Pet Store Sneak Peek - Lil'Ragnaros and Moonkin Hatchling
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They’re cute, they’re portable, and they’re coming to the Blizzard Pet Store. But before they arrive, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of our two newest companions: Lil' Ragnaros and the Moonkin Hatchling. As announced at BlizzCon, the Moonkin Hatchling will follow in the charitable footsteps of the Pandaren Monk, with sales helping to benefit a good cause. More details, including the availability date and specific plans for the charity partnership, will be announced in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned!

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  1. gringo's Avatar
    If you are inclined to spend your money on these pets, at least do humanity a favor and donate the same amount to a charity.

    If you can spare some money for ingame pets, I am sure you can spare some for a good cause (of your choice!):
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    Quote Originally Posted by LolToon View Post
    Lol, me furious about others having opinions? If this was true I'd lock myself away in a closet. No, what I'm annoyed about is people who think they know better than me because they don't want to spend 5 dollars on a bunch of pixels- yet they've most likely payed out a thousand in cash or more, to play WoW.

    Maybe it's the fact that evidently having different ideals is so ROID RAGE CAUSING HERE- seriously half the posts about the pets is less 'I dislike them and I won't be paying 10 bucks for either' and more 'Oh my god people are going to be paying/buying them, 'Anger Induced Explination of Why you Shouldn't Here'.

    If you aren't one of the people trying to scold, guilt or 'reason' with those wanting to buy the pets, why are you even replying, why did this post even strike you as offensive or pathetic enough to reply to, why are you even thinking it applies to you?

    And how am I the pathetic one? I'm not posting saying 'Hey, you people, you people who don't like this pet. Obviously you are penny pinchers and don't know how to have fun or relax, so why don't you stop playing a game you Pay2Play'. I'm more, fine if you don't like the pet, you don't like it.

    Yes I called out troll because I wanted to piss the people off more who were the ones I was talking about. The people who want to try and dictate my life, behind their screen. You know, the ones who posted that evidently 'people who buy this shouldn't be allowed to handle money'. Or others who would deem myself less of a player for daring to use some animated pixels that are different to theirs. Or spend more money than they are willing to spend and reap the benefits.

    So sir, it seems that you are either unable to fully read a post without yourself being pathetic, or you are infact one of the people I was talking about. IE they can't have so they think other people shouldn't have, or they hate it for a stupid reason, are disgusted by the fact others don't and want to trash them for it.

    It's my game, my life, my money. I'm going to play it how I want, live it how I want, spend it how I want. And if I choose to spend it on pixels, instead of worse things in life, then why should it matter to anyone here.
    Now see, that's a better argumented post than the previous one for which you have my gratitude
    Mix this one with the previous one and you would come over as a reasonable person with simple disagreements straight away.
    Off to work, nice day!
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    Lol, this batmon flightform looks both awesome and funny at the same time
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    Is the mobile authenticator working on EU servers yet? I cant seem to get to the security options on
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  1. furydeath's Avatar
    NO blizzcon code for me yet.
  1. Etheros81's Avatar
    oh gosh...i dunno what to say about that Batmon form.
    I think Shadow priest are the ones who should be able to turn themselves into bats cause they're like the vampires of wow
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    Quote Originally Posted by Argroth View Post
    You retard trolls need to get a job.

    Anyone who gets these pets are grade A morons with too much money.
    Your logic is flawed sir.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Lil' Ragnaros is pretty cool, but... I'm not going to buy it for two reasons: It's not a part of the charity promotional and considering how Cataclysm is going to be like WotLK was for color schemes, why torment myself.
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    that moonkin looks illegally cute! Lets pray to "(insert deity of choice and/or science)" that blizz doesn't make it the new moonkin form.

    damn them for finding another way to get more money out of me.... lol
  1. ignit3e's Avatar
    if they moon/star fired critters i woulda been sold haha
  1. Scathach's Avatar
    aye... im already sold on it
    but when do they release it! i want that awesome supercuteness now!

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