Update - Added November 30 hotfixes, including a massive boost to Gamon's already incredible power!

Blizzard Product Slate "Leak"
People are pretty excited about a new picture going around the web, supposedly a leak of the schedule of Blizzard's release for the next year. I don't usually comment that kind of things but ...

The image appeared on MMOGamesite.com, apparently this is an english MMO site based in China and I already know a lot of people will hate me for reporting that news. The document itself is probably a slide from an internal presentation to executives and/or shareholders, and seems to be 8 months old according to the date at the top.

Battle.net 2.0
  • BNET2 - Well, that's the Battle.net we now use on WoW.
  • BNET2MapMarket - This is pretty self explanatory, but I'm a little surprised by the timeline.
  • BNET2 3rd Parties - The end-game with Battle.net is as far as I know to compete with Steam. One of the best way to do that would be to use the new platform to distribute a popular game, and if that game was an upcoming Call of Duty title the Activision/Blizzard merge would suddenly make a lot of sense, right?

Starcraft 2
Nothing really new here, but I have no idea what SC2 Phoenix is.

Diablo 3
Target release date in a year makes sense. The 2 expansions aren't really a surprise but I wouldn't take it as a confirmation, that's usually the kind of stuff you mention in company meetings with the higher-ups to make everyone happy.

World of Warcraft
  • WoWMobile - Done/in-progress with the mobile Auction House and the upcoming extra features.
  • Cataclysm - Well, we all know about that.
  • WoW Brazil - Portuguese translation of the game. I already heard a couple of rumors about that and at this point I'm 99% sure it's true, this is one of the reason why I think this document is legit. (The 2 others being the TCG Game and Titan)
  • WoW X4 - 4th expansion in a year and a half sounds very plausible.
  • WoW TCG - TCG Game, this part will probably remind you of one of my old posts ... The Future of World of Warcraft: TCG
  • WoW Movie - I'd say the timeline is off because the document is a few months old, before Sam Raimi decided to work on other projects before the Warcraft movie (but I still want to believe).
  • WoW X5 - 5th expansion a year and a half later, nothing surprising.

Yeah, that's Blizzard's new MMOFPS and I might have hinted at that in the past but I don't have a lot of extra information about it and the release date is just an estimation. Don't assume that it will be released by the end of 2013 based on that document, it would be very stupid. (Edit: Titan is a new game by the way, not an existing IP. But I'm really not sure what's the plan with it, I just know that the FPS bit is most likely here to stay)

The document is probably legit, even if it's already a little old it still confirms and backups a couple of information I already mentioned, and mentions the portuguese translation for the first time in public. Don't take it as a hard fact and don't bring it up too much on official forums but I think it's an interesting piece of information.

New Forum Titles are here!
The new titles are finally deployed on the forums and I'm only a few months late! Hopefully it will make the regular forum posters happier and it will be an awesome opportunity for the 40 new moderators I will promote tomorrow to ban hundreds of people trying to boost their post count. See the list below, the post count required for the last 3 titles will remain secret for the moment, it's ridiculously high anyway.

0 Keyboard Turner
10 Grunt
25 Blademaster
50 Field Marshal
100 High Overlord
200 The Patient
350 Stood in the Fire
500 Mechagnome
750 Dreadlord
1000 Bloodsail Admiral
1250 Brewmaster
1500 Epic!
1750 Pandaren Monk
2000 Warchief
2250 Pit Lord
2500 Herald of the Titans
3000 The Lightbringer
4000 Scarab Lord
5000 I am Murloc!
6000 Legendary!
7000 Immortal
8000 Elemental Lord
9000 Over 9000!
10000 Old God
11000 Titan
????? The Insane
????? The Unstoppable Force
????? Merely a Setback

Patch 4.0.3a Hotfixes - November 30
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Here you will find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to the release of patch 4.0.3a. While many have already been deployed on all realms, some may not be implemented until the next time your realm is restarted. We will continue to update this thread in the days ahead as additional hotfixes are applied.

