Updates might get a little crazy over the week-end as I push the final bits of content to get ready for the release of Cataclysm. Hopefully, I won't crash the site or kill a moderator, but if it happen I'm sure the guy who will replace me after I get fired will be as nice as I am.

Cataclysm Dungeons Pages Updated
I finally updated most of the Cataclysm dungeons pages to let you prepare before the release! If everything goes as planned, I'll probably have some extra time for the Deadmines/SFK pages and we might have a couple of strategy guides, maybe. Thanks to Marlamin and Simca for their precious help on these pages.

Leaders of the Alliance and Horde Part 1 - Garrosh
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
King Varian Wrynn, Queen Sylvanas Windrunner, King Genn Greymane, and Trade Prince Gallywix—these are just a few of the leaders who continue to shape Azeroth's destiny. They are the embodiments of their races' strongest traits... and at times their greatest failings. In the coming months, Blizzard Entertainment will be releasing short stories that will peer into the hearts of these legendary heroes and offer insight into what new trials might lie ahead as they lead their people in a world forever changed by the Cataclysm.

The first story of this series, "Heart of War," offers a glimpse into the experiences that have shaped Garrosh into the leader he is today: his heroic exploits in Northrend; his uncertainty as he arrived in the imposing Horde capital of Orgrimmar; and most importantly, his friendship with his mentor, the warchief he would eventually replace, Thrall. This tale was written by Sarah Pine, the winner of Blizzard Entertainment's 2009 Global Writing Contest.

Brady Games Cataclysm Strategy Guide
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Whether you're a first-time player or a Molten Core veteran, Brady Games' official World of Warcraft: Cataclysm strategy guide has something for everyone. The guide weighs in at nearly 500 pages and dives into the areas you want to know about most. It covers the playable worgen and goblin races and their starting zones, as well as detailed information on Azeroth's shattered landscape and all the new quests. You'll also find a thorough guide to the new level 80-85 content.

The Brady Games World of Warcraft: Cataclysm strategy guide will be available on December 7 at retailers that sell World of Warcraft strategy guides and at the Blizzard Store.

The Daily Blink - Solliden Farmstead
The Solliden Farmstead is hiring apparently! (From The Daily Blink, yeah, turns out I like these guys!)

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  1. mmocceab2b1884's Avatar
    Finally a perk of living in EU!
  1. jayhawk92555's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mfj1985 View Post
    The EU clock is wrong? It says 16 hours 30 min currently, which would mean eu servers come up at 03:00 PM CET monday, when they actually come online 00:00 AM CET Tuesday?

    Correct time should be same as US, as in 25 hours 30min from now.
    My countdown timer says 8hrs 30 min which would be 1201am pst monday morning, I thought it was 1201am pst Tuesday morning which means the timer is off by 24 hours. the timer should read 32 hrs 30 min right now.
  1. Zardoz541's Avatar
    In case anyone is wondering, no, they aren't getting the game a day early in Europe, something's more than likely just wrong with the timer.

    Oh... I see I've been beaten to it...
  1. frott's Avatar
    The Daily Blink really, really, really annoys me. Very bad design / graphics posing as a humor site. We have enough crappy design in the world thanks to the proliferation of cheap computing and (probably stolen) desktop publishing software.

    Please reduce links to their comics to summaries like you do with the much better, nicer put together comics. No idea why their poor design gets a massive showcase.
  1. mmoc4ce6953851's Avatar
    thanks for posting this nice conclusion. im not gonna spoil me too much though.

    i think its more fun to learn the instance encounters by yourself. but thats just me.
  1. mmoc26481ad533's Avatar
    Just to be clear - the game will be out in EU at 00:01 CET on tuesday 7/12 which is 15 hours and 8 minutes from now (which is 8:52 CET). So to speak :-)
  1. InfiniteDrakeMount's Avatar
    Worgen is both singular and plural. Worgens is incorrect.

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