Update #2 - Yes, Patch 4.0.6 is next week, stop asking.

Luck of the Draw Buff
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
In case you aren't already aware, Luck of the Draw is the name of the buff you get for grouping with random people using Dungeon Finder. It currently provides a 5% buff to damage, healing, and health if you have at least one random player in your group. With patch 4.0.6, we are increasing this buff to 5% damage, healing, and health per random player, up to a maximum of 15%.

In the process of working on this change we actually discovered that the Luck of the Draw buff has not been working in Cataclysm at all, save for a few specific dungeons. This means that the difficulty in almost all normal and Heroic dungeons for those using the Dungeon Finder tool was higher than expected. Still, with that issue corrected in 4.0.6, we feel the bump up to 15% for three or more random players found through the Dungeon Finder is a necessary change.

The intent of Luck of the Draw is to help make up for the lack of coordination, communication, and familiarity that pick up groups suffer relative to organized groups of guild members and friends. Cataclysm dungeons, especially on Heroic mode, are quite challenging and ask for more group organization than the Wrath of the Lich King dungeons did. Therefore, Luck of the Draw became relatively weaker in Cataclysm. I'm painting the picture with unfairly large brush strokes here, but in general, Heroic dungeons are of appropriate difficulty for organized groups, but just brutal on Dungeon Finder groups. Players wonder, and rightly so, why Dungeon Finder supports Cataclysm Heroic dungeons at all when the chance of success is so low.

We think buffing Luck of the Draw is a good way to go about correcting the difficulty differences because it makes things slightly easier on PUGs without depriving the organized groups of a fun challenge. We also think the bonus is modest enough that it won't encourage organized groups to split up and just PUG instead - - the success rate for PUGs relative to organized groups is just that far behind. We still think you'll have more fun and a greater chance of success running dungeons with friends, but when that isn’t possible, we hope this change will make Dungeon Finder a more pleasant experience. Also remember that patch 4.0.6 is adjusting the difficulty of some bosses that are particularly unforgiving, such as Ozruk in Heroic Stonecore, though to be fair, we are buffing some underperforming encounters as well. In addition, we are offering larger Justice Point rewards for players who just prefer the faster pace and greater success rate of normal dungeons, and by the time 4.1 comes out everyone will have access to more powerful gear, making the older content even easier. But then there'll be new challenges to face!

We'd like to thank everyone who has provided us with feedback. We do listen, even if we don't immediately deploy every design change suggested by the player community. Our intent is to make the game fun for a wide variety of players, which can be quite a challenge when you have a community this large and this varied. We hope you continue to enjoy the game, and look forward to sharing more changes (and a few surprises) in the months ahead.

-Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street is the lead systems designer for World of Warcraft and was attacked by a coati as a child. (True story.)

All Rated Battleground Weeks Now 10v10
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
We’re in the process of developing a hotfix to push before next Tuesday that will change all 15vs15 rated battleground weeks into 10vs10 weeks.

Looking at participation, the 10vs10 rated battleground weeks have been far and away more popular than the 15vs15 weeks. The difference in organizational requirements as well as battleground map popularity have been a couple big factors that have led to the 10vs10 weeks seeing a great deal more action. By making this change and supporting the popular option we hope to encourage even more players and teams to participate, as they won’t have to wait out every other week, or struggle to beef up to 15 players to match the requirement.

We also have plans to adapt additional battleground maps in the future to work in the 10 player bracket to increase the variety of maps available.
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  1. Duster505's Avatar
    And they add this buff 3 months to late... Alot of ppl have left already and think of Cata with horror trying to run LFD. The bad experience so early in an expsansion will hurt big time.
  1. beastmorph's Avatar
    At least they didn't straight nerf all the heroics. I already aoe pull every heroic on my tank with friends, an extra 15% would have made it to easy to be fun.
  1. Mantús's Avatar
    why not just give free loot for those who pug the heroics ?
  1. Nirse's Avatar
    Buff to Luck of the Draw = Freaking awesome! I can finally continue to do heroics with PuGs again, atleast I can try, gives more room for peoples mistakes.
  1. Gryzvwald's Avatar
    Some posters have no fucking clue. If you raid with your guild you have no buffs durp! So there is no change for you elitist pigs.
  1. rofl's Avatar
    Anyone who thinks heroics are hard is just a really bad player.
  1. squeeze's Avatar
    I can actually see guildies using this to "game" the system.

    The optimum thing to do, if the rest of the system remains as now, as everyone gears up, is to have 3-4x guildies and bring in 1-2 randoms for the stacking 5% buff to zip through the trash. Then due to your majority still have the option just before a (end)boss to kick the randoms and you get your badges or a chance at the boss loot.

    You get a new category of Time-Stealer in Dungeon Finder, lets call them "Buff-Abusers" or "LoTD-Abusers".
  1. Zumzumzum's Avatar
    Good thing !
    I'm already tired of running the same dungeons everyday, now with 15% more damages it'll be faster with my rerolls
  1. boubadoo's Avatar
    To everyone saying nerfbat blah blah shit is stupid easy, hush. Its not. It is when yourt geared and have great group comp. When you have little time and not enought guildies or what ever the case and less than desirable comp you are buffed. It always has beenn this way since they instituted it. Not one person in here rushed into a heroic with no cc and item lvl 329 gear for the whole group and roflstomp pwned heroics. Just stop. If you say you did prove it .

    Now buffing it 10% is debateable with patch changes coming. I like the idea, but at the same time its taking out a learning curve I feel is needed. I think that in general pugs have gotten worse instead of better becasue people are out gearing them and only run one per day for valor. Plus peopel feel everyone shoul dknow fights as well even though some are just getting to 85. This leads to little or no explanation and then when someone failsblah blah bad vorekick.

