Update - 2200 Weapons Delay
Originally Posted by Nethaera (Blue Tracker)
I'll be brief and direct. The PvP item vendors were a little slow on stocking their shelves. They should have them restocked shortly (give or take a few extra if need be.)

They should have these weapons available very soon. We'll keep an eye on things should there be further delays.

Update - They should be available now. We'll be watching just in case any further issues arise with these vendors.

No blue post today as it was a holiday week-end, at this point we're just waiting for Patch 4.1 to hit the PTRs anyway. (Or official Patch 4.1 previews, I guess!)

Battleground Horde/Alliance Win Ratio
People often wonder what the Horde/Alliance win ratio in battlegrounds are, Blizzard never gave away those % but the question can be answered by scanning a lot of characters on the Armory and compiling their battlegrounds wins statistics.

  • 1. The first scan has been made a year ago.

  • 2. The "Battles in the Last Year" graph is basically this month's scan minus the results of last year's scan. Deleted/transfered characters were removed from the stats.

  • 3. Even if the amount of people scanned is huge, don't take these stats as a 100% truth. Only Blizzard can be 100% sure of that, especially since it's very hard to gather a lot of data from the Armory.

  • 4. Before you yell on forums, make sure you look at the % on the left, the lowest % is 42% and the highest is 58%.

The "Battlegrounds Wins in the Last Year" graph is the only thing you should look at if you want an idea of how things are balanced these days.

Computers - Setup of the Month (by chaud)
Each month or every 2 months, depending on the hardware evolutions, the lovely chaud will work on a couple of hardware setups for those of you who are thinking of upgrading their computer!

This month
Sandy Bridge motherboards were recalled because of a flaw in one of the SATA ports (see Sandy Bridge). They will not be available for purchase at least until March or April. New SSDs are almost here, faster and more expensive than the current generation.

Make sure to keep your AMD and Nvidia drivers up to date.

Don't hesitate to post any feedback in the comments of that news post, and don't forget to visit the Computer Forum for any extra questions!


ComponentPuppy Dolphin
MonitorASUS VW224U 22-Inch Widescreen - $148ASUS VW246H 24-Inch Widescreen - $200
KeyboardMicrosoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 - $25Cyborg V.5 - $38
MouseLogitech MX518 - $22Logitech G500 - $54
SpeakersLogitech S220 2.1 Speaker System - $28Logitech Z313 Speaker System - $40
ComponentNarwhal Unicorn
MonitorDell E2311H 23-inch LED-backlit Widescreen - $315Dell UltraSharp U2410 24-inch (IPS Panel) - $560
KeyboardLogitech G110 - $65Razer BlackWidow (Backlit)- $73 ($120)
MouseRazer Deathadder - $47Razer Naga (Buttons on the Side) - $70
SpeakersCreative Inspire T3130 2.1 Speaker System - $50Logitech Speaker System Z523 - $83

Puppy and Dolphin

ComponentPuppy Dolphin
CaseNZXT GAMMA Classic - $40NZXT GAMMA Classic - $40
Power SupplyCorsair 650TX - $60Corsair 650TX - $60
CPUAMD Athlon II X4 635 AM3 - $100AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition - $140
HeatsinkCooler Master Hyper 212 Plus - $28Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus - $28
MotherboardGIGABYTE GA-770T-USB3 AM3 - $90GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H AM3 - $135
Memory4GB PNY Optima DDR3 10600 - $354GB G.Skill Ripjaws F3 4GB 12800 DDR3 - $58
Graphics CardXFX 5770 - $137XFX 6850 or EVGA GTX 460 - $177 / $222
Hard DriveWestern Digital Caviar Blue 500 GB - $40SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1TB - $62
DVDLite-On LightScribe 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $25Lite-On LightScribe 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $25
Total$555$725 / $770

