Upcoming Class Changes
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We have a lot of players at 85 now doing everything from Heroic dungeons to rated Battlegrounds, and the class design team is starting to prepare our list of items to investigate for our next patch.

Before you dive down into the meat below (not really a pleasant image, that), be advised that we’re still early in the preliminary stages. The patch isn’t coming out tomorrow. I wrote this before the end of the year and other things may have cropped up in the meantime. Just because your class or pet problem isn’t mentioned below doesn’t mean we won’t address it.

We’re happy with damage overall. We have very few traditional tank and spank fights (even Argaloth likes to parry melee) so it’s hard to get consistent numbers without very large data sets. Still, we see Survival hunters and Unholy DKs on top of a lot of single target fights. Arcane, Marksman, and Beastmaster damage is too low. Retribution, Shadow, and Fire and Frost mage damage might be too low, but we’re still watching them. We aren’t seeing a lot of Subtlety rogues in PvE yet, so that sample size is still small. On fights where there is a lot of area damage, Demonology warlocks, Frost DKs and possibly Survival hunters are all too high. Shadow priest AE, mostly due to a weak Mind Sear, feels too low.

Healing in PvE is working out pretty much as intended. There are some Heroic dungeon bosses that are probably tougher than the required item level average permits. In general, you might have a tough time upon zoning into a Heroic dungeon with a bunch of strangers as soon as Dungeon Finder permits, especially if your group isn’t willing to communicate and work together. We want Heroics to be challenging -- if you want to zerg the content, stick to normal dungeons.

Tank balance overall seems good at this point in time. Threat seems to be in a good place -- good tanks don’t have much of a problem, but they can’t “phone it in” either. We’re seeing all four tanks get a lot of use, even on Heroic raid fights. That could change as more guilds are able to make serious heroic attempts.

The larger health pools, decreased impact of Mortal Strike debuffs, and slower healing are all having the desired effect in PvP. Burst damage has its place, but doesn’t determine the outcome of every encounter. There are several individual abilities that we aren’t happy with in PvP.

We’re keeping a close eye on dispels. We still like the design of making dispels more of a commitment rather than liberally sprinkling around dispel resistance or consequences for every class. Defensive dispels (removing a debuff) generally feel good, but we think offensive dispels (removing an enemy buff) feel too powerful, especially for DPS specs. In particular, Purge and Spellsteal will probably get nerfed.

We’re also looking at crowd control, interrupts, and self-healing in PvP. It’s possible we’ll reduce the durations of some crowd control effects, especially the area effect ones, and decrease the duration of interrupts.

Priests are a little weak in PvP, especially at mobile healing. We have made some changes to glyphs and talents to enhance their survivability and instant healing.

We also want to make sure the epic PvP gear isn’t too easy for just anyone to obtain, given that the PvE endgame content is more challenging than it was in Lich King. We don’t want the player base to just migrate to the most efficient epic delivery mechanism; we want you to participate in what you find most enjoyable.

We’ll make a pass to make stats that aren’t attractive (but are supposed to be) more attractive. For example, we don’t want Assassination rogues to dismiss crit or Feral tanks to dismiss haste. We are considering making some physical attacks such as Lacerate, Steady Shot, and Slam scale with haste.

Mastery is a new stat for us, and there are a few specs that don’t value it enough. In some cases (e.g. Combat rogues), the design for mastery is fine and we just need to buff the effects to make it more desirable. In others, we don’t think it’s possible to buff mastery enough in its current form. For example, the Retribution mastery, Hand of Light, is fun, but it doesn’t contribute enough damage. To make it contribute enough damage, the proc would need a very high chance, which then can cause paladins to devalue other sources of Holy Power. Instead, we are redesigning Retribution mastery to add a percentage of the damage of Templar’s Verdict, Crusader Strike, and Divine Storm as Holy damage (which also plays better with Inqusition). Because Hand of Light is fun, however, we are going to change Divine Purpose as a chance to proc Hand of Light instead of a chance for extra Holy Power (which will also remove a little of the randomness from the rotation). Unholy DKs are another spec for whom mastery just isn’t working out. Our current intent is to redesign their mastery so that their attacks cause more damage to diseased targets (in a similar manner to the Restoration druid mastery).