    Yes I tank ,yes im geared, yes I am still willing to spend 2 mn per fight with quicj explanation.
  1. Susej's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Indiglo View Post
    Because random 5 mans are serious business, right? People won't be able to get gear like we did in LK as easy, if at all. I don't see why this is a big deal.

    Because "nerfing" 5 mans is directly related to how the raids will be tuned?
    You're failing to see his point. Blizzard shoudn't put Zone wide buffs in places where they are not needed.

    If heroics are HONETSLY THIS HARD FOR PUGGERS. Stop, just stop. Rethink what the problem is. Are you a DPS Class? Is your spec correct for your role? Are you missing gems or enchants? Are you gemming or enchanting the wrong stat?

    There is NO LOGICAL excuse for this change other than.

    "We enjoy watching the selecet handful of players with brains get upset when we drop 15%-30% passive buffs to Health, Healing and Damage.

    Next thing you know you're going to be able to CC with luck of the Draw. It will mark pulls for you all through out the instance and ensure your healer doesn't go OOM.
  1. Kittahsmash's Avatar
    Anybody else think that the whole "Oh it wasn't working at all! OUR BAD" thing was made up? :P
  1. wiIdi's Avatar
    mmo means massive multiplayer online and not elitistguilds multiplayer only. If the pug experience is frustrating and nonhardcore players stop doing instances, the right choice is to do something rather than nothing at all and telling everyone to l2p. Hardcore players will always be rewarded with higher item lvl, they don't lose anything..
  1. Kreo's Avatar
    I guess it make sense with PUGs, too bad tanks won't be able to hold good DPS aggro.
  1. Kirbysan's Avatar
    15% increase to people doing 3k dps is nothing. they still suck and it wont make it easier.
  1. diemor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Doombringer View Post
    This is a good tweak for PUGs.

    I know many posters here feel the heroics are easy enough as it is, but let's remember that Blizzard has hard data. I doubt they are doing this solely because members of the community are whining on the forums. I think they have actual data showing what groups are killing what bosses and when. They also have GMs who observe encounters - they monitor the world firsts. so having these people watch PUGs and take notes isn't far off the mark. There are milestones, where they want to see bosses being downed and loot being given out... if they're not reaching these, then the playerbase as a whole is struggling.
    Intelligence is frowned upon on these forums, run while you can!

    I agree though, seems like each expansion is going to have one group whining, in BC everyone complained shit was too hard, got nerfed. WoTLK everyone complained things were too easy.. got buffed. Blizzard is just getting ahead of the curve now, or as it's really called "balancing".

    One of the problems with everyone complaining is they forget that we were at the END of an expansion when everything became god awful easy(2 year old content is easy? no wai!). I see dungeons becoming super easy in a tier or two.

    Everyone take your medication, shit will be good eventually. (Both people who are SUPERANGRYRAWR that this buff went in and those that are like HEROIXRIMPOSSIBLEFIREWHAT?)

    Chill, seriously.
  1. Susej's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gryzvwald View Post
    Some posters have no fucking clue. If you raid with your guild you have no buffs durp! So there is no change for you elitist pigs.
    Us Elitist pigs don't like it when you poorly playing swine get buffs in your pugs because you can not preform well enough in a 5 man.
    It upsets us greatly when we out play instances. and you get carried by Luck (of the draw).
  1. Sulika's Avatar
    So I guess it is time for those who organise their 5 mans to complain that they are being punished for being efficient. Where is the increased reward for overcoming the higher difficulty?

    Having done a ridiculous amount of heroics since Cata launched I can't say I have noticed much difference in PUGs vs organised runs. To be honest the only difference is that in guild runs people don't rage quit after a wipe. I can also say that to a very large degree the better players are the ones who don't leave the heroic pugs. The amount of times it is the person who dies first on a wipe that leaves is funny. Is there anyone out there who ragequits at the first wipe (in either heroics or raids) who has ever attained any significant level of compotency at either?

    A 15% health buff is pretty huge though, most of the one-shot mechanics do about 120k damage, this puts them all pretty much survivable for anyone entering a PUG, drastically reducing the difficulty of an encounter.
  1. klurejr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by againstme View Post
    Changing LotD to 15% still won't help the people that stand in fire
    It will help them to die 15% slower.

    For those who think Blizz is catering to all the bads, you are right, they are, more than 50% of the people who pay for this game each month are casual players, so they have to please the majority of players who help keep the lights on so the minority can go do Heroic Raids, content that less than 25% of the player base will get to see.

    If you understood economics to a small degree this would not be a hard concept to understand.............
  1. rad586's Avatar
    In next content patch gear from valor vendors will move to justice vendors ....... and people will faceroll their way trough heroics to get them. Keep that in mind, looks like it's going to be WotLK all over again.
    Seriously, as long as you knew tactics, you could beat every HC boss without any problems. Changing the buff to 15% is just absurd.

    Not to mention achievements like "Sun of a ....." or "Faster than the speed of Light" which will be ridiculously easy with competent pug groups.
  1. greyghost's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Duster505 View Post
    And they add this buff 3 months to late... Alot of ppl have left already and think of Cata with horror trying to run LFD. The bad experience so early in an expsansion will hurt big time.
    Because you have access to so many subscription numbers, right?

    Any people that actually 'left' due to 'dungeons being hard' are the same groups of people who would come running back right at a content patch because the old teir of gear got moved to the dungeon level badge vendor.

    Shit like that does not change after 5 years.

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