Cataclysm is now live in Europe
Enjoy. (And try to be nice with the login servers)

Also, an useful reminder. Binding your "interact with target" key and using it after doing /target "NPC Name" is your only chance to quest.

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  1. Narlya's Avatar
    no its not!
  1. palage's Avatar
  1. greyghost's Avatar
    The login servers demand to be pounded relentlessly by the people!
  1. Zarleck's Avatar
    Hardly surprising.
    Happy Cataclysm.
  1. Penn's Avatar
    Who's genius idea was it to ask the whole of Europe to relog at the same time? Fail launch!
  1. Archzz's Avatar
    Connecting.... Disconnected.... Connecting.... Disconnected
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  1. Nethraya's Avatar
    Seems that the login server is dead since the first second. so much to being nice to login servers
  1. Occisor's Avatar
    Wouldn't call this "being live" >.<
  1. lauryn's Avatar
    i hear blizzard is stress-testing the login servers tonight.
  1. cheezykrust's Avatar
    "You have been disconnected from the server."
  1. Blaze's Avatar
    Been zoned into BRC for like 10 minutes now lolololololo
  1. kliffharry's Avatar
    Connecting.. Success........................ 5 minutes later.............
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  1. rohendar's Avatar
    The way it works is that there is no server restart. But you are asked to reload the game entirely. 5 million european players all trying to log in at the same time = everyone stuck on connecting. Whoever came up with this launch idea deserves to get fired.
  1. Cherti's Avatar
    Connecting -> Success! [still waiting...]
  1. Yakobro's Avatar

    Blank Box

    Cata ftw!
  1. Shak14's Avatar
    Im in, no wait. Im not.

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