Some additional class-specific tweaks (keeping in mind this is not the full list):

  • We’re making some additional buffs, such as Pain Suppression and Barkskin, undispellable.
  • We think we overnerfed Every Man for Himself, and are reverting it back to a 2-minute cooldown again. We might evaluate other racials after we’ve seen more PvP.

Death Knight (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • We want to make sure Unholy DKs prefer two-handed weapons.
  • Necrotic Strike needs to be affected by resilience.
  • For Cataclysm, we changed Death Strike almost completely into an ability for Blood DK tanks, which is a bit unfortunate. We want to make sure it is still a useful button for Frost or Unholy DKs who need healing.
  • We also want to address DK mobility in PvP.

Druid (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Even after we fixed their mastery, Feral druid bleeds still do a lot of damage and are undispellable. We plan to shift some of that damage back to main attacks. They are also a little too hard to control. Given that they are already hard to root, snare, or polymorph, we think the fear immunity from Berserk is too much.
  • We’re buffing Wild Mushroom. It’s a cool spell that isn’t getting enough play.
  • Empowered Touch will now benefit from Regrowth as well. We’re also buffing the Glyph of Regrowth.
  • We are looking at Holy Concentration (after our most recent buff) and Omen of Clarity to make sure they don’t account for too much mana savings.

Hunter (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • As part of the Marks and Beastmaster buffs, we’re buffing Aimed Shot, Kill Shot, Chimera Shot, and Kill Command.

Mage (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • To reduce mage control, we are discussing reducing the duration of Frost Nova and Ring of Frost.

Paladin (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Censure will no longer break Repentance.

Priest (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • For Holy priests, we’re increasing Chakra’s duration and changing Surge of Light so it can now from Flash Heal and Greater Heal and can crit.

Rogue (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • We want to make it clear that Combat is intended to use fast off-hand weapons. We also want to polish Revealing Strike a bit.

Shaman (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • We want to make sure Enhancement shaman avoid caster weapons.

Warlock (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • We are probably going to remove Drain Mana from warlocks. It is incredibly situational in PvE but causes problems in PvP. This might mean we need to evaluate Mana Burn as well.
  • Inferno will no longer increase the radius of Hellfire.
  • Shadow and Flame can now proc from Incinerate in addition to Shadow Bolt.
  • We want to redesign Improved Soulfire.

Warrior (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Arms warrior burst damage might still be too high in PvP, while we don’t have a great way to adjust their sustained damage for PvE. The Lambs to the Slaughter talent is a good place to address this. We also might nerf warrior stuns.
  • We think Arms and Fury warriors are getting too much damage out of Heroic Strike. We want it to be clear that it’s a rage dump and not make it the hardest hitting ability.

“GC, is this the final list of changes? Does this mean I can expect no changes for my class? Does this mean you don’t care about me?”

No. This is some stuff we are looking at so that you’ll have some context if you see changes on a future PTR. The final list of class patch notes for the next patch will doubtless be much longer.

- Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street is the lead systems designer for World of Warcraft. He uses words like “potpourri.”

Cataclysm Hotfixes - Updated Dec. 27
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Here you will find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to the release of patch 4.0.3a and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. While many have already been deployed on all realms, some may not be implemented until the next time your realm is restarted. We will continue to update this thread in the days ahead as additional hotfixes are applied.

December 22 - 27

  • Graveyard Rats are no longer considered critters and do not give credit toward the Critter Kill Squad guild achievement.
  • Weekly guild reputation caps should now properly reset at the scheduled time. An error which prevented this reset from taking place if guild experience was earned at exactly 3:00 AM server time immediately prior to weekly maintenance has been corrected.
  • The achievement Saving for a Rainy Day has the same requirements as its predecessor Time to Open a Savings Account. For this reason Saving for a Rainy Day has been temporarily disabled (it will still show in the user interface), as it requires a fix via a client-side patch.

