Are You Insane in the Membrane?
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It's a question you've been asking us for a little while now. And, based on all the posts, emails, petitions, and letters we received following the announcement that the Insane in the Membrane achievement would no longer be in available in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, we started to wonder if maybe we had gone a bit loco.

So, we went back to the drawing board. After carefully reviewing all the feedback and discussing the matter amongst ourselves, we're now happy to report that we will be making the following changes to the Feat of Strength:

  • Exalted reputation with Shen'dralar will no longer be required. As this is the only reputation that will be unobtainable in Cataclysm, we've simply decided to remove it as a requirement.

    For those who already earned Exalted reputation with this faction, don't worry -- we haven't forgotten about your accomplishments. In a future patch, we'll be adding in a separate Feat of Strength to recognize your deep love of Dire Maul.

  • Bloodsail Buccaneer faction reputation will remain in-game. Also, to ensure that this change does not negatively affect Cataclysm quest progression in Stranglethorn Vale, Booty Bay Bruisers will now provide reputation up through Exalted.

This will ensure that players will still be able to attain Insane in the Membrane and "The Insane" title in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Please note, however, that these changes will not take effect until The Shattering in patch 4.0.3a -- excluding the separate "Exalted with Shen'dralar" feat, which will be introduced in a future, but currently-undetermined patch.

And, of course, those who are already Insane in the Membrane will retain their title and current Feat of Strength. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.
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  1. Blayze's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Myzrael View Post
    No, reason why I did this was a rare title. Find me a single person who would do this whole madness of an achievement if all you got was FoS, without title, and i'll stand corrected.
    Me. It'd help towards the Exalted achievements and guild achievements. I couldn't care less about the title.
  1. SerenitySaz's Avatar
    I'm one of those in the masses who are incredibly excited to see this achievement/title remain in the game. While I can see the frustration of those who have managed to grind out/spend a load of gold for the Shen'dralar rep (they should probably be rewarded with something more than just a FoS, since even gold takes time to earn...a title for that rep would be pretty neat to see on those rare folks), it was equally frustrating to be someone who's been forced offline for several months due to computer issues, and prior to said issues I was too busy running a guild and raiding while also juggling RL to really get any proper work done on this. I'd someday love to obtain this title, but have simply thus far haven't managed to find the insane amount of time require to achieve it. Therefor, I am super happy that it shall remain obtainable come the expansion.

    As someone had previously suggested, why not tack on a few more requirements for this title come Cataclysm? Toss in a bunch of BC reps into the mix, just to keep it more of a pain in the bottom to get?

    Anyways, /cheer!

    (Double posted - this comment is also over on WoW Insider - because I'm lazy.)
  1. Shummy's Avatar
    All the people complaining about the Shen'dralar change make me laugh. What's REALLY disgusting is those of us that grinded our Bloodsail Buccaneer Rep to Exalted the hard way. Screw Booty Bay Bruisers giving that Rep now.
  1. BrendanBauer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Anandor View Post
    yeah and everyone that get this after 4.0.3a can get the new FoS "QQ gets me what i want"
    Pot. Kettle. Black. I think you're missing the fact that nobody was bitching about spending all the money and taking all the time, they were complaining about the time frame. In the new xpac, the only way Blizz could keep things together as far as story and this FoS go was to get rid of that one rep. If something crazy happened, and WoW ceased to exist tomorrow, all these digital things that make you feel like a special and unique snowflake would cease to exist and it wouldn't matter who did what when. Go drink a Pepsi and relax.

    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    Marry me.
    See, this alone should get you "The Insane" title.
  1. Willard_fatman's Avatar
    As someone who has the Rep Completed, If you want something else I Think a Perma Ogre suit? =P Its not a mount or another title. Just something extra.
  1. KCguy's Avatar
    Giving people a lame FOS is stupid. At least give people a new title or better yet even an ogre pet! Not sure if one exists, but if not why not? That will show people that you did it before it was removed. Come on Blizz!
  1. Ghrog74's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Praier View Post
    You've got to be kidding?

    No, this is not another "let-me-whine-because-I-just-wasted-50k-gold-on-an-achievement" post...I received my "the Insane" title almost 2 years ago. I didn't buy a single libram or diamond and leveled up a rogue to 60 just to farm junkboxes. And yes, all you "well goodie for you, just be happy you have it" trolls, I indeed was very happy with my title...only a handful of us even had it on one of the most populated realms. What actually kind of made me laugh was how every Tom, Dick and Harry started complaining about libram/diamond/DMF prices and how it was unfair because "it was something I always wanted to do, but kept putting it off". When were you going to start? When you weren't pressured for content? Oh wait....

    I was even fine with people scrambling to finish Shen'dralar and completing the rest of the FoS when Cata came out/when they had time (as I understand everyone's play times are different).

    But to completely take it out of the requirement? It is indeed a slap in the face to everyone who has 1) completed it 2) those who just spent anywhere from 20k-50k gold trying to finish it...based on Blizz's statements of it's changes and 3) those who sold all the mats they had been hanging onto for who knows how long because they figured they'd never be able to finish it in time...based on Blizz's statements of it's changes...

    The ironic part? Shen'dralar was basically what even made it "the Insane", lol. The rest is rather a joke.

