Patch 4.0.6 Justice and Honor Trade Goods Vendors
Patch 4.0.6 introduces 2 new vendors to the game, the Honor and Justice Trade Goods vendors! They can be found next to the other Justice and Honor NPCs and will sell reagents for a very reasonable price.

Please note that some of these items are stacks of items so pay attention to the quantity on the icon! The Satchel of Freshly-Picked Herbs contains a selection of 20 random Cataclysm Herbs.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Lady Sinestra First Kill (and bugs)
I do think you have to take the tone of that post in the context in which it was written. Because Sinestra is a super-hardcore boss, they were pretty much the first ones to really push her mechanics to the limits. It's easy to see from their post that they were understandably frustrated. Not only were they trying to learn the mechanics and develop strategies, but we were watching closely, hotfixing several different issues as they stumbled across them. This meant they had to adapt to the changes we were making on the spot in addition to figuring out how to kill her -- and she's definitely no pushover.

We do wish it would have been a cleaner fight for them, but we really appreciate them pushing the limits of hardcore raiding, and testing us to design new and compelling challenges. (Source)

Dungeon Difficulty and Ghostcrawler's Blog - Wow, Dungeons are Hard!
I know you're probably frustrated by any number of issues Ghostcrawler tackled in his blog. We completely get that, which was the entire point of his post. We're not telling players it's our way or the highway. We're not burying our heads in the sand and letting you figure it out. He took a lot of his own time to try and provide some insight and positive reinforcement, admit some design mistakes we've made in Cataclysm, and let you know (most importantly) that we hear you.

We also have to recognize that there is a harsh debate within the community right now about the difficulty level. Players are flinging mud at one another and saying "learn to play", or "go grind in some other hardcore MMO". People aren't in agreement about these things and need to tone down the rhetoric (which Ghostcrawler addresses eloquently in his blog).

We're not going to join that debate, though we are players too. The best we can do right now -- as I think Ghostcrawler noted well -- is keep the dialog open and encourage constructive criticism, and even positive feedback. Hearing both what players like and don't like about select aspects of gameplay is useful to us.

The entire reason behind him writing that blog sprung from us sending him a particular thread (amongst many other we've been sending him since the launch of Cataclysm) that had him really concerned:

He wants to see the tone of the debate changed so we can work together to make this a better game, so it's really unfortunate when you post as though he's throwing the naughty finger in your face. His post was not written from a place of hubris. Those who would take it that way probably just fundamentally disagree with the current design philosophy. But only two things are true in this case: 1) we will never please everyone with our design, and 2) we will never stop listening to our players.

In any event, I appreciate you taking the time to post. I just hope you can keep an open mind and a thoughtful dialog with us, as simply sharing with us how you perceive Ghostcrawler's attitude to be won't move game design anywhere. That's just the reality of it all. (Source)

Removing guild reputation requirements for officers
Sounds great, here's how that would work out: I have an awesome end-game progression guild. We're level 25. You give me 20k gold, I send you an invite and promote you to the highest officer rank. You buy whatever rewards you want, and then leave.

This is not the intent of the system. (Source)
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  1. Wupday's Avatar
    About time we get random stuff to spend our points on !
  1. Mibzo's Avatar
    Well, it's a good idea, but, 3k justice point for 20 random herbs is kind of expensive. :/
  1. Apollet's Avatar
    Ah nice. 2k points for a stack of ores though? That's 5 heroics worth. Not complaining, just seems like a low amount of ore for the amount of effort to put in.
  1. mmoc31188d40d2's Avatar
    Those prices seem pretty high to me. But it's better then not being able to spend those points at all
  1. ibogdandx's Avatar
    Sup the Prices ?
    Made my day , laughed 5 mins when i saw
  1. Jamminn's Avatar
    Hmmm guess its time to do honor grinding , it doesnt seem that bad for the prices
  1. Danner's Avatar
    The cost of cloth seems awfully high compared to the other stuff. Farming 20 cloth takes around 5 minutes. Farming two heavenly shards or 20 ores is a whole lot more work.
  1. Durandro's Avatar
    I think the items are a bit too expensive, personally. I mean 1200 Justice for one Shard? Pretty steep. But I guess its there for people who are maxed out with nothing left to spend it on, so I can't really complain.
  1. zarbus's Avatar
    Only half the JP cap for a stack of ore! Wow!
  1. nyc81991's Avatar
    In my opinion 2k Justice points for a stack of ore is way to much. Everyone would be better off saving their points for the next content patch if thats what the prices are.
  1. Merin's Avatar
    150~200 g worth of herbs, only 3000 JP!

  1. Balir's Avatar
    WTB Chaos orbs

    And I hope that blue post about Paragon's Sinestra kill quietens the doubters out there.
  1. InstantPoM's Avatar
    I suppose it's better than having them get wasted, but on the other hand, how much good will trading hundreds of points for 50g do you?
  1. blizzardcashshop's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nyc81991 View Post
    In my opinion 2k Justice points for a stack of ore is way to much. Everyone would be better off saving their points for the next content patch if thats what the prices are.
    you can hit cap and stop or just spend shit that would put you over the cap
  1. Merin's Avatar
    Better off just buying the BC gems and vendoring them still.
  1. Termy's Avatar
    Prices are fairly crazy but seeing as I'm already racking up 2-3k points a day (or I was for a few days, powering heroics with healers, people going for offspec and whatnot to improve our raid team) it'll be somewhat balanced.
  1. Kidoeng7's Avatar
    Those prices are insane at this moment so i will just buy every damm heirloom there is and than maybe thinking about these vendors
  1. Simca's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nyc81991 View Post
    In my opinion 2k Justice points for a stack of ore is way to much. Everyone would be better off saving their points for the next content patch if thats what the prices are.
    The next content patch just brings Valor gear down to Justice. By the time that happens, everyone will already have all the Valor gear on their mains, so Justice will be useless again.

    I imagine this thread will be 20 pages of people going "WTF PRICES SO HIGH" even though they announced last week the prices would be very high.

    January 14th:
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    The Honor Commodities and Justice Commodities Vendors now sell raw tradeskill materials. These are not intended to be a cost-effective source of these materials, but an option for players with lots of Justice or Honor Points who have already purchased all of the gear that interests them.
  1. Shakalager's Avatar
    Bleh. Cool that there is random stuff but Hypnotic Dust at 200 JP for one?
  1. mmoc3d5e9cedde's Avatar
    Well the enchanting mats aren't all that expensive, justice points whise, I mean a blue item costs between 900 and 2200 justice points and you only get 1 shard out of that so I see that 1200 JP for 1 shard is quite reasonable, but the rest I also find a bit overpriced and not worthy spending so much honor/jp on.

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