Cataclysm Cinematic Intro

Cataclysm TV Spot

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  1. Longview's Avatar
    oh god
  1. Kaneli's Avatar
  1. Switchshot's Avatar
  1. Fysi's Avatar
    I squeeeeeeed!!
  1. Kalx's Avatar
    beautiful =)
  1. ChildeRoland's Avatar
  1. Lastkaii's Avatar
    So, what do they plan on showing at the Blizzcon opening ceremonies now lol? Awesome btw.
  1. ytpride's Avatar
    aaaah! So exciting
  1. Seregon's Avatar
    Holy... shit!
  1. Shamslam's Avatar
    I came.
  1. lomboro's Avatar
  1. Cocoaisgood's Avatar
    pretty good, looking forward to it
  1. awake283's Avatar
    Oh. My. God.
  1. Buckwald's Avatar
    It's so pretty.
  1. Kalmakk's Avatar
    Fucking Badass!
  1. Alcotraz's Avatar
  1. Frozenbeef's Avatar
    omg omg omg omg omg
  1. B@nj0 P3do's Avatar
    one word.

  1. Jonkheer's Avatar
    our beautifull dam . EPIC!
  1. balir's Avatar
    That is why Blizzard should do a CGI movie. FRIGGING AWESOME!

    EDIT: WTB Full 1080HD downloadable trailer NOW!

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