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One of the most exciting PTR build is being deployed on test realms, the amazing amount of changes will keep you busy for hours, or even days, it's just amazing! (Note: I might be using sarcasm.)
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  • Suffering now has a 5 yards range, 10 yards radius unchanged.

World of Warcraft Reaches 12 Million Players!
"Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated."
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
IRVINE, Calif. -- October 7, 2010 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. announced today that the subscriber base for World of Warcraft®, its award-winning massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), now exceeds 12 million players worldwide. This milestone was reached in the wake of the mainland Chinese launch of World of Warcraft's second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King®, and also as global anticipation continues to mount for the December 7 release of the game's third expansion, Cataclysm™.

"The support and enthusiasm that gamers across the world continue to show for World of Warcraft reaffirms our belief that it offers one of the best entertainment values available today," said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. "We are as committed as ever to taking the game to new heights, and we look forward to demonstrating that with Cataclysm in December."

Since debuting in North America, Australia, and New Zealand on November 23, 2004, World of Warcraft has become the most popular subscription-based MMORPG around the world. It was the bestselling PC game of 2005 and 2006 worldwide, and finished behind only World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade®, the first expansion pack for the game, in 2007. For 2008, the World of Warcraft series represented three of the top five bestselling PC games, with Wrath of the Lich King finishing the year at #1, and in 2009, World of Warcraft titles claimed three of the top six spots.*

World of Warcraft is currently available in eight languages and is played in North America, Europe, mainland China, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Chile, Argentina, and the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

To keep pace with the continued growth of World of Warcraft as well as development on other Blizzard Entertainment games, the company is currently hiring for numerous open positions. More information on career opportunities available at Blizzard Entertainment can be found at

For further information on World of Warcraft, The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm, please visit the official website at Authenticator Change
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To help keep accounts as secure as possible, we’ve recently changed how authenticators can be used. Going forward, authenticators can now only be associated with one account at a time. No changes are being made to how many game licenses a single account can support. You can still have multiple World of Warcraft accounts under a single account, for instance, and all game licenses linked with a account will still be protected if an authenticator is in use.

Those of you who currently have more than one account associated with a single authenticator will be able to maintain your existing setup without needing to do anything. This change will only affect new authenticator attachments. But, if at some point you decide to detach the authenticator from any of your accounts for any reason, you won't be able to reattach it if it's already associated with another account.

For more information on the authenticator and mobile authenticator application (available for free with many mobile carriers), please visit
Cataclysm actually adds a couple of security features linked to the authenticator, you can now restrict guild ranks to people using Authenticators.

  • AUTHENTICATOR_CONFIRM_GUILD_DEMOTE = "%1$s can't be demoted to %2$s because that rank requires an Authenticator. Do you wish to demote %1$s to %3$s?";
  • AUTHENTICATOR_CONFIRM_GUILD_PROMOTE = "%1$s can't be promoted to %2$s because that rank requires an Authenticator. Do you wish to promote %1$s to %3$s?";
  • AUTHENTICATOR_GUILD_RANK_CHANGE = "This action would make the lowest guild rank require an Authenticator.";
  • AUTHENTICATOR_GUILD_RANK_IN_USE = "You can't set this option on a guild rank in use.";
  • AUTHENTICATOR_GUILD_RANK_LAST = "You can't set this option on the lowest guild rank.";

There was also another weird authentication added to the game files a while back, it might be for internal use only and I decided it would be safer to hide the phone number just to make sure that I don't make Blizzard very sad.

  • PHONESECURE_ENH_TEXT = "For security reasons, please call +x-xxx-xxx-xxx from the phone registered on this account to validate this login attempt, and enter your PIN as well as the following security code: %d.";
  • PHONESECURE_HEADER = "Phone Call Required";
  • PHONESECURE_TEXT = "Please call %s from your registered phone, and enter your PIN as well as the following security code: %s.";#
  • PHONESECURE_WAITING = "Waiting for authorization... %d";

BlizzCon 48-Hour Sale: Shop Before the Show
Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)
Heading to BlizzCon 2010? Planning to purchase some souvenirs at the show? From October 9 at 10 a.m. Pacific time until October 11 at 9:59 a.m., BlizzCon 2010 ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase select BlizzCon 2010 store merchandise online (while supplies last). Items purchased through this sale will be shipped directly to your home, giving you more time to take in the panels, tournaments, and other events at the show. To participate, log in to the online Blizzard Store during the sale hours using the account provided when you purchased your BlizzCon 2010 ticket (viewable in the buyer's Order History), and head to the More Products section. A second 48-hour sale for BlizzCon Virtual Ticket purchasers will be taking place beginning October 13 -- place your order by October 10 to participate.
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  1. TheDarkerPhantom's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zagnaphein View Post
    Gz! We are 12 million no lifers! Hazaaaaaaaaaaa! :P.
    You are able to easily write a java application that replicates a valid mobile authenticator. For this to happen there are 3 parts to the authenticator algorithm otherwise the code would be invalid. Two of the parts are easy to get the serial and the current time for Blizzard. The harder part which requires an infected phone or computer is the internal file that handles the "token" that is in a encrypted file. Because phones are unable to process huge algorithm and there is not normally a need to have a well encrypted file on a mobile device the file is easy enough to decode. In the end the hacker harvested the serial, and this token from somebody. They cannot access your account unless they have your username and password.