November 30
  • Gamon is now immune to all forms of crowd control, uses the abilities Charge and Battle Shout, and wrecks adversaries with his new two-handed axe.
  • Players should no longer be prevented from entering a Battleground for no reason.
  • Many loot tables for NPCs have been adjusted to provide the correct items and scaling.
  • The Alchemy bonus from Flask of Stoneskin now grants 120 stamina, up from 80 stamina, to keep it in-line with similar bonuses from other professions.
  • Many creatures in Uldaman were not awarding reputation upon death. This has been corrected.
  • Wrathbone Reavers, Wrathbone Sorcerers, and Fallen Warriors no longer grant reputation in Pit of Saron.
  • Players can again start the Thrall escape event in Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad regardless of quest status.
  • The temporary guardian Basalt Rockling no longer drops from Balboa in Azshara.
  • Magma-Lord Kolob in Burning Steppes no longer awards dungeon tabard reputation.
  • The rest area for Tarren Mill is now correctly located in the inn.
  • Golden Skeleton Key can no longer open lockboxes that requires a higher Lockpicking skill than 125.
  • Bronjahm should once again drop Heroic-quality loot in Heroic Forge of Souls.
  • Random, mean level 15 deer appeared in Teldrassil to the shock and awe of low-level players. They have been replaced with level 1 fawn.
  • Gunships in Isle of Conquest should now work properly when a member of the opposite faction is on the gunship.
  • It is no longer possible to bypass Fatigue beyond the borders of Dun Morogh (looking at you here, death knights).

Druid (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • All ranks of Lifeblood are correctly granting the amount of Haste listed in their tooltips and are no longer affected by max health.
  • Ravage! is no longer consuming Clearcasting when it is used, and is only benefiting from Stampede.

Hunter (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Trueshot Aura now functions correctly for level 39 hunters.
  • Hunter pets that were immortal can now be killed, flying pets no longer fly, and pets that were immobile after tamed properly move.
  • Beetle and turtle pet armor is now consistent with other Tenacity pet armor.
  • Qiraji Scarabs from the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj are no longer able to be effected by the Mutate Bug buff after being tamed.

Mage (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • When Freeze misses or resists on the first target, but is successful on another target, the mage will correctly get the Fingers of Frost procs from the target successfully hit.
  • Applying a damage-over-time Fire spell to a target that is being tanked no longer causes that target to face the mage.
  • The effect of the talent Firestarter will no longer stop functioning when Molten Armor has only 30 minutes remaining when cast with Glyph of Armors active.

Paladin (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Hammer of the Righteous now consistently hits all nearby targets, including those behind the paladin.
  • Hammer of the Righteous should now function correctly if used right as an auto-attack begins.

Priest (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Holy Word: Sanctuary was healing for too much when used with Glyph of Prayer of Healing. This has been corrected.

Warlock (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Demon pets should not be receiving the appropriate contribution of the warlock's armor.
  • Blood Pact is now properly scaling with the level of party members.

  • Dungeon quests for level 1-60 dungeons on Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor now reward significantly less experience. Read more about this change here.
  • The event for "The Battle for Darrowshire" properly resets after a failed attempt and the Relic Bundle will correctly trigger the event again after a failed attempt.
  • Soldiers in Northwatch Foothold, Durotar now spawn more frequently.
  • Players should no longer get disconnected if they attempt to share a quest that isn't supposed to be sharable.
  • Players should still be able to interact with Orgus after offering a drink for the quest "Let's See What You've Got, Zanzil".
  • Ranger Glynda Nal'shea no longer has a duplicate personality appearing in Lor'danel, Darkshore.
  • Satchel of Helpful Goods should be rewarded when players complete Shadowfang Keep via the Looking For Dungeon system.
  • "The Secrets of Uldum" can be completed.
  • Margol the Rager in Searing Gorge now respawns in a much more reasonable timeframe.
  • Plainstriders in Northern Barrens now respawn considerably faster to meet the demand of their demise.
  • "One Draenei's Junk..." and "Kum'isha's Endeavors" can no longer be shared.
  • The quest item Enohar's Explosive Arrows for the quest "Curtail the Darktail" can now only be used on Darktail Bonepickers within Blasted Lands.
  • Mounted characters can now proceed through "Rise of the Brotherhood" in Westfall without any complications.
  • Buttonwillow's Hand Grenade from the quest "Remove Their Arms" can no longer be used outside of Blasted Lands.
  • Golems at the Grimesilt Dig Site in Searing Gorge should now respawn at a more reasonable rate.
  • Players should no longer experience a client crash when accepting the quest "A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow".

