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Cataclysm is going live THIS WEEK!
Cataclysm is going live this week! Players will finally be able to explore the new regions, dungeons, raids, fly in Azeroth, learn Archaeology, and do lot of awesome stuff! Thanks to Simca, Marlamin, Elyaan and Vjeux who pretty much saved my ass and helped me finish this news post on time.

New Raids
3 New raids have been added to the game: the Bastion of Twilight in the Twilight Highlands, Blackwing Descent in Blackrock Mountains, and the Throne of Four Winds in Uldum.

Throne of Four Winds

Bastion of Twilight

Blackwing Descent

Baradin Hold (PvP)

New Races
Two new races are available! The Worgens for the Alliance, and the Goblins for the Horde!

New Dungeons
7 New dungeons have been added to the game: Blackrock Caverns, Grim Batol, Halls of Origination, The Stonecore, Throne of the Tides, Vortex Pinnacle, Lost City of the Tol'vir. Also, two old dungeons have been fully revamped and are now available in a new lvl 85 heroic version: The Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep.

New Zones
5 new high level zones have been added to the game: Twilight Highlands, Uldum, Deepholm, Mount Hyjal, Vashj'ir. The Goblins and Worgens starting areas also have their own zones: Gilneas, Kezan, Lost Isles

Guild Leveling and Rewards
The new Guild Rewards and Guild Leveling / Perks are also added to the game with the expansion!

More factions added to the game!

Tons of super-awesome items are being added to the game, see the most significant additions below!

All professions have been updated with new items and bonuses. Archaeology is now available!

Player vs. Player
3 new PvP zones are added to the game: Tol Barad (Outdoor PvP, Wintergrasp-like), Twin Peaks (Battleground), Battle for Gilneas (Battleground)

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  1. Buckwald's Avatar
    Great work! I am intensely excited.
  1. CarnatiaSpiritfield's Avatar
    Dang it almost!

    AND YEA! So excited for Cata!
  1. zarbus's Avatar
    Still lame how the US realms are going live at midnight PST, which isn't realistic for half of the country.
  1. Xacez's Avatar
    Hell, it's about time!
  1. Strafer's Avatar
    EU is first finally.
  1. Phantoms's Avatar
    I choose you, giant front page of glorious Cataclysm info!

    Thanks for putting it all together, it's finally time to get down to business. \o/
  1. BondExtreme's Avatar
    Thank you MMO Champion team for all your hard work and dedication for this new expansion. It is really appreciated!
  1. Pumps's Avatar
    So you are east of Moscow for it to be this week, eh?
  1. supfresh's Avatar
    yeey finally
  1. mmoc6513cc48dc's Avatar
  1. lewis10123's Avatar
    boub you rock
  1. Uuker's Avatar
    Hell, it's about time!
  1. Jonkheer's Avatar
    It's gonna be an enjoyable week! Have fun y'all
  1. zmyth's Avatar
    EEE!!! so exciting. Good post
  1. pickley's Avatar
    Man, this last year and a half flew right by, anyone else remember Boub finding those Goblin/Worgen halloween masks as if it was yesterday?
  1. CaspianRoach's Avatar
    nice work, boubouille! thanks for being awesome
  1. mmoc83df313720's Avatar
    Nice clocks
  1. Marlamin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pickley View Post
    Man, this last year and a half flew right by, anyone else remember Boub finding those Goblin/Worgen halloween masks as if it was yesterday?
    Yeah, time is going hella fast!
  1. drsjohnny's Avatar
    oh can't wait to start lvling up right at midnight well maybe not right at midnight because i'll need to train my skills and get flying but after all that than yeh than i can
  1. xXCHAOSXx's Avatar
    So glad I bought my digital upgrade a month ago.. blizz getting hit so hard can't even go to the forums.

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