    Whelp, to those have/are about to complete it, cheer up mates! We get our very own FoS (supposedly )!! ...without a title (for the moment) or anything to distinguish the "real" Insanes. Yep, "sounds like a good compromise" indeed

    Fake edit: to the trolls who will post about "epeens" and "it's just a game, nobody is unique" etc, I acknowledge and even agree with you...but this has nothing to do with either. The achievement neither awarded nerd points, nor made me "one-of-a-kind"...but "nerfing" a FoS is rather ridiculous, considering they're intended to not always be achievable.

    Just my 2c...flame away
    Right there with you bro, just finished mine finally a couple weeks ago and this announcement really ticked me off... if they went and made another similar achievement with another title and gave it to people that didn't get the Shen'dralar rep in time, that would be cool. As it stands the new FOS should include everything from the old achievement and maybe add the title "The Disturbed"

    hmmm, actually, "the Disturbed" would be a helluva comsolation prize.... Blizz, we may have an answer!
  1. Maeby's Avatar

    What would be so difficult about letting people still turn in the items in Cataclysm. Is it really better to nerf the hell out of an achievement that was cherished? What a shitty deal.
  1. Amebrindra's Avatar
    Imho the only rep grind that ever deserved a title as "The Insane" was those few that did bsb to exalted, thats freaking crazy. Personally can think of a few grinds that was harder than Insane but that was pre 1.6. heck you can buy half the rep of AH if ur lazy and the rest is easymode. Whats the achivement of that? Title reward suggestions instead of insane: "AH camper" or "Gold buyer".

    Some more fun grinding incoming at least, third time goblins on one of the chars to get bsb now, that will be great
    Cant say im suprised, but its still only some binary numbers in their databases. : ) And for those sad pandas think of the guys/gals that did bsb to exalted, might make you feel a bit better ;d
  1. KCguy's Avatar
    So tell this to me people. How can you call this title 'The Insane' when you can do it in half the time soon? It's pretty damn stupid.
  1. staudius's Avatar
    Well the thought of all of those people finishing that rep. is annoying to say the least..give the SHEN people an extra title so you don't throw loyal die-hard peeps under the bus..otherwise wow will suffer the same fate as Galaxies did...they Alienated much of their hardcore fan base in much of the same manner.
  1. atree496's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Taara View Post
    DAMMIT! I just sold all my darkmoon cards because I knew Id never finish it in time. CURSE YOU BLIZZARD!!! *grumbles and goes to the AH*
    Not bad for you. Because the prices were sky rocketing, you can buy them all back for cheaper then you sold them. So you still made money and will get your title. Win-win for you, (lose-win for those who bought them from you lol.)
  1. snakeeyesma81's Avatar
    Yes...cuz it would have been HORRIBLE if those who waited till the last minute weren't able to complete theirs... you almost made the title MEAN something. What about the masses of people that you're robbing of their ability to get their ZG mounts? That's a LUCK opposed to a lazy factor, considering you can get the title quite quickly if you put the effort in.... gratz lazy can take your time again...
  1. Auxis's Avatar
    Shine on, you crazy diamonds.
    That made my day.
  1. Ricecakedude's Avatar
    Cool. Sate the masses. The death of a once great achievement.
  1. Caerdwyn's Avatar
    I'm relieved that I sold 30k worth of Pristine Black Diamonds when I did. XD

    Though, I do feel sympathy for the people that paid for them. This just goes to show that you never know what Blizzard are gonna do.

    Will my Razzashi Hatchlings sell for 25k, or will they become obtainable from a vendor for 1g shortly after Cataclysm's release? These are the risks we take.
  1. Emile's Avatar
    After spending 80k gold on getting my Shen'dralar rep and now seeing this blue post, makes me a sad panda. I agree on the suggestion that for those people who have Shen'dralar exalted, they should get a tabard, title, or a mount. As this was the hardest part of the grind.
  1. zaphyria's Avatar
    Honestly Blizzard i hate you why keep this in the game i know several people besides myself that have farmed this hard and long to be unique like and spent huge amounts of gold on it and now ur just going to make it available to EVERYONE, why???
    Personally i think it's a piss take to us and i don't care what anyone thinks about it thats all it is to us hardcore farmers that u are doing this. What Blizzard really should be doing is to make a new version of the insane in the membranes achive and not just keep the old one, but Blizzard is prolly to lazy to do it i guess
  1. The72John's Avatar
    There is STILL going to be bloodsail rep? Does this mean that those of us who enjoy leveling will still be left at the mercy of assholes who slaughter questgivers all day long in STV? I was really hoping that Blizzard would fix this griefing-inducing crap. Well, good on you, dickheads who love to screw other people over so you can have a stupid hat.
  1. Tjacu's Avatar
    I'm also one of the people that got BSB to exhalted, the times me and jazzrik spent in badlands made me wanting to slit my wrist at times, and then it was shelly, omg shelly is a pain in the ass, for me jazzrik took about 1 and a half month of doing nothing than killing him while I was awake and home, and shelly I don't even wanna talk about, and now they are making it soo easy that I'll prob level a char to 85, and grind the reps just to give ut to him, heck a lvl 1 twink could now have the title, they should atleast add another hard rep grind.

    check list for lvl 1 twinks:
    Exalted BSB (easy)
    Exalted with Steamwheedle (easier)
    Exalted with Ravenholdt (equally easy)
    Exalted with DMF (YAWN)

    any lvl 1 twinks that wants this?

    Edit, realised that a lvl 1 twink can't get it because of the turnins, sadly enough, blizzard nerf it soo that I can give it to a lvl 1 twink!

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