BlizzCast 15 Now Available
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
BlizzCast 15 is now live! In this episode, we bring you in-depth coverage of the upcoming Cataclysm expansion and discuss everything from world creation to class changes to sound design.

In our first segment, we discuss world-building with World of Warcraft Lead World Designer Alex Afrasiabi and Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton. For our second segment, we delve into music and sound design with Composer and Director of Audio Russell Brower and Senior Composer of Music and Sound Derek Duke. Our third segment focuses on the voice acting in Cataclysm with Producer of Casting and Talent Relations Andrea Toyias. Last, but certainly not least, we sit down with World of Warcraft Lead Systems Designer Greg Street to discuss the class and systems changes in Cataclysm.

Head over to the BlizzCast page to listen now, or download it from iTunes.

Dungeon Quest Experience Reduction
Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)
We are applying a hotfix today to all level 1-60 dungeon quests for Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms dungeons which will significantly reduce the amount of experience they award.

While dungeons should remain integral to our evolving storylines, and great places to collect gear in cooperative environments, we need to make sure each player’s questing progress remains relevant as dungeon quests are completed. In many cases we’re seeing players enter dungeons to complete quests, only to come out ahead of the leveling curve for the zones they’re in.

This change should allow players the opportunity to reap the benefits of running dungeons, while not outpacing the leveling flow from levels 1-60. At this time there are no plans for making any adjustments to dungeon quest experience for Outland, Northrend, and level 80+ Cataclysm dungeons.

You can find a list of all of the latest hotfixes here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/1232869

Dungeon Level Changes
Originally Posted by Daxxarri (Blue Tracker)
The Cataclysm has wrought changes to many facets of Azeroth and the dungeons found across the world are no exception. As many of the zones throughout the world now have new level ranges, the dungeons within their borders have been adjusted to match, and the items that drop within those dungeons have had their stats changed accordingly.

Here's a list of all 1-60 dungeons and the level range at which each should be explored, followed by the minimum level required for entry in parentheses.

In order by minimum level to enter.

  • The Deadmines - Level Range: 15-21 (10)
  • Ragefire Chasm - Level Range: 15-21 (10)
  • Wailing Caverns - Level Range: 15-25 (10)
  • Shadowfang Keep - Level Range: 16-26 (11)
  • Stormwind Stockade - Level Range: 20-30 (15)
  • Blackfathom Deeps - Level Range: 20-30 (15)
  • Gnomeregan - Level Range: 24-34 (19)
  • The Scarlet Monastery - Graveyard - Level Range: 26-36 (21)
  • The Scarlet Monastery - Library - Level Range: 29-39 (21)
  • The Scarlet Monastery - Armory - Level Range: 32-42 (21)
  • The Scarlet Monastery - Cathedral - Level Range: 35-45 (21)
  • Razorfen Kraul - Level Range: 30-40 (25)
  • Maraudon - Purple Crystals - Level Range: 30-40 (25)
  • Maraudon - Orange Crystals - Level Range: 32-42 (25)
  • Maraudon - Pristine Waters - Level Range: 34-44 (25)
  • Uldaman - Level Range: 35-45 (30)
  • Dire Maul - East - Level Range: 36-46 (31)
  • Scholomance - Level Range: 38-48 (33)
  • Dire Maul - West - Level Range: 39-49 (34)
  • Razorfen Downs - Level Range: 40-50 (35)
  • Dire Maul - North - Level Range: 42-52 (37)
  • Stratholme - Main Gate - Level Range: 42-52 (37)
  • Zul'farrak - Level Range: 44-54 (39)
  • Stratholme - Service Entrance - Level Range: 46-56 (41)
  • Blackrock Depths - Prison - Level Range: 47-57 (42)
  • The Sunken Temple - Level Range: 50-60 (45)
  • Blackrock Depths - Upper City - Level Range: 51-61 (46)
  • Lower Blackrock Spire - Level Range: 55-65 (48)
  • Upper Blackrock Spire - Level Range: 55-65 (48)

