Update - Added Thunder Bluff and Ironforge Screenshots. Also, keep in mind that you can get Tripping the Rifts very easily by defending cities now, see below!
Update - Yep, bosses are up! Go crazy kids!

Elemental Invasion Part 4 - We're under attack!
Things are getting serious and elementals are attacking capital cities!

Elemental Invasions
  • Guards will try to evacuate citizens, low level players can also use portals to leave the city before the attack.
  • You first have to deploy sandbags/barricades to help defending the city.
  • You will then have to defeat the elementals in all the districts of the city, Orgrimmar is damaged badly in the process and most of the buildings are on fire.

Tripping the Rifts Achievement
The achievement is now very easy to complete, all you have to do is defend the cities to kill the 4 types of Elementals.
  • Earth and Fire elementals are found in Ironforge for Alliance, and Orgrimmar for Horde.
  • Wind and Water elementals are found in Stormwind for Alliance, and Thunder Bluff for Horde.

  • After successfully defending the cities, you will get a chance to counter attack by entering the huge portal in capital cities (or using the LFD tool) to fight mini-bosses in 4 different instances.
  • The 4 bosses are Grand Ambassador Flamelash in BRD, Crown Princess Theradras in Maraudon, Kai'ju Gahz'rilla in Zul'Farrak and Prince Sarsarun in AQ20.
  • The bosses only appear at the end of the elemental invasion after you succesfully defended the city, you cannot queue for them all the time.

Twilight Bosses Loot

Level Type Spec Slot Name
251ShieldMeleeOff HandBarrier of the Earth Princess
251PlateHealWaistGirdle of Oblation
251PlateMeleeChestTectonic Plate
251PlateMeleeChestSalamander Skin
251PlateMeleeWristTwilight Offering Bands
251MailPhysical DPSLegsSacrificial Mail
251LeatherHealFeetFlamewaker's Treads
251LeatherPhysical DPSChestPulmonary Casing
251ClothHealChestEarth Bride's Gown
251ClothPhysical DPSBackCloak of Mocking Winds
251ClothSpell DPSBackZaetar's Deathshroud
251ClothSpell DPSFeetSandfury Sandals
251FingerMeleeFingerOld Gods' Blessing
251FingerPhysical DPSFingerSulfuron's Favor
251FingerSpell DPSFingerRing of the Three-Headed Beast
251NeckHealNeckPendant of Burning Spirits
251NeckMeleeNeckFlamelash Amulet
251NeckPhysical DPSNeckAmulet of the Centauri
251NeckSpell DPSNeckAmulet of Evil Winds

Twilight Bosses




Thunder Bluff

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  1. MUTEant's Avatar
    You don't have to defend any city to get achiev... I just did that destroying 4 vortexes and getting corresponding buffs in different locations around Northerend and Outlands... So it should even be possible to do with a low lvl char as those spawn in lvl 1-10 areas as well and elementals there have levels appropriate to zone. The only issue at low lvl may be need to travel to distant locations to find all 4 elements.

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