Druid (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • The heal from Frenzied Regeneration was too powerful and has been reduced by 50%.
  • Pounce now correctly shares diminishing returns with other stun effects.

Rogue (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • Cheap Shot now correctly shares diminishing returns with other stun effects.

Warlock (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
  • The Felguard ability Axe Toss now properly shares diminishing returns with other stun effects.

Dungeons & Raids
Blackwing Descent
  • Sweltering Armor is now properly applied to Magmaw's Mangle target once the debuff has faded, regardless of whether Magmaw was successfully impaled or not.

  • Mekgineer Thermaplugg no longer sometimes awards dungeon completion prematurely.

Throne of the Four Winds
  • It is no longer possible to disarm Al'Akir.

  • The Inner Eye proc from Heroic and normal versions of Jar of Ancient Remedies was not activating with some priest healing effects. This has been corrected.
  • The Signet of High Arcanist Savor and Gilnean Ring of Ruination now have proper stats.

  • Vashj'ir dig sites no longer unlock for players. They felt too punishing without additional benefits compared to low-level sites, and were much more difficult to obtain artifacts in due to the way Vashj'ir navigation works.

  • Stormwind Lobster Traps now respawn more quickly and can be gathered across all Stormwind quest phases.

  • The following reagents no longer have limits and are now available from Una Kobuna and Casandra Downs in unlimited quantities: Deathwing Scale Fragment, Scavenged Dragon Horn, Bleached Jawbone, Silver Charm Bracelet, and Preserved Ogre Eye.

  • Arena ratings are appropriately tabulating for wins and losses. More information on this issue can be found on our forums.
  • Negative amounts of Conquest Points can no longer be awarded after a match win.

  • Upon winning a rated Battleground, rating, wins, and Conquest Points are awarded and display properly.
  • Negative amounts of Conquest Points can no longer be awarded after a match win.

Tol Barad
  • Winning as an attacker now rewards players with 1800 Honor Points, up from 180. Winning as a defender still rewards players with 180 Honor Points.

Quests & Creatures
  • Gyreworms, Enormous Gyreworms, and Gorged Gyreworms no longer drop money or elite-level loot.

Tol Barad
  • Cell Watchers in the D-Block area no longer have boss-like immunities. Interrupts, stuns, snares, taunts, knockbacks, Banish, Root, Freeze, Fear, Horror and Death Grip all work correctly.

Twilight Highlands
  • Crucible of Carnage quests can no longer be shared.

  • The Unearthing Uldum quest achievement can now be obtained after completing 105 quests in Uldum, down from 108.
  • Players are now granted 250 Ramkahen reputation after completing the daily quest "Fire From the Sky".

  • The Luxscale Grouper's Grouper Bite debuff now has a 5-second duration and will no longer sometimes get stuck on characters.

  • Due to adjusted health pools, the heal-over-time effect provided by Blightblood Infusion (used by players controlling the Blightblood Troll) during the Overlord Drakuru encounter has been increased.
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  1. Vardjavi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Naoto View Post
    Ok seriously, removing drain mana, seriously? the reason I go affil for PVP is to controll people especially healers and you NEED to drain mana to stand a chance, without that all I have are dots that every healer can dispel and a fear they can also dispel, what's the point in affil then? if you remove drain mana you NEED to remove mana burn it's equally fucked up.

