Update - Added more screenshots from bugged early attempts.
Update - Added a statement from Paragon

Lady Sinestra 25 Heroic World First Kill by Paragon
That's it, Paragon defeated Lady Sinestra, the heroic-only boss of the Bastion of Twilight a few seconds ago. Only Al'akir remains undefeated but it could be pretty fast now that the Sinestra first kill is out of the picture.

Raid Composition

Lady Sinestra Loot Table

Level Type Spec Slot Name
379PlateMeleeWristBracers of the Mat'redor
379PlateSpell SpiritWristBindings of Bleak Betrayal
379PlateTankFeetWar-Torn Crushers
379MailPhysical DPSLegsTwilight Scale Leggings
379MailSpell SpiritFeetBoots of Az'galada
379LeatherPhysical DPSWaistBelt of the Fallen Brood
379LeatherSpell SpiritFeetNightmare Rider's Boots
379ClothSpell DPSHeadCrown of the Twilight Queen
379ClothSpell SpiritWristBracers of the Dark Mother
379FingerMeleeFingerDargonax's Signet
379NeckTankNeckCaelestrasz's Will
379TrinketSpellTrinketShard of Woe
379BackSpell DPSBackShroud of Endless Grief

Statement from Paragon
We have just managed to kill Sinestra 25-man in heroic mode. We reached the boss as the second guild in the world.

The encounter itself was quite unfinished, especially on the first few days. There were some absolutely massive bugs that were obvious from the first pull; Shadow Orbs sweeping the whole room and killing everyone in the raid. The Dark Simulacrum (and other reflects) & Wrack was probably the biggest one. You could literally hit the boss for 1 billion damage with a single GCD - it was pretty damn scary watching Sinestra almost die to it by accident. Blizzard however fixed this within an hour or two after receiving the report.

Luckily this was hotfixed right away by Blizzard

There were still a bunch of hotfixes even between attempts; a tactic that could be used to handle a part of the fight wouldn’t just simply work at all on the next and just left us scratching our head. At these points, we often took theorycrafting breaks even up to an hour before figuring out what exactly we’re supposed to do next. Some people got pretty upset after the first sub-10% attempt, finding out that the tactic we used was unintended and hotfixed right afterwards.

Overall just a very weird raiding experience. Some good stuff, some bad stuff, some unfinished/buggy stuff, but definitely very stressful. Personally I’m not sure what to think of it quite yet.


All in all, this tier of raiding in my opinion has been the hardest tier of raiding overall. There haven’t been many pushover bosses on Heroic difficulty, there hasn’t been any gating, there haven’t been any attunements and such - it has just been one big absolutely brutal grind.

Probably the biggest difference between this tier and the previous ones have been the various bugs and exploits, sadly enough. There are also a lot of completely baseless rumours going around of us exploiting various bosses. Even some top guilds have made some pretty sad and misinformed comments based on nothing but hearsay and quotes from forum trolls, who have absolutely no first-hand knowledge at all.

We didn’t use any exploits/bugs whatsoever on Cho’gall. We didn’t use them on Nefarian. We didn’t use them on Sinestra. I’m not sure what all bosses there are even rumours about anymore, it’s hard to keep track of with the amount of trolls absolutely exploding everywhere.

It will all be completely obvious once we have time to get the videos done.

"This screenshot is from our first days on the boss, the adds haven't been able to be cc'd anymore for a couple of days."
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  1. Cusco's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aestu View Post
    In this day and age of raiding, if the guild doesn't post a kill video (of Nef/Chogall/Atramedes/etc), it's because they exploited.

    Plain and simple.
    And they did post a video, when someone (Method in this case) got a world second. As usual.
  1. ketsa's Avatar
    Hey now that they gave everyone bloodlust, guilds no longer need to bring a subpar shaman in raids.
    Instead they can get a USEFUL class and farm hardmodes faster !!!

    YOU NO LONGER NEED shamans, restauration, elemental or enhance.
  1. Soundfx4's Avatar
    The following words are inspired by a few choice quotes, those being;

    it was pretty damn scary watching Sinestra almost die to it by accident
    Some people got pretty upset after the first sub-10% attempt, finding out that the tactic we used was unintended and hotfixed right afterwards.
    but definitely very stressful
    it has just been one big absolutely brutal grind
    It irritates the hell out of me that people acknowledge the stress, the work, and the annoyances of world of warcraft raiding encounters and yet they complain when the content is changed to be easier. Video games are supposed to be fun FIRST AND FOREMOST! You don't sit down to play a video game thinking, "alright, time to put my head in a vice and break my keyboard and mouse!!". You just DON'T! No matter what you find fun about games, that is the SOLE purpose of a video game; fun. Games are supposed to be challenging, yes, but there is a line; when you're banging your head against the wall, and feeling like you're under stress, you have crossed that freaking line! You're not having fun anymore, you are no officially WORKING! Developers and gamers have lost sight of why video games were made in the first place, to entertain and pass time. If you find it fun to be under constant stress, and frustrating circumstances, then there's something wrong with you. Sadly, 60-70% of the people reading this will not get the message at all, and will stubbornly and foolishly attempt to argue with the statements I'm making. It's both irritating and disappointing to me that people won't realize that what I'm saying is, for the most part, very true. Luckily I won't be following up with any replies, I'm just leaving this in hopes it may make people think...I won't hold my breath though :\
  1. vonretic's Avatar
    grats to them

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