Pet Store Sneak Peek - Lil'Ragnaros and Moonkin Hatchling
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They’re cute, they’re portable, and they’re coming to the Blizzard Pet Store. But before they arrive, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of our two newest companions: Lil' Ragnaros and the Moonkin Hatchling. As announced at BlizzCon, the Moonkin Hatchling will follow in the charitable footsteps of the Pandaren Monk, with sales helping to benefit a good cause. More details, including the availability date and specific plans for the charity partnership, will be announced in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned!

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  1. Korluun's Avatar
    Big head ragnaros. LOVE IT
  1. Ylera's Avatar
    Nice looking pets. I hope everyone who buys them enjoys them.
  1. Lupiz's Avatar
    Get ready for the "OMG WHO WOULD SPEND MONEY ON THIS!?!?!" crowd.
  1. Aberration's Avatar
    So incredibly cute.
  1. ruga's Avatar
    Ragnaros is awesome
  1. Mongoose19's Avatar
    Casuals will love them
  1. Higg's Avatar
  1. eulynn's Avatar
    Damn you, Blizzard. Why must you make things to cute and awesome and force me to purchase them?
  1. Alja's Avatar
    IT'S SO FLUFFY!!! oh and on fire! - I must have all three of these, they are so adorable my head can barely contain the cuteness of it all. I wonder what their animations are - lil' ragnaros should scream at us for waking him up "Too Soon" when you summon him
  1. dpm5075's Avatar
    So... awesome... moonkin hatchling...
  1. Hyle's Avatar
    meh I am sure people with the inclination to help the cause or those who are just pet collectors will welcome them. I'm not very big on paying extra for ingame stuff.
  1. keylime's Avatar
    Cuz if you are "hardcore" you don't collect pets?
  1. Nevad's Avatar
    Lil Raggy would be awesome to have but i would never pay irl money for a pet.
  1. katosjoes's Avatar
    Haha, is that Moonkin Hatchling flying, or at least jumping and flapping his stumps-for-wings? I MUST HAVE ONE!
  1. Soldan's Avatar
    lil raggy confirmed for awesomeness.
  1. Nejm's Avatar
    I must have them. Adorable pets
  1. demopolis's Avatar
    Lil'rag is not so little O.O
  1. goombatommy's Avatar
    I'll be buying both. Not just because they're cute and cool looking, but because I know 50% of both purchases will be going to a good cause. So its an added bonus.
  1. mmoc9b20886d16's Avatar
    i want these pets, badly. i think its a shame for blziz to put a price tag on them though.
  1. Kryos's Avatar
    My main is a Moonkin so I have to buy the Mini Me

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