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Someone just became an internet hero. Original Video / Reply / Blue Posts. Congratulations!

Arena Season 9 Models Preview
It's time for some PvP love! Just like with any model preview, you have to keep in mind that I don't have really have any decent way to check how the sets are supposed to be displayed in the first place and it always lead to a few errors (Mostly on glove/boots models). The multi race/gender preview will most likely be available when Blizzard finishes polishing the sets and actually deploy them on beta servers.

Death Knight










Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Paladin (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Divine Storm
We've been toying with a change to Divine Storm to make it more like Fan of Knives. Specifically, you could use it whenever you want, for mana, but it would share a cooldown with Crusader Strike. It would have nothing to do with Holy Power (unless Divine Purpose still applied). The idea would be that sometimes you're okay giving up the single target rotation of Crusader Strike -> Templar's Verdict in return for being able to use an AE attack every 4.5 to 3 sec. It's too early yet to know if this design will work out.

Divine Storm has a great visual and many long-time Ret paladins have a soft spot for it, so we'd like to get it back to more common use. (Source)

Shaman (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Searing Totem
As I said a few weeks ago, we're still working on the AI of Searing Totem. If we can chill out its latent homicidal tendencies, then we could consider bumping the range. Currently bumping the range would just infuriate your group leader more often. (Source)
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  1. Shadock's Avatar
    meh, since when do warlocks get to wear bright and colorful stuff? :/
  1. Nyxaria's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Geekissexy View Post
    Way to go Red Shirt Boy! =)
    he deserves this

    and please blizzard switch season 9 set with Tier 11. thx

    awesome samuraininjapirate :O
  1. dascylus's Avatar
    Ugh, the DK armor is making the T11 set look better and better by comparison.

    I'm more jealous that hunters get to look like Shredder from TMNT with an eyepatch.

    As for the mage armor..... can anyone say "generic"?
  1. Korluun's Avatar
    Death knight.... /droooooooool
    That AND the new tier is just.... Incredible.
  1. Thevilperson's Avatar
    LOL, nice one with the fact checker, Blizz ;P
  1. Blackheartt's Avatar
    Oh come on Blizzard!

    change the warlock set for god sake!

    it looks like Grandizer
  1. TheFlyingCorpse's Avatar
    Hahaha, thats kindly done by Blizzard! Now make a phat cow that goes on something called Taurine, aka Redbull aka Raidbull
  1. EntropyWarrior's Avatar
    Hunter and warrior pve and pvp gear should swap places >.> the PvE sets look terrible while the PvP sets look great, usually its the other way around lol.
  1. Yunru's Avatar
    Hunter pvp set it total win http://worldfamousdesignjunkies.com/...edder-TMNT.png
  1. Buu's Avatar
    Oh good, a nice Hunter set.
    Because the T11 looks like a crazy bum that wear every piece of garbage he founds.
  1. Soltsu's Avatar
    Rogues are getting ninja outfit ! whoooppiieeeee ! Looks 10 times better than PVE set =D.

    DK helm reminded me of Shao Khan =D And seems like we got Oroku Saki and Robocop too.

    Btw. Red shirt with suspenders and that hair, all we need is shades and we got Duke Nukem right there !
  1. CrusaderStrike's Avatar
    Question peeps, is it required for a pally gear to be always bright? I'm sick and tired with this in mind of the artist. As ret myself, most of my skills are now physical and only few are holy. FFS blizzard give us darker pally gear!!!!!
  1. Ironza's Avatar
    The Warrior set reminds me of the Robocop costume.
  1. Dekali's Avatar
    I love the priest season 9!
  1. Deos's Avatar
    Black warrior set ROCKS O.o first gear set ever that looks like a _real_ armor, made of steel and meaning to protect the body rather than fruity carnaval dress.. omg.. must.. have..!
  1. Sensa's Avatar
    in general, those pvp sets look better than the pve sets imho...sleeker, less ridiculous attributes (feathers et al), helms you might actually not hide and a little bit of skin showing (bare forearms etc).

    And kudos to blizz for sticking up for the red shirt guy...and all the internet jerks can go cry themselves to sleep now knowing their disgraceful conduct resulted in this kid getting the most epic gift from blizz, something they will never get or deserve.
  1. Chasingsol's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by greyghost View Post
    I thought that picture is a hoax....?

    It's real. Totalbiscuit is wrong. Valnoth is Alex Afrasiabi, the guy who was on-stage with Chris Metzen.
  1. Okaithul's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by skyesfury View Post
    I was wondering what all the fuss was about the Red Shirt Guy. After watching his video and the reply to it, I'd buy the guy a round if I could. It takes a lot of courage to get up in front of peers like he did. Especially with this community. Top that with pointing out a flaw in lore to the Loreman himself, Metzen and.... dude is a damn badass! Major kudos to him! I'm a damn confident guy and that's not something I could do.
    Seriously! takes guts, public speaking is horrible. So glad the guy not only got the fix on the lore he wanted to see, but got his very own red shirt guy toon! thats awesome. Nice to see the bliz development team giving the man kudos also. Raised my level of respect.
  1. Peklet's Avatar
    If it's not in the beta, who took that SC and where?
  1. Dace's Avatar
    LOL @ Wildhammer Fact Checker.
    Also hupefully there might be a nice change to Divine storm *looking forward*.
    But where are the soulders for rogues? T11 looks just too hideous, so I was very excited about rogue S9 and there are nooo shoouldeersss yet ((

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