get the quest for one of those mini jouster pets in Deepholm.
  1. Archmage Arugal's Avatar
    There's a small series of quests in Darkshore that awards Withers, a withered grey version of the Darnassian Treant pet from the tourny. However, he's twice the size of the tourny pet
  1. Jokerjesus's Avatar
    Simple fix, put Empowered in front of every tree of life spell version, problem solved.
  1. Archmage Arugal's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Toyoka View Post
    I love the Jousters reference I'm guessing we'll get the quest for one of those mini jouster pets in Deepholm.
    They're actually in Hyjal
  1. superstargoddess's Avatar
    I am loving all of the new pets! I am also loving the GC quote of "If you are trying to AE tank and a bad dps is attacking the wrong target and dies, we call that justice. - GC"

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