Cataclysm Raid Testing - Omnitron Defense System / Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Originally Posted by Daelo (Blue Tracker)
We're going to start testing a few raid encounters on all Beta servers this Sunday, October 17 at 13:00 PDT. Two encounters will be tested:

Omnitron Defense System in Blackwing Descent
Halfus Wyrmbreaker in The Bastion of Twilight

Blackwing Descent is a raid zone with an entrance located along the side of Blackrock Mountain.
The Bastion of Twilight's entrance is located within Twilight Highlands.

Since these are the beta realms, this schedule is subject to change at a moment's notice due to bugs and server issues. More raid tests will be occurring over the next few weeks.
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  1. blahssat's Avatar
    Awesome stuff! Got somethign to watch now
  1. driftefx's Avatar
    Ohhh nice. But they all play at the same time =/
  1. Rigroll's Avatar
    Whats PDT?
  1. Waff's Avatar
    Can you make it so that they activate when i click on one?
  1. PlatedPriest's Avatar
    do we have any info as to when they will start to play?
  1. Grubby's Avatar
    Gief Beta
  1. Fréyr's Avatar
    Isnt it supposed to have started already?
  1. Rushro's Avatar
    can't wait to see the Defense System.
  1. Kalx's Avatar
    Essence of the Cyclone
    321 agi and a chance to increase a lot of critical rating
    trinket dropped from Wyrmbreaker
  1. valdren's Avatar
    No sound (anymore)... but Mogi's stream is nice.
  1. Sirath's Avatar

    another stream
  1. bahumut5's Avatar
    I felt sad when they one-shotted Halfus Wyrmbreaker while obviously not doing as you were supposed to do
  1. Earthrage's Avatar
    BTW for all who dont know, the one with 3000+ viewers, his name is Matik from korgath horde side guild - darkness calls
  1. dotSeed's Avatar
    Thanks for making me need to install a flash blocker to avoid the four Xfire streams crashing my PC.

    How many times are we going to have this silliness of embedding multiple streaming videos on the main freaking page? Is it really that hard to LINK to them?
  1. Bonham's Avatar
    I'm a bit confused about the Wyrmbreaker fight... are you supposed to be able to free the enslaved dragons and use them? Is it supposed to be impossible to do unless you free them? And if so, how did they one shot it... D:
  1. penpen002's Avatar
    hahah neato! So messy
  1. stgeorge78's Avatar
    you're watching top 10 world guilds take on entry-level raid content, which they will master on the beta. then they will poo-poo all the "casuals" who go in for the first time and get roflstomped, while they've had hundreds of hours of practice so they can get the world first on day two. Blizzard needs to learn and just hire actual beta testers and keep this stuff under wraps.
  1. hurricup's Avatar
    killed defense system in 20 men
  1. DuoandKat's Avatar
    gonna be sweet
  1. Phibi's Avatar
    damn, too late =(

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