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
City Tabards and reputation in dungeons
If you are wearing one of the new faction tabards (e.g. Thunder Bluff, Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Ironforge, etc.), you will only receive reputation gains for that city/faction when in Classic (1-60), Northrend (70-80), and Cataclysm (80-85) dungeons. Outland dungeons will not currently provide reputation gains for the "home city" faction you are championing; this is intended.

Also, just as a heads up, if dungeon mobs and bosses are trivial to you, you will receive less reputation than if they are within your level range. This is just to ensure that players who exceed the dungeon's intended level range can still benefit from championing a specific faction, but aren't given a distinct advantage over those who are of the appropriate level and are unable to solo the content. This should also help encourage players to improve their reputation in dungeons more appropriate for their level, rather than running lower level content solely for the reputation (which isn't a bad thing by any means; we just want you to enjoy the content designed for your level range, too). :) (Source)

Aesthetic minor glyphs
We've enjoyed the few that have been made and really hope to continue on with them. A big issue is always time constraints, but the biggest hurdle is probably that we don't have the capability to alter spell effects directly with a glyph yet. The tech doesn't exist for us. Swapping out models, like the two you mentioned, are somewhat easy as long as we like the actual effect and want it in the game. Changing fire to be colored green though, while awesome, isn't as easy.

Some of the things you mentioned are certainly possible, some are quite like never going to happen, and some we just need the tech to pull it off. :)

We do indeed though hope to keep adding aesthetic minor glyphs. (Source)

Upcoming realm status page
The page itself has undergone some key improvements. Realms will now be sortable by status, name, type (Normal, PvP, RP, RP-PvP), population, locale (i.e. time zones: Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern), and current queue. Also, when you're logged in, there will be a separate tab that will display the most relevant realms based on where your characters are, allowing you to quickly reference the status of the realms on which you play. :) (Source)
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  1. vit's Avatar
    I am happy about Blizzard's decision on Dungeon Quest Experience Reduction.
    I was leveling up my druid and my warlock way too fast.
  1. Yomiko's Avatar
    Ugh, FPS...really? I really hope not and if it is it will NOT be the WoW killer at all. How can you kill a game with a completely different game? Not happening...There already is too many FPS multilayer games EVERYWHERE and from seeing the other FPSMMOs they don't do well.

    I really hope it's a RPG with traditional fantasy and sci-fi settings, and nothing like SW:TOR has going on. Also, people don't take things like a random graph to heart, look at movies that were supposed to be released YEARS ago (The Hobbit, etc) and how much it got pushed back. It's realistic to say we won't be hearing anything more about "Titian" till 2015-ish and a release later than that...
  1. Syndicity's Avatar
    Why plan past 2012? Stupid Blizzard. >_<
  1. Gusdoom's Avatar
    I hope blizzard will be very careful with the portuguese translation. To not use portugal's portuguese as reference, because it is similar to our language but not the same, seriously. There is some really bad translations within sc2 as far as I can remember, some made me laugh and others made me sad or shocked... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  1. mmoc5b3bf16116's Avatar
    Yay I am a dreadlord, almost Bloodsail Admiral.

    Interesting schedule if it's true
  1. Deployed's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Leinie View Post
    You mean a company like Bungie? You know, the company that makes Halo? The same Bungie that signed a 10 year publishing deal with Activision earlier this year for all future Halo games? The same Activision that merged with Blizzard? And the fact that the Halo MMO that was being developed by Ensemble Studios, then cancelled due to "company politics," until THE SAME DAMN MONTH (April 2010) THAT BUNGIE SIGNED WITH ACTIVISION was called, get this, Titan?