    The user you quoted made a valid statement but much of it was "incorrect" or allowed people to come to the wrong conclusion. They are unable to generate new authenticators they can only generate authenticators they already know about. They could have written an application to automate the harvesting of said serials and gather the required data I suppose but its still miss leading.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sterb View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Spoonman View Post
    Its a song by Rise Against
    No. Just no. The internet has enough illiterates already.
    I know poor old Mark Twain is turning over in his grave.
  1. TheDarkerPhantom's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sparkymisslecat View Post
    I don't think that would work. One of the posters above said it costs them $30 to get an authenticator in Canada because it is classified as an "encryption device" and has some kind of an import tax I assume? The same seems to go for other countries as well. If this is correct, it would raise the cost of the retail box by a lot.

    Also, they wouldn't be able to get authenticators to people who downloaded the game, and many people who already have authenticators would be left holding an "extra" one for no purpose.

    Perhaps instead Blizzard could include a coupon - redeemable for an authenticator - with perhaps a rebate for people out of country who have to pay for the added tariff? Dunno.

    Except any program designed to intercept ANY authenticator code means the account is already compromised. So using a phone emulator is a perfectly valid solution to those people with no other choice.

    Blizzard is meet the current demand for the physical authenticator because they are limited to the number of authenticators they can buy from the company that makes them. The company in question has customers with higher demand then Blizzard.
  1. neatlynx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Alayea View Post
    I know poor old Mark Twain is turning over in his grave.
    The only problem is Mark Twain said "The report of my death was an exaggeration"

    So they were right with Rage Against, more's the pity
  1. TheDarkerPhantom's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Leonora View Post
    An interesting observation I read on another forum is that this number of 12 million is not all that it seems. Apparently (I did not check it myself, so sorry if I copy too blindly ) numbers actually have even dwindled a bit during WotLK; the only reason it went slightly up again is because right now there is some deal in Korea where buying wow classic delivers a free month sc2, for in total a sharply reduced price. And, possibly, the lowpriced expansion in China. The question is how USA and EU developed over time.

    The same observation mentioned that during the rather casual-challenging times of BC, customer numbers grew pretty fast; during the WotLK period, numbers have stabilised or even dropped a bit. So despite Blizzards attempt to make the game more casual-friendly, the lack of challenge may not have brought Blizzard the result they wanted. If that observation holds and is seen by Blizzard, it gives hope that Blizzard will stay focussed on bringing some challenge back in the game, rather than listening too carefully to requests for nerfs.

    12 million active accounts is 12 million active accounts, just because there is a promotion, changes nothing.

    If you are unable to "check" yourself how are we suppose take you at your word.

    While it is not exactly a PR stunt it has to be taken at what it is, there are 12 million active accounts, the more interesting numbers are the number of inactive accounts that are not permanently closed.
  1. Alucard666's Avatar
    next year and with cata release I bet will more then 13 mil
  1. Alterno's Avatar
    But 12 millions doing what? some servers are badly in need of merge and the reeason we got cross realm lfg was because numbers were at it worst. Beta servers are ghost towns, or at least is what a friend who also got beta invite told me. The last time blizzard spoke of a new milestone in terms of subscription was about 3 months before realasing WoTLK, so I don't buy it, not when what you read is not what you get in live serves, probably they meant 2 millions not 12.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by neatlynx View Post
    The only problem is Mark Twain said "The report of my death was an exaggeration"

    So they were right with Rage Against, more's the pity
    That's not how I remember it, but oh well. *shrug*
  1. videotape's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Deathwee View Post
    You know with Blizzard making over 2 billion dollars a year just from player subscription fees you would think they could afford to forgoe only half a million dollars and just make the expac free.
    Multiply your "half a million" figure by about 1000x (that makes half a billion, since you appear to be numerically challenged.) That's how much Cataclysm sales will actually be bringing in, unless I missed something and they're selling it for 4 cents per copy.

    Let's see, 25% of your total annual revenue from services, all up front at once and on top of your regular revenue stream. Why would any business ever want that when they could instead make $0? Good point.
  1. Zokten's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Texar View Post
    I really wish people would read the entire article before they start posting nonsense.

