[Raid Testing] Cho'gall - RIGHT NOW! 10/21
Looks like Blizzard doesn't mind spoiler on end bosses this time! Go go streams!
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Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0!
Blizzcon starts tomorrow and we have tons of nervous people on site to provide awesome pictures, coverage, and hugs. The event didn't start yet but here are a few pictures!

Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #0 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #1 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #2 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #3 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #4 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #5 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #6 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #7 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #8 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #9 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #10 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #11 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #12 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #13 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #14 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #15 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #16 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #17 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #18 Blizzcon 2010 - Day 0 #19

Class Specific Quest Removal
Originally Posted by Nethaera (Blue Tracker)
Azeroth is on the eve of a dramatic transformation, and as World of Warcraft changes, sometimes the old must go to make way for the new. Since the world elements that support them will be gone, many aging quests will exist only in the mists of the past.

In particular, there's been some confusion regarding lower-level class specific quests that can no longer be completed. Never fear: class mounts and abilities remain available via class trainers, even though the quests associated with them are no longer available. Also, there are several low and mid-level weapons, trinkets and robes that were once awarded via class specific quests which are no longer available and their associated quests have been removed.

We are looking forward to offering new quests, quest lines and rewards as players level through World of Warcraft: Cataclysm instead. For example, we plan a level 20 dungeon based quest which will offer weapon rewards appropriate to all classes. There will also be a similar level 50 dungeon quest which has a headpiece reward.

Finally, if your Blood Elf paladin missed out on the Blood Knight Tabard, then you should still be able to acquire one via a race specific version of the level 50 dungeon quest. Those of you hoping to pick up a Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers might be happy to know that the issues which were preventing the completion of this quest should now be resolved. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that even though this item is related to a level 60 quest line, that only level 80 characters will be eligible to acquire the necessary materials from the Onyxia’s Lair encounter. The good news for level 60 characters is that Nefarian has finally decided to grow some Mature Black Dragon Sinew, so interested players can complete the quest by picking that item up from him in Blackwing Lair.
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  1. tumaelso's Avatar
  1. THEORACLE64's Avatar
    gogo mass spoiler.
  1. Merru's Avatar
    hehe awesome!
  1. Phovos's Avatar
    Why all the raid testing on traditional raid nights ;[ ... o wait.
  1. Zplasch's Avatar
    Amg wheres the streams?!
  1. Deyadissa's Avatar
    Yay! Never have to do an annoying class quest again!
    Mass spoiler? The new chogall model was shown ages ago; what do you expect?
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    I want to join all the nerds there ;(
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    They seem to be liquidating WotLK stuff, lol. I mean really, LK's helm, LK posters, RotLK book, something that looks like chords of "invincible" track.
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    Here is one german group for Chogall

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    Yay for blizzc

    God awesome lich king helm
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    Do you guys have any sound?
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    no sound ?
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    Who is Alexander Grothe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zplasch View Post
    Do you guys have any sound?
    nope ;(
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    Cho'gall looks tough!
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    25 man chogal
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    A little let down by the merchandise this year. Was the gear from last year from the previous year as well?
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    QQ I will miss the epic Priest quest to acquire the Benediction staff. QQ
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    Did I see a Disc Priest Dpsing?
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    so when blizzcon starts? european time

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