    Ok, I understand taking a post made by people in an official standing out of context, it's done to manipulate a conversation in your own favour, but why in Zeus's name are you taking a post made by me out of context?

    Here's the part that put's that paragraph back into context;

    Quote Originally Posted by Deployed View Post
    Also, since the project is around a year old minimum already, surely something would've let slip by now if it was a colab development. However, would Blizzard really trundle into the FPS market, with their first entry being an MMO version, without assistance from a company that knows what they're going with FPS games?

    It's all as plausible as it is unplausible.
    An educated person will see from the full paragraph that a) it's a hypothetical and b) is addressing BOTH SIDES of that thought.

    Also, Activision-Blizzard only have publishing deal with Bungie. Publishing rights do not give a company ownership of the product. Ubisoft, for example, are the publishers of SOE's Planetside in Europe, but SOE handled The US side of things. You see, SOE don't have much of a presence in Europe, so they strike a deal with a company that is already based in Europe in order to handle the distribution and support in european countries. Since Activision is a Eurpean based company, this is why Blizzard are now with Activision (because without them, WoW would not have been released in Europe with the support is has had at that time, another company would've picked it up instead, but considering how long deal like these can take (see the issues with getting WoW published in China as a relavant example)europe may have been deprived of WoW for a full year after it's US release).

    Bungie is a private company. Any development based interaction between two completely seperate development houses is a very difficult secret to keep. Which actually brings me back to what I was saying in the post you decided to butcher.
  1. TheDaemon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Deployed View Post
    Since Activision is a Eurpean based company, this is why Blizzard are now with Activision (because without them, WoW would not have been released in Europe with the support is has had at that time, another company would've picked it up instead, but considering how long deal like these can take (see the issues with getting WoW published in China as a relavant example)europe may have been deprived of WoW for a full year after it's US release).

    Bungie is a private company. Any development based interaction between two completely seperate development houses is a very difficult secret to keep. Which actually brings me back to what I was saying in the post you decided to butcher.
    Activision was a European Company prior to the merger with Vivendi? Since when? It was founded in the United States, and primarily operates in the United States, part of what made their merger with Vivendi Games(Which Blizzard was a part of) was the international distribution system that Vivendi Games and Blizzard had in place. I guess you can now say Activision-Blizzard is a European Company since Vivendi still owns a controlling(read: Majority, greater than 50%) interest in Activision-Blizzard, and Vivendi is a French company, but that is as European as they get.
  1. Deployed's Avatar
    My apologies, I was actually thinking of Vivendi. Which means I am actually making an assumption that Vivendi are handling the distribution of WoW in Europe, which I'm pretty sure isn't actually the case (because now that I am looking, I can't see publishing reference to Vivendi). Blunder.

    Edit: Duh, of course they wont be mentioned (Vivendi I mean). It was a really bad example. Should've left it to the China publishing example and left it at that.
  1. kingmob's Avatar
    1.5 year expansion release cycle? Where have I heard that before. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I'll believe it when I see it.
  1. TheDaemon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kingmob View Post
    1.5 year expansion release cycle? Where have I heard that before. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I'll believe it when I see it.
    Actually, that is a reason I'm inclined to not buy into this release cycle. In interviews/statements made leading up to the release of TBC(an expansion every 12 months), and again with WotLK they claimed that their target was a new expansion pack every year(which some took to mean "calendar year" rather than 12 months.

    Besides the fact that everyone I know that works in the Gaming Industry who I've talked to, and the people they've talked to within the gaming industry about this "leak" as well, have all come back with the response of "I've never heard of a gaming company having a single planning document tracking all of their projects, particularly that far in advance." As the risk factor on such a document getting leaked(as being claimed here) would be huge.

    It's probably a fake, somebody is trolling with great success.
  1. Voca's Avatar
    As if the Cataclysm wasn't enough, Boub actually went ahead and posted this pic!