    Well done Blizzard 12 million players with more on the way come Cataclysm. 15 million subs inc in December, its gonna be a green coloured month for Blizzard.
    We do all know why they reached 12 million right?

    Asia plain and simple EU+NA have capped out for the most part right now.

    Quote Originally Posted by lios View Post
    Gah, can't you read or something? It says right there in the press release which accounts are counted. They only include accounts with an active sub (or gametime). Not banned accounts or expired trials. Ofcourse they will count people with 5 accounts as 5 players, but that's inevitable. Still, there aren't that many multiboxers.
    Like a company has never "fudged" anything ever.
  1. Zeppelin535's Avatar
    Didn't want to make a new thread of this, and I know its not related to this particular news post. But Blizzard has changed their guild member cap from 600 to 1000.
  1. lunaspike's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by smrund View Post
    Except that XboxLive service is a multi-purpose service. You can download games, music, movies, buy accessories, and play hundreds of thousands of different games. World of Warcraft is a single service, a single game. If all 20 million XboxLive subscrivers ONLY played Halo, then yeah, these numbers would be comparable. Otherwise it's like saying KFC sells more food than a school bake sale, the context is totally wrong.
    Got curious about something and thought you would like to read this:

    Even if you only limited say the xbox live (and this is not including the microsoft live games) a typical usage for gaming is enormous. The market for a crossover game is certainly there. There are "supposed" to be a few games working on it, but if that will ever happen? I doubt it to be honest. Maybe I could see it for the ps3. I think microsoft is way to into setting themselves up as the "COMPLETE" electronic entertainment center. WIth movies/music on demand etc.

    You could say "well yeah, halo reach used in the above example is a fps. It has a much bigger audience than mmorpgs do and sure it will have a bigger player base." I agree, but then why would fable 1 and 2 still be so high on the xbox live activity charts per week.

    For those that don't know why we are discussing this in a WoW thread about their subs, it's just a discussion really about the explosive growth of entertainment. Movies are falling a bit in income because more people would rather pay 15$ to play online with friends. If that is through the xbox/pc or through WoW. Which is pc, but it's not comparable to say microsoft live games.
  1. lunaspike's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Leonora View Post
    It is a milestone, but the milestone comes much later than we once expected, and most likely also much later than Blizzard hoped. Is the game reaching its natural population maximum or is WotLK less appealing than Blizzard aimed it to be?

    I am not unable to, I was too lazy. But I just typed in 'growth of wow'; take the link with 'Analyzing WoW's growth by the numbers' and note that we indeed have reached a plateau since 2008. If you do not share with me the interest in the observation that the attempt of Blizzard to make wow more casual-friendly actually seems to have lead to a plateau instead of the in that link projected further grow... then I cant help it . I find it enormously interesting, since it goes against the implications Blizzard made end BC that their new policies would work better than making a game that strongly caters to the hardcore raiders.

    As others stated, most likely, trading authorities would be very strict with Blizzard if it ever appeared that they played with the actual numbers. So I would stop doubting the numbers. However, I find the discussion on the numbers logical since people wonder what the spin is Blizzard wants to give - and I think the spin may very well be what I referred to. Food for thought.
    Well there are things you aren't taking into account either. Face it free mmo's, games like gw where you pay for the game and that's it, and microtransaction games are picking up speed.
    1. current market, people may not like to admit it but the U.S. at least is in some serious financial trouble.
    2. Length of time. If you started playing say in highschool in when wow launched there is a real chance you are in college now and might be too busy to play.
    3. the numbers aren't calculating how many have been around since day 1, versus new players. MMOs just have a limited market, and they are all trying to get at that limited market.
    4. people may not want to believe it, but WoW does have competition. It's a simple fact. There are other mmos, and there are single player games that mix some of that. (take fable 2 for example, but also look at the huge success of things like the halo franchise)
    5. social stigma associated with wow. Let's face it, we've all heard about the idiot that left his wife and kids to play wow, or the guy who went crazy and never left his home etc. Some people do listen to those things when making a choice of what to buy.
    6. There is also the change in blizzard as a company. They went from a company that really seemed to care about their players, to one that will make fun of them openly and tell them their feedback isn't wanted or needed.
    7. WoW is an old game. Face it, by today's standards it is antique. The graphics alone compared to most games that are either out, or being produced will put people off.
    8. The community has changed. When I first started reading the forums before wow launched things were different. People were nicer, but now things feel so elitist. If you don't do this on hard mode with less than 5 players in 25 you need to quit at life etc. When did the game devolve into a penis measuring contest? Yet that's what it has become. I told another user on these forums goto any other mmo forums where they discuss different games and not just wow. Read what they think about the community here. Even a mmo developer recently said they don't want the numbers of wow because that would bring in the elitist community of wow. (I will try to find a link)

    Those are just 8,but my point is that you are trying to say "oh we don't have more numbers because of how blizz is trying to cater to casual players". You would be wrong, though that statement could fit into number 6. It's more likely a mixture of all of these, probably more number 1 than anything else. WoW has tons going for it, and it will continue to grow, but saying that it's slacked off because of things being easier is just more of number 8.

