Update - Moved the Hunter Pets to their own tables and added maps for each one of them!

Cataclysm Rare and Rare Elite Monsters (with the help of Simca)
In Cataclysm, there are the standard rare spawns like there have always been. They drop blues and some additional gold and there are quite a few in every zone. However, there are also a few special rares that deserve a mention.
Originally Posted by http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/23128/thank-you-for-the-outdoor-raid-bosses
We agree with you, which is why these aren't outdoor raid bosses. A good STRONG 5 player group should be able to handle these bosses, but you certainly have the option to make a raid and give it a shot as well. Good luck.

1. 5-man World Bosses
There are five of these new world bosses, one in each zone. Each one has 3-5 abilities (Julak-Doom has a mind control, Xariona does void zones, etc), but they're mostly straightforward fights. Each drops several hundred gold and one specific item.

Note: The Whale Shark and Vaskar don't count because they drop no loot and aren't rare.

NPC IDNameZoneItem
50056GarrMount HyjalGarr's Girdle of Memories
50009MobusAbyssal Depths, Vashj'irMobus's Vile Halberd
50061XarionaDeepholmXariona's Spectral Claws
50063AkmahatUldumBelt of a Thousand Mouths
50089Julak-DoomTwilight HighlandsBeak of Julak-Doom

2. Special Rares
There are two other rare spawns that function in very unique ways, and both reward very interesting mounts.

2.1 Aeonaxx - Deepholm (Flying Mount)
The first of the two is Aeonaxx, who flies around Deepholm. The unique part is that you don't attack Aeonaxx to engage him. He starts out friendly, and then you right-click him to mount him like a vehicle. From here on, the fight takes place entirely on his back and he will erratically fly around Deepholm presumably trying to shake you off. The only source of damage to you in this fight is little whelp adds that Aeonaxx will call to his aid. When killed, he drops Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake.

2.2 Dormus the Camel-Hoarder
The second rare is even more strange. There are rare spawn Mysterious Camel Figurines around Uldum. When clicked on, sometimes these figurines will just disappear and leave you with vendor trash. Other times, it will teleport you to an area between Feralas and Silithus called the "The Steam Pools", which has its separate zone channel and everything. An elite will spawn called Dormus the Camel-Hoarder. The actual fight against Dormus is very easy as he doesn't hit very hard at all. When he is dead, he will drop Reins of the Grey Riding Camel!

The problem is, Mysterious Camel Figurines are extremely rare, already extremely camped, and not that easy to spot... I think you'll just never get this mount... Bah, ok, I'll help.

3. NPCScan to the Rescue!
NPCScan is an addon that will make your life considerably easier, it tracks rare monsters by proximity alone and completely removes the need of a /Target macro to check if a rare monster is in range. The thing is, Mysterious Camel Figurines are handled as creature by the game and using NPCScan to find them will work just fine!

The current version of NPCScan isn't updated for Cataclysm because the add-on builds its list of rare-elites by scanning the achievement, sadly there isn't any achievement to hunt rare monsters in Cataclysm. To scan for Cataclysm rare monsters, type /npcscan in-game and add their creatureID (left column in the table below) and their name to the list of custom NPCs to track.

NPC IDNameZoneNote
50409Mysterious Camel FigurineUldumSee 2.2 Dormus the Camel-Hoarder
50410Mysterious Camel FigurineUldumSee 2.2 Dormus the Camel-Hoarder
50411Mysterious Camel FigurineUldumSee 2.2 Dormus the Camel-Hoarder

That's how you want it to look (I deleted the pre-built WotLK custom NPCs, you don't have to do that)

3.1 Hunter Rare Pets
You can obviously use it to scan all the rares included in the expansion, for example it's incredibly useful if you're a hunter looking for rare pets!

NPC IDNameZoneNote
50051GhostcrawlerVashj'ir - Abyssal DepthsTameable (See the article)
50058TerrorpeneMount HyjalTameable
49822JadefangDeepholmTameable + Tiny Shale Spider
51403Madexx (Black)UldumTameable
51404Madexx (Blue)UldumTameable
51401Madexx (Red)UldumTameable
51402Madexx (Green)UldumTameable
50154Madexx (Yellow)UldumTameable
50159SambasTwilight HighlandsTameable
50138KaromaTwilight HighlandsTameable

3.2 Level 80+ Rare Monsters
Also, even if there isn't any rare-related achievement for Cataclysm it's always a nice boost of experience when find one while you're leveling alts. I listed most of them but a few are probably missing.

NPC IDNameZoneNote
51079Captain FoulwindVashj'ir - Shimmering Expanse
51071Captain FlorenceVashj'ir - Shimmering Expanse
50005PoseidusVashj'ir - Shimmering Expanse
50052Burgy BlackheartVashj'ir - Shimmering Expanse
49913Lady LaLaVashj'ir - Kelp'thar Forest
50050Shok'sharakVashj'ir - Abyssal Depths
50053Thartuk the ExileMount Hyjal
50057BlazewingMount Hyjal
50064Cyrus the BlackUldum
50409Mysterious Camel FigurineUldumSee 2.2 Dormus the Camel-Hoarder
50410Mysterious Camel FigurineUldumSee 2.2 Dormus the Camel-Hoarder
50411Mysterious Camel FigurineUldumSee 2.2 Dormus the Camel-Hoarder
50085Overlord SunderfuryTwilight Highlands
50086Tarvus the VileTwilight Highlands

The MMO Report
Hey, look, it's your weekly MMO Report!

