Moderator Recruitment Update / Off-Topic Forums
The review of moderator applications is now finished! It definitely took much longer than expected and we almost got 400 applications from users who wanted to help, about 40 of them will be accepted and promoted as moderator in a few days.

People who are accepted as a moderator will receive a private message from me with more details on what to do. If we refused your application please do not take it personally, we refused some of them for tons of various reasons, in a lot of cases good posters didn't make it because they weren't active enough on forums, etc ... I'm still glad that so many people applied to help on the forums and even if you didn't make it, your efforts are appreciated.

The increased amount of moderators will allow us to make sure that things stay under control on forums and should allow a couple of extra features that I couldn't deploy earlier without causing total chaos. The amount of users and posts on the forum increased dramatically over the past few weeks and I'm glad that more and more people are joining our little community!

During the next few days, the Cataclysm and World of Warcraft forums will be merged in a single category after the release of the expansion. Hopefully, I will also have some time to expand the Off-Topic forum section and I'll try to find a way to make them accessible from the front page. (Probably with a simple filter on the latest forum posts box, or something like that)

Also, if you want to see extra WoW or Off-Topic forums, now might be the right time to bring it up in the comments of this news post.

Season 9 - PvP Armor Sets Final Preview
Someone pointed out that I never posted a preview of the final models of the Season 9 Armor Sets, I'll probably have time to do multi-races at some point but I'm not going to promise it, I still have tons of work to do before the release of the expansion. (Also, I'm pretty sure the Rogue set is still bugged ... not sure if that's a bug on my side or not, can't seem to fix it)

Season 9 - Male


Season 9 - Female


"What Wrath players need to know to not suck at Cataclysm"
Daetur posted a very interesting post on the forums: What Wrath players need to know to not suck at Cata! I'm not going to front page the whole thing but you might want to read it if you're not sure if you will survive Cataclysm's raiding.

The Daily Blink - Mage Monopoly
I don't think I ever posted something from The Daily Blink, their comics are usually decent and I'll try to feature them on the front page more often in the future.

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  1. Simca's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew View Post
    I still don't think recruiting moderators from random people is such a good idea considering what happened last time... a huge increase in frivilous bans, double-standards on the posting rules, etc. I just hope they do it right this time...
    People are undoubtedly going to whine and complain because the rules right now aren't being enforced as strictly as they should be just because there are SO many users and so few mods.

    What happened last time (and I was around for it) was moderators actually started banning people and people were like "WAT!?! THSI SITE WARNS/BANS FOR IMAGE SPAM?! SO LAME. I NEVER READ THE RULES BUT THAT IS THEIR FAULT QQQQQQQQ".
  1. ShyneeThings's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bloodwine77 View Post
    I feel bad for paladins. Have they ever had a good-looking PvE or PvP set?
    T6 from SWP was decent. and please, T2? Possibly one of the most epic sets in the entire game!
  1. Tonystark's Avatar
    So has the number of accounts and people using mmo's web site increased since they closed the old wow forums? I personally cannot stand the color scheme and layout of the new wow site. It seems as this site has jumped in volume of users from what I can tell.
  1. Blitzkrieg Says's Avatar
    I'd love to see an international off-topic. This is a very large community with people from all over the would be cool to just talk to them about whatever. Although I'm guessing it will have to be heavily moderated.
  1. meringue's Avatar
    Not really a specific forum request, but It'd really like a mobile version of the site for us poor saps stuck at work with the site blocked from our LAN. Phone browsing is currently kind of difficult.

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