    I assume this is the one you are referring to:

    Scroll down that and read the first post. Also yours was a little misleading. If you look after the huge initial jump in growth you can see that from 06 to 07 growth slowed dramatically. It picked back up, but then slowed again, and this time kept slowing. They are talking in that article about wow reaching 13 million by the end of 09 but here we are near the end of 2010 and just now reaching 12 because of openings in the asian market.
  1. smrund's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Alterno View Post
    But 12 millions doing what? some servers are badly in need of merge and the reeason we got cross realm lfg was because numbers were at it worst. Beta servers are ghost towns, or at least is what a friend who also got beta invite told me. The last time blizzard spoke of a new milestone in terms of subscription was about 3 months before realasing WoTLK, so I don't buy it, not when what you read is not what you get in live serves, probably they meant 2 millions not 12.
    Beta servers are ghost towns because they aren't for playing they're for testing. And if you're not going to be testing then Blizz doesn't want you there. Sure, getting TONS of people in-game is a great stress test for the code, but that can be done on PTRs once the game itself is nearly finalized.

    Also: server merges are death knells in MMOs, Blizz wouldn't do it even if a server had one player on it. Not to mention now is the worst time to take a pulse check of how many people are playing. Many people like myself have reached a point in the current content that with the upcoming release of Cata, we don't feel there's anything productive to be gained in playing high-end characters.
  1. Argroth's Avatar
    12 million ACTIVE accounts seems like a little much too me. I can't fight it because I'm not gonna count each one myself but I think a lot of those accounts must be fake, or placeholder accounts or something or possibly they are actually counting many frozen or deactivated accounts.

    Although I guess the explanation of China makes sense.

    I find it hard to believe that WoW account numbers are growing... In my personal experience I have found more people quitting the game rather than taking it up recently (myself included).

    Counting American/Canadian accounts only I would expect falling numbers. people have put up with the same stale crap since ICC and many people don't want to fork out a subscription for the whole lot of crap they have been pissing out to tide us over. That and Blizzard seems to be more accessory-loving/money-grubbing/cheaper than ever with payed add-ons left and right (authenticator/mobile armory), needless money sucking only things like the pet store (at least the cards can stand on their own merit), and with small smay patches/useless 10 minute add-ons (RS-the new OS and the add nothing progressive Retaking of Echoisles/Gnomer) and brushing off promises like the Dance studio because they couldn't be bothered.

    Although I obviously see a boost in accounts for Cataclysm (I myself will probably crawl back) I actually kinda hope WoW will pass it's hay-day after that because of the horrible motives the company has seemed to adopt with all its power.
  1. Stoppable's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimanium View Post
    This is what turns me off most from getting an authenticator.

    It costs just shy of 20 bucks to get the damn thing to Canada. CANADA.
    Dunno which part of Canada you live in but it cost me $6.50 and arrived in 2 days. I live in vancouver.
  1. lunaspike's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Leonora View Post
    What you basically say is that you do think wow has reached its natural plateau. Maybe that is so - and there we both speculate since nobody knows - but for good order: I doubt it. But I bet Blizzard will not just accept that, so from their pov they still will try to get that ceiling up.
    Yes, I think it has reached it's plateau, and I agree that nobody knows for sure why. I tend to think the first thing, economics, is a huge part of it. I have talked to so many that just say "it was either play wow or not eat for a few days a week". Now I don't think wow is overpriced for it's value, don't get me wrong. I think we are just in a bad state economically in the U.S.

    I think they will try to get the ceiling up, I think a big part of that was the recent push into asia. They put lots of work into changing things just for their version of wow. So it's got to offer them something very hefty in return. Blizz isn't the kind of company to do something without a return, but then what money making company is?
  1. Senaelanna's Avatar
    I met a dude at the bar tonight who comment on my WoW hat. 2 minutes later, asian girls were sitting on me attempting to choke me with their tongue. I responded by getting their # and will continue monster pimping tomorrow night.

  1. lunaspike's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Senaelanna View Post
    I met a dude at the bar tonight who comment on my WoW hat. 2 minutes later, asian girls were sitting on me attempting to choke me with their tongue. I responded by getting their # and will continue monster pimping tomorrow night.

    I...must...resist.. GAH

    Cool Story Bro!

    I feel ashamed now
  1. Senaelanna's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lunaspike View Post
    I...must...resist.. GAH

    Cool Story Bro!

    I feel ashamed now
    Don't be ashamed. Go out tomorrow. Make up for wasting your life playing wow. EZPZ!

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