Dark Legacy Comics #268 and Teh Gladiators #194 + #195 are out!

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  1. Shadowcrone's Avatar
    i wants te camel
  1. Cel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by drothar View Post
    and for those of us who put the effort into being in the know without getting lucky these first two weeks, that effort has been amounted to nothing.
    Once again, your effort is 5 minutes of googling unless you completely fail at web surfing. It takes me about as long as it does to hit my bookmark button for WoWhead and look up the rares as it does for me to click my bookmark for MMO champ and read the front page. If any of you think you put in effort in researching this mount, you either actually checked the code for specifics, or your effort isn't justified of this argument. How do you believe that your 5 minutes of a web search (something that is considered work now, what?) entitles you to something over another person when the original of intent of the rare/item is completely luck based is beyond me, and the fact that so many have this same view is scary to see how far broken people are.

    The mount is still in the game. Still has the same properties as before. Deepholme is a bottle neck in content and very many of the player base goes through there (82-84/shoulder mounts/and more...). Thing is, the chance of getting this mount negligibly changed due to this post. The only thing that you put forth that others may have not was not effort, but maybe initiative. I'll give you that. But even with that being the case, in my opinion, still does not entitle you to anything. You got your week and a half of less populated farming.

    And for the guy that posted before you. Sorry, completely wrong in your over generalization. The mobs are still rare. Nothing changed. Im fine with them talking about them on sites where they talk about WoW related stuff. Makes complete sense. That in consideration, I also like how Heroics are. No need of nerfs. People can down them, they are challenging and fun. People should put some effort in for their gear. (Effort = learning the fights. Practicing with others to smooth out co-operation. Effort in bettering yourself as a player. Thats great part of this game and shouldn't be lost to stupidly easy content. Effort does not = 5 minutes of google search). Bad comparison on your part.
  1. GravityDK's Avatar
    Thank you.
  1. Shadowcrone's Avatar
    was in org the other day, went afk for a min and came back and saw a flaming turtle covering my character. kind of freaked me out was like wtf!? then i wanted one.
  1. Turtlez's Avatar
    found a camel statue and got ported to the elite that dropped camel on first try! woo
  1. morgathoo's Avatar
    they updated NPC Scan with all these mobs
  1. zargan's Avatar
    well hunting these rares will be harder now but still will be worth it when u kill them
  1. Alexandra's Avatar
    I really wish they would have put in a new rare achievement.
  1. Repatriado's Avatar
    Nice, need to get Exalted fast to get my CAMEL xD
  1. Hablin's Avatar
    Anyone know the spawn rate on the camel figurines? I have been sanning Uldum for days, so tired, and no figurine. I know I am ina huge line in finding these littles guys and mabye I am not getting to them fast enough, but just wondering if there is a spawn timer.
  1. Freecandy's Avatar
    Lets lost some time on Eonaxx
  1. dioxis's Avatar
    :O i want a rare mount the drake is so shiny and cool!
  1. Benifico's Avatar
    been travelling days now in uldum with no luck
  1. Gagginz's Avatar
    Have Seen Aeonaxx body 2 times
  1. Stevenmr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cyfoeth View Post
    Is NPCScan /legal/? It seems to me it's automating keypresses. You don't have to continually do /target-ing?
    I'm "Fairly" sure NPCscan actually is more of a filter like program. As you probably know a lot of information is stored server side not on your computer. As you explore your computer downloads things like NPC tags etc. What I think NPCscan does is checks NPC tags as they come into your computer and are saved to your cache folder. If the NPC tag is a rare it will notify you.

    This is why you need to clear your cache folder every time u find a rare if you want to find it again because it can only "find" the NPC when it is being saved to the cache folder. This is also why NPC scan will falsely alert you (although quite often it will know it is incorrect) if a rare spawn pet is found as it has the same NPC tag as the NPC before it is tamed.
  1. Palaplu's Avatar
    please stop whining about "thx blizzard for ruining our efforts"

    It was all over warcrafmounts.com since the beginning of cata.
    most ppl knew about the rare npcs before, they just cba to sit there camping them
    same thing with Timeles Proto tbh

    good luck camping folks, although we all hate the feeling of getting an NPCscan alert and seeing the elite's corpse on the floor
  1. Deanisgroots's Avatar
    I just got my last cataclysm pet ^^ I now own Madexx, Simbas, Karoma, Ghostcrawler and Terrorpene and it took me 1 week without excessive camping ^^
  1. Insaniak's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    Now EVERYONE is going to camp Aeonaxx =D
    uh yeah i found him when i first when to deepholm on my lvl 83 druid. be jealous nerds.

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