    I saw it a while ago and I really didn't think MMO-C would put it up - unless you guys have a shred of belief in it.
  1. Blur4stuff's Avatar
    there will be at least 3 major content patches between now and next xpack

    it's not like cata is released and then nothing happens for 1.5 years
  1. bbr's Avatar
    Official or not, it does seem somewhat plausible.
  1. Tang's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dvaldin View Post
    I think the most interesting thing about Titan is that it's a MMO First Person Shooter (FPS) style of play rather than an MMORPG (role playing game) like WoW is.

    I think the interesting thing is that people keep repeating the "MMOFPS" thing even though there's literally no reason at all to think that's the case. Blizzard hasn't said that or hinted at it. This document doesn't say that or hint at it. Where did Boub even get that concept from? If he's got reliable sources on that then it's much bigger news than a projected release date.
  1. Exorte's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mrgreenthump View Post
    has blizzard made a console game? yes, was it hugely successful? no

    same goes for bungie but other way around.. ofc one might have different definition what successful is^^
    Heard of Rock and roll racing or Lost Viking?
  1. Tang's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KidCracken View Post
    As i remember they didnt talk about expacs, they talked about a shorter time span between content patches
    Unless the plan is to do the same amount of content in smaller, shorter cycles, it's reasonable to assume that also means shorter cycles between expacs. Shorter cycles between expansions means they can sell more expansions over time. By itself, I guess their recent comments could be taken either way, but considering they've already talked in the past about shooting for one expansion per calendar year, 18 months between seems to be a reasonable internal target. IMO, the only reason we didn't see Cataclysm in that time frame is because of the massive old world revamp.
  1. Exorte's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Luph View Post
    I think the "MMOFPS" thing is just rumormongering really. Whatever Blizzard may say about their project, they fully intend for it to wholly replace WoW. Notice how there are no wow expansions slated after #5? The traditional fantasy / rpg elements work best with the MMO genre. Blizzard knows this. WoW wouldn't have nearly the wide-scope appeal it does now if it were something like Halo.

    This isn't to say the new MMO won't be something completely new and separate from WoW, I just highly doubt it will leave the RPG genre. Maybe edge out a bit on fantasy but it will probably still be an RPG at its roots. But that's just me.
    They haven't even start on Expansion 4 you expect them to list them all out? To what end of time?
    I seriously doubt they will replace WoW. Just like Starcraft wasn't intend to replace Warcraft.
  1. Etansel's Avatar
    Assuming we get to another two expansions, I'm throwing my naming in the hat: Using the shorter model (Cataclysm), next is "Emerald Nightmare" then "Sargeras Reborn". Using the prolific title, we'll have "Curse of the Emerald Nightmare" and "Sargeras and the Burning Legion". Either way after those two we're getting "The Fallen Hero, The Final March" and returning to Northrend to deal with the now corrupt Fordragon. Then we see Warcraft IV.
  1. anyaka21's Avatar
    It wouldn't surprise me if it is a true Blizzard document. However, that also does not mean that it's cut in stone and a guarantee. That may well be what Blizzard has roughly estimated as their plan for the future, and any company such as Blizzard will try and roughly chart their future and try to not have too many conflicts as to when their products are coming out. However, as with anything, all of this is subject too change.

    I like to use the "WoW plan" map thing that has been thrown around for years. Yeah it's been around and some like to try and quote it as gospel, some say it's fake. I usually fall into the catagory that I'm sure Blizzard made a plan a long time ago as to how they'd like their expansions to come out. And with all the hype that Warcraft has, all the history, Blizzard would need to have a rough plan for the future. But that does not mean that they cannot change the plan to satisfy a their player bases.

    It could very well mean that the next expansion is planned for 1.5years from now and gets released 2 years from now. Add that considering we had ICC about 6 months too long, maybe they are pushing up their expansion dates up faster so people won't get as bored as they have been with this one.
  1. galvin's Avatar
    I won't play a FPS mmo. Don't really care for first person shooters. Played them some in early 2000s. If it's a scifi mmo won't play that either. Scifi mmo's tend to not do as well as fantasy mmo's anyway.

    Since wow is fantasy based drawing in 12mil. They'll probably stick with fantasy since that's what works.

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