Brazilan and Japanese locale added in 4.0.6 - Blizzard Slate confirmed?
Digging through the 4.0.6 files yields interesting results, it seems that two localizations have been added to the game: ptBR and jaJP.

These locales are respectively the Portuguese-Brazil and the Japanese-Japan ones, they're actually used in other Blizzard games and I guess you can check SC2Mapster - Galaxy Editor if you need a confirmation of some sort.

Now you're probably going to ask me why you should care about that (unless you're Brazilian) and the answer is very simple! Remember the leaked Blizzard Product Slate from a few months back? WoW Brazil was actually there, and the timing is near perfect.

Things are starting to make sense and it might be safe to assume that Blizzard is still on schedule for the WoW changes, if everything works as planned we probably won't have to wait too much time before the next expansion is released and I guess the current plan is as follow:

Hopefully Patch 4.1 will hit the test realms very soon and I'll have plenty of stuff to report.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Class balance based on PTR Testing
The PTR does not exist solely for balance feedback. They provide crash reports, bug reports, having the patches simply live on a test environment with people actively playing helps us catch a great number of issues that no one would even need post about. Beyond that though the bug reports that are posted are extremely helpful, and overall the PTRs lead without a doubt to a more stable patch than it would have been were there no public test.

In direct answer to what you're referring, unless there's new content, the number of people on the PTR is really pretty low. Too low to pull reliable metrics to base balance changes on. Unless there's new content to drive people to the PTR there generally just isn't a sample size. Which is fine, because we can make changes after the PTR once the patch hits the live realms. Issuing hotfixes after a patch is by no means something new. We've used hotfixes for quite a long time, but since Cataclysm and the new community site, hotfix changes are front page news through the blogs. Which is awesome. Before we were throwing out pretty much the same amount of hotfixes we were after 4.0.6. Difference being we didn't have a great way to tell anyone about them. So now hotfixes are very visible and it makes it seem like we're going crazy with them, when really it's just increased transparency into the changes we're making.

Going back to your question, the PTR does many great things for the patches, and it should be expected that we're not going to make balance changes based on forum posts alone. The designers don't believe their own play experience is reason enough to make balance changes, although it can be one part of the puzzle, and the same goes for us reading about yours. (Source)

The MMO Report
A monday without the MMO Report isn't a good monday!

Dark Legacy Comics #276 and Teh Gladiators #212 are out!

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  1. Brainy's Avatar
    WoW Brazil was actually there, and the timing is near perfect.
    Not even close. It shows up in the 3rd quarter on that list, and we're only in 1st.
    But then again, Blizzard never did something on time, so ~6 months difference may be near perfect timing ...
  1. Saggypoo's Avatar
    Blizz announces 12 million subscribers and now they're expecting a brazilion players a year later? Seems optimistic.
  1. Black Rider's Avatar
    Boub what do you think will 4.1 hit PTR-s in march?
  1. Talramass's Avatar
    Rift sux now, will suck later, too. Ppl will switch to Rift and in 1-3 months will switch back to wow, just to find out that they are out of their guilds and/or their raid groups. So my advise is if you intend to come check next contents , do not go to Rift. The same happened when Aion came, ppl played for couple of months and then returned to WoW. They only games i am looking for this year are Diablo 3 and SC2:Phoenix and SC2:2exp, but there is no need to quit wow to play them.
  1. bidona's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Datamining a locale identifier in an .exe is very different from an official release. But since apparently you're pretty mean and you can't really understand what I say, let me translate for you:


    Edit: Also, the whole thing isn't about predicting release dates (well, not entirely), it's about predicting a Brazil localization nobody ever heard of.

    Learn to read people
  1. Exerionx's Avatar
    Wouldn't mind some Aussie servers, Blizz....
  1. Ferus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tgump View Post
    Wait, there'll be a WoW Brazil? Aren't they content with the Warsong server?
    I am not content with Warsong. There are some Brazilians that doesn't play there neither in Gurubashi-US. I am just worried about this Brazilian realms... I know it is good to have some realms with my own language, but I think 99% of the Brazilians playing WoW knows how to speak English, if they don't, why the fuck are they playing? To see some colorful fire bolts and shiny gears ? And well... I don't want to be obligated to transfer my characters from Illidan-US to a stupid new realm, with lots of newbies. World of Warcraft is old and well... I don't expect more than 1 expansion to Blizzard abandon this project and replace it for some new project. ("World of Starcraft"derp)
  1. caragenerico's Avatar
    I'm brazilian and I don't wanna play in portuguese.
  1. Micalas's Avatar
    So we could soon be rid of all of the horrible BRs on my server? Thank Jebus!

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