Narwhal and Unicorn

ComponentNarwhal Unicorn
CaseCooler Master Centurion 5 II - $61Cooler Master HAF932 - $120
Power SupplyCorsair 650TX - $60Corsair 750HX (7 Year Warranty) - $127
CPUIntel i5-760 - $210Intel i7-950 - $300
HeatsinkTuniq Tower 120 Extreme - $59Noctua 6 NH-D14 - $85
MotherboardASUS P7P55D-E - $156Asus Sabertooth X58 (5 Year Warranty) - $211
Memory4GB G.Skill Ripjaws F3 4GB 12800 DDR3 - $586GB G.Skill DDR3 12800 - $88
Graphics CardXFX 6950 1GB OR EVGA GTX 560 Ti- $265 / $275XFX 6970 - $365 OR EVGA GTX 570 - $380
Hard DriveWestern Digital 1TB Caviar Black - $88Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black - $87
SSDNoneOCZ Vertex 2 120 GB (Review) - $239
Corsair Force 120GB (Review) - $217
DVDLite-On LightScribe 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $25Lite-On LightScribe 24X SATA DVD+/-RW - $25
Total$982/ $992$1647/ $1662
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  1. Kooshkrusher's Avatar
    Horde have more hardcore pvpers? Sureeee, keep making up statistics out of pure nothing like you always do.
  1. cretos's Avatar
    @Kooshkrusher: How is he making up statistics? The Armory is made up?
  1. Shamb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cretos View Post
    @Kooshkrusher: How is he making up statistics? The Armory is made up?
    It simply depends on how it was done ...

    Statistics means nothing if the sample was not taken properly.

    Btw, I am NOT saying it's the case here, just stating the fact that it's very very easy to ''make up'' stats, you just choose a sample that tells what you wanna prove.

    As we've no idea how he took his sample, we have absolutely no idea how reliable these stats are.

    I myself think they reflect what I've been experiencing closely enough. But then again, this does not prove anything either.
  1. vladdraculea's Avatar
    just shows how grossly imbalanced AV is. this one BG is the only BG that horde don't dominate. either all those folks contributing to winning the other BGs never queue for AV or AV is just that lopsided.
  1. Rukh's Avatar
    Well that's a huge congrats to the alliance people on whatever battlegroup makes up for my failtacular battlegroup.

    Played: 266
    Win: 86
    32% win rate

    AV: 30/11 :36%
    AB: 52/14 :27%
    BfG: 19/9 :47%
    EotS: 39/21 :54%
    SotA: 37/18 :49%
    TP: 24/6 :25%
    WSG: 41/18 :44%
    IoC: 24/11 :46%

    Before Cata, my stats were quite a bit higher, I was winning just under half of the games. Since Cata though, alliance has managed to reach spectacular levels of fail never thought possible before.
  1. MrKnubbles's Avatar
    It doesn't surprise me because Horde only care about PvP which is why I switched to Alliance.
  1. Deepone's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Foxx View Post
    Either way, the balance (despite not using the best way to show this) is quite even. When the largest difference is 58% to 42% that's quite nice balance wise.
    In general, I think it's statistically significant that there's an average of a roughly 6.4% advantage for the horde on non-AV BGs and about a 8% alliance advantage in AV. This tells us two things:

    1) The faction advantage that horde has is smaller than the map advantage that alliance have in AV by enough to swing -6.4 to +8, a rather large gulf, statistically.

    2) There is a clear, but relatively small faction advantage on the horde side (6.4% if you ignore AV, 4.8% if you don't). This isn't shocking. Horde symbolism is all about war, death, conquest and strength. Alliance symbolism is about nature, courage, leadership, craftsmanship and exploration. (keep in mind, I'm talking about the causal observer, here... the kind of symbolism that gets through to everyone playing the game, not the deep lore that a minority of us pay attention to) Given those two sets of symbolism, I would expect there to be a strong bias for players focused on PvP to play horde. The data seems to support the idea that it's actually not as strong as I'd think, but definitely there.

    ---------- Post added 2011-02-24 at 12:44 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by kapowaz View Post
    2.) The data would be better drawn as a pie-chart.

    Also wrong. Pie charts are a very bad way of representing the distribution of data within a dataset. When we scan a pie chart we're looking to see which colour looks biggest so as to determine their relative size, but since they are by nature (unless divided equally) of completely different shapes, it's very difficult to accurately ascertain how much one slice is relative to another. This problem is compounded when