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Tier 11 - Models Preview
It's time for one last model preview of Tier 11 models, I have most of the sets fixed now and most of them should be very close to what you will have on live servers.

  • There are a few bugs with missing textures on male models, I'll have to wait for Blizzard to fix that.
  • Some of the models for gloves/boots might be wrong but ... well, it's barely noticeable and I probably got most of them right.
  • I added the missing belts on most sets. (Sets are still 5 pieces, we're just talking about non-set with matching skins here)
  • All the effects on sets are fixed.
  • Yes, the multi race screenshots / videos for each set / super awesome preview will be available very soon.

Death Knight










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  1. Favory's Avatar
    Compared to the rest which are vivid the last 3 are really dull. The shaman tier which imo have traditionally been the best or close to looks really boring and uninspired same goes for the warlock
  1. legendblack's Avatar
    in mi opinion warriro have a horrible set , blizz pls need more imagination whit create a set :S sorry but is a really , dk and lok have more imaginations , but other need more imaginations , sorry for mi bad inglis :P .
    w8 for Cataclismo
  1. tb545462's Avatar
    too many weird colours : \
  1. dkobeb's Avatar
    Meh Paladins :[
  1. DavidGX's Avatar
    I don't understand why the rogue set is so glowy. They're supposed to be sneaky.
  1. nishantjain's Avatar
    I'm sure different people did each class. Also, the people that did Dk's and mages probably teamed up. You can theorize this because both head pieces are skeletons, and the armor looks like it's being broken up, or like chipped rocks. One more thing, is that hunters look worse than all of them, even the bland shamans :P
  1. Guamyfig's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by xXsoftcoreXx View Post
    Deathknight is BY FAR the coolest looking set. Mage comes in a close second, even though it looks like they have an abscess the shape of a ballsack growing on their face. Everything else is ok, but not OMG HAWT.
    i dont understand how you think it is the coolest set, i admit, the shoulders are in fact, insane, but the head....ugh i dont even know what to say about it. it's just that, they definetly have the creepiness efect down and that evil look in there....but it still looks like a damn clown
  1. Tygera's Avatar
    Druid on worgen = awesome!
  1. Satanity's Avatar
    Not a good set for Warrior..
  1. revilfour's Avatar
    I know there is alot of diverse comments from other people on this fact but I like the idea of NEW gear. When I say this I mean gear that leads away from WotLK and into Cata. Furthermore im pretty happy with the druid and Dk T11, It's less like undead/ice and more like the elements. I think Blizz is trying to portray the world being changed in the aspects of the different colors and new designs that im shure were all going to grow fond of.
  1. EffectzOfTheNightfall's Avatar
    The Hunter one looks gay, Again! Woot for the Mages, Dks, and Warriors! But you cannot tell me, that the Dk T11, doesnt look a little bit to much like S8 Gear (Wrathful)
  1. Cartoon's Avatar
    Alright, I'm glad about one thing. The Warlock's tier 11 looks terrible for once! From as far back as I can remember they have always had an amazing set of gear that fits their class, but now they just look like everyone else but with "one" bent horn. I know alot of Warlock's that will be "un-clicking" the show helm option come cata
  1. spiderman91's Avatar
    Paladin could have been better imo.
  1. Strayer's Avatar
    Shaman set looks like it has nothing to do with shamans at all
  1. Elfgone's Avatar
    Really, ALL SETS SUCKS, i dont know why they do all armors too glowing, and colorful, really i prefer the T10 sets, better designed, and principally more sober. I'm DK, and my T10 is the best tier have i ever seen..., "I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS CHANGE!"

    With this..., and the new druid tree form (like a Winnie Pooh character), negative point to Cataclysm.

    This is MY opinion...
  1. Strayer's Avatar
    If you all remember back in the Tbc and Wotlk every First set sucked in a way if not to everyone but mostly then the 2nd tier in that expanison had more effort I think, not to mention the 3rd, Shaman T6 was the best imo
  1. Khalifa's Avatar
    HAHAHA check that amazing Hunter gear LOL
  1. hinklez's Avatar
    Warrior set pwns all others imo
  1. Osiria's Avatar
    Shame so many of these alternative colors never made into the game. Love the Warlock set, it's my favorite. That mix of green and purple was the best. /cry
  1. yoma's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Osiria View Post
    Shame so many of these alternative colors never made into the game. Love the Warlock set, it's my favorite. That mix of green and purple was the best. /cry
    Holy mother of necros, batwoman.

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