    Drain mana is important not only to drain mana but it also scares a healer away, now they are just going to stand there dispelling everything I do then what? what a bullshit change.
    ^^ This. Ofc you protect your dots with UA, but affliction warlocks don't need to get their toolbox contain even fewer abilities. They've allready taken away the Felpuppy selfdispel and given it to the imp, so allready you can't get your healer out of sheep...
  1. mmocbed85ea23e's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by zakayron View Post
    Finally some nerfs to SV huntards...
    can you tell me where did u see that ? Only thing i saw was the buffing part
  1. Vardjavi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Monfi View Post
    Awesome, why dont u make poly cast time 2.5 secs, remove cone of cold talant, remove deep freeze and elemental nova....
    - yes please

    But seriously, I see warriors admiting that their stun is OP these days, I'd say affliction warlocks are in a nice position with the large health pools, but mages... I rarely or never see a mage agreeing to the fact that you bring the biggest amount af control-abillities into PVP...
  1. Rifee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Argroth View Post
    Mage DPS being too low? and survival hunters being too powerful? this must be a joke
    Generally when people say "dps" they are refering to PvE. Currently, survival hunters are raping dps meters in every type of fight in PvE, and mages are falling behind mostly due to their class working around rng talents and being very crit dependant.
  1. Neurus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vardjavi View Post
    - yes please

    But seriously, I see warriors admiting that their stun is OP these days, I'd say affliction warlocks are in a nice position with the large health pools, but mages... I rarely or never see a mage agreeing to the fact that you bring the biggest amount af control-abillities into PVP...
    I agree with that, Mages do have a lot of control, but these days, where every healer can dispel magic, sheep being very easy to break with a lot of AoE “unintended” damage, and most classes having either a couple of ways to interrupt you or close the gap, Frost Mages have a hard time surviving any tunneled vision class (warrior/ferals/even rogues).

    This is not about 1v1 (Where a decent mage can probably annoy a rogue -and maybe a bad warrior). 1v1 is not important, even 2v2 is less, but still shows that if a warrior/healer wants to kill a mage, now he has the tools (stuns) to do it.

    In the course of the first 20-25 seconds (to say a number) a mage can try to stop an attacker (warrior, DK, rogue, Feral for example) by using (in no particular order) :

    Frost Nova,Pet Nova, Blink, Cone Of Cold (4sec frozen targets if talented), One Free frost nova from the Ice Armor breaking (they are hitting him anyway), The new AoE (RoF), ultimately IceBlock and Mirror Image.

    The problem with that in practice is that a competent dispeller will negate 5 of those (the Frost stuff including RoF, all negated by a single Freedom from a Paladin). Mirror images are raped by AoE (Bladestorm for example). Ferals are very hard if not impossible to properly root with Nova for more than 1 GCD. Warriors being dispelled are unstoppable (ask a shadow priest, LOL). Rogues? They need a dispeller (mutt especially) but they do so much dmg these days that unless your partner is really damaging “their” healer, a rogue will rape you.

    Now you could argue that a good mage won’t be “caught” in the trap and will be able to sheep the dispeller or silence him, and that he/she will have one or more partners putting enough pressure somewhere else (or peeling), but in practice balance doesn’t always come from “the perfect scenario” the perceived balance the game has, must come from things people do, not spreadsheets only.

    I believe good mages are OK, normal and bad ones will have more trouble because they will not know how/when to use their CDs properly to counteract for other players’ actions.

    I’ve been doing some 2v2 Mage/Feral and some teams are easy to beat, but as resilience goes up and rating grows, it’s harder to land a kill, *even* with a couple of sheeps, counterspell, Deep Freeze and clones.

    Mana pools that are supposed to go down faster (and they do) don’t go down fast enough, and there isn’t more “I global you” thing going on. So I believe that double-dps teams are going to be less frequent than ever, as only extremely experienced and geared people will be able to handle that. Think that as gear increases, so does damage *and* mana/healing pools.

    The hotfixes changes seen so far, all point to a balance in that, less “control”, shorter CC durations and more *controlled* pew pew.
  1. Argroth's Avatar
    Still not sure how they are getting the "Survival hunters are too powerful" crap from, it must be a case of the few representing the many. Last I few patches I saw all focused on making Explosive shot and black arrow as shitty as possible.
  1. SneakySneaky's Avatar
    •We think Arms and Fury warriors are getting too much damage out of Heroic Strike. We want it to be clear that it’s a rage dump and not make it the hardest hitting ability

    So if HS is suppose to be an agro dump what is Inner Rage for again? I have yet to have a chance to use it fearing I will become rage starved : /

    ---------- Post added 2010-12-29 at 11:47 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Vardjavi View Post
    - yes please

    But seriously, I see warriors admiting that their stun is OP these days, I'd say affliction warlocks are in a nice position with the large health pools, but mages... I rarely or never see a mage agreeing to the fact that you bring the biggest amount af control-abillities into PVP...
    Pfft you have a pet that has every warrior ability almost and your still complaining? They cant give you an " I win" button sry. You might have to L2pvp sucka
  1. Anuta's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by fangless View Post
    Halfus has one small AE section, which isn't even guaranteed to be there each week :P Most of the fight is on single target, so the DPS will be higher in the long run for Unholy.

    Magmaw is an obvious choice to look at to make a case for Frost AE dmg as a counterpoint, but there's an asterisks in that Unholy can't really get in to spread diseases as easily as Frost can with HB. Still, there are some parses in the top logs that feature Unholy, and they're still competitive at least.

    I still am of the belief that Howling Blast is the best AE move in the game right now, since it doesn't have any cap on damage, aside from pulling threat and getting punched in the face
    Actually, in the heroic version of HW the AOE is not a small section of the encounter. Review the logs. On every fight Unholy is ahead. Magmaw is a horrible choice to look at for Frost AOE damage as many guilds, such as mine, are having the hunters aoe the adds.
  1. Cows For Life's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tehfred View Post
    Nerfing purge pretty much nails the coffin shut for resto shaman in competitive PvP. Hopefully it's only for Enhancement and Elemental. If not, there's really no reason to bring one over a Holy Paladin. All other benefits of a shaman are already covered by infinitely better classes.
    You mean they just realized that Spellsteal and Purge were too powerful? It was immediately obvious to anyone that was playing once 4.0.1 went live. Playing my mage at the time, against any class that could dispel it meant I had no buffs at any time, period. By the same token, playing against anyone that had buffs meant that they belonged to me no problem.

    EMFH buffed again, does this mean you can use two overpowered PVE trinkets in PVP again?
  1. Rennadrel's Avatar
    I am curious as to know what they plan on doing with Howling Blast for Frost Death Knights. Yes, it's quite possibly the most overpowered DPS ability in the game right now and one reason would be that it can hit an unlimited number of targets. I think the damage on it is fine, mine hits for like 6k per target which is reasonable for an AoE and far better then the terrible AoE that Retribution Paladins have (Divine Storm and Holy Wrath are terrible for damage).

    I think they need to just set a limit on how many targets Howling Blast can hit, ideally 8 would be the maximum number of targets since it does use a Frost Rune. Of course they could also take it off the Frost Rune use and make it use Runic Power (ideally 10) and hit a maximum of 5 targets at the same damage level it currently does. Also doing so could give you the option of a free choice of Frost Strike or Howling Blast that doesn't use Runic Power which would be awesome. I think as a whole, DK's have a pretty good AoE setup as it is if you are Frost at least, Howling Blast is overpowered but we can't use Death and Decay in dungeons because it is a high threat generator and breaks CC so ideally it can only be used on single target bosses in Unholy spec. So it's basically Pestilence and Blood Boil which aren't great for damage, but Pestilence helps spread diseases on multiple targets which is handy when you don't need to CC or have mobs out of the range of Pestilence.

    ---------- Post added 2010-12-31 at 11:49 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Anuta View Post
    Actually, in the heroic version of HW the AOE is not a small section of the encounter. Review the logs. On every fight Unholy is ahead. Magmaw is a horrible choice to look at for Frost AOE damage as many guilds, such as mine, are having the hunters aoe the adds.
    I did 24k on Halfus in all heroic blues as Frost Dual Wield (aside from Soul Blade in my main hand) and I only used Howling Blast 5 times to help kill the whelps. I still pulled 6.8 million damage on the boss directly, so yeah Frost is just fine if you are dual wielding, and Unholy AoE is pretty bad in my opinion. Diseases may hit for a lot of damage, but when Howling Blast crits for 15k on like 10 targets, there is no way Unholy's diseases hitting that many targets could come close to the same kind of damage. And from what I have seen, you need to use a 2 hand weapon as Unholy to put up the same kind of numbers that I can do as Frost DW, since the other DK in my guild is Unholy 2H spec, I am Frost DW.

    ---------- Post added 2010-12-31 at 11:55 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
    I simply hope they fix retribution threat. Doing avarage dps but our threat is as if we were nuclear powerstations.
    Try playing a DW Frost DK. Get an Obliterate crit proc right off a trash pull and even if your tank has threat on one target, you will instantly pull aggro.
  1. MasterHamster's Avatar
    I do not grasp the "Rets might be too low".
    They are more or less in last.

    Buuuut we'll see when they get a new mastery. Besides, if they stick to making Divine Purpose grant 3 Hand of Light they'll probably be overpowered instead.
  1. Airwaves's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ekn88 View Post
    And yeah, they are saying SV are too high in fights with alot of AoE - not too high during single target tank-n-spank.
    100k dps on trash before last boss in H stonecore isn't op!

  1. mmocb423f40a80's Avatar
    So, what is the deal with hunters? Are they just buffing mm and bm or are they nerfing sv as well?
  1. The Doctor's Avatar
    "We also might nerf warrior stuns."

    thank. god.
  1. mmocd50c4d61ab's Avatar
    Awesome, why dont u make poly cast time 2.5 secs, remove cone of cold talant, remove deep freeze and elemental nova....
    Ok, I myself play a rogue. We are pretty much balanced atm.
    But I am sick of hearing all this whining against frost mages in PvP.
    Ok ice lance is an instant cast that can crit for about 18-20k ish with some resi IF the mage has a FoF proc.
    Removing deep freeze - yeah right, it is the only stun in frost spec that is viable and they can use it like what, each 30 seconds?
    I mean what have players to complain about, each good player who knows to play there class has a fair chance vs a mage.
    Ok they can freeze and kite us around, but we got counter abilities to use then...so many classes can dispell all the frost, U-Dk's are immune to magic attacks 24/7 with there bubble thing, us rogues can use glyph of garotte (5second silence) and have 5seconds time to burn the mage time, not even going to talk about ferals here.
    Warriors, lol they can charge 2times in like 2secs then have 30sec cooldown and can go 2secs again and all that to hit us with an 35k heroic strike next lol.
    The only thing that imo should get nerfed bout pvp frost mages is ring of frost maybe, its to hard in BG's.
    All the rest who is complaining frost mages are to hard and can't win from them obviously (no offence) does not know how to handle them in PvP.

  1. Argroth's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by zakayron View Post
    Finally some nerfs to SV huntards...
    well thats the stupidest thing I've heard in awhile, Survival hunters arn't that OP. Hunters in general seem neglected in the "buff department" of blizzard its about time they actually have a chance to have decent damage, Ret paladins were OP for almost a year but they didn't jump on nerfing them the same way they seem to feel hunters "need" nerfing. There are several other classes that need nerfing before hunters ie. rogue PVP, and anything mage

    ---------- Post added 2011-01-02 at 09:21 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    100k dps on trash before last boss in H stonecore isn't op!

    hope your joking...? Is that where you compare dps? on trash mobs in a particular situation that rarely ever presents itself in such a way? In your signature it seems you're a hunter so I hope i'm right about joking, even if you aren't, limit multishot to ~10 targets and that's all solved and there is no need to nerf a class that finally does well in its only possible niche after years of being ignored (aside for that possible week when volley made hunters strong)
  1. cykotic123's Avatar
    Maybe a Ret Pally buff can be put on the table ??
  1. Exiled's Avatar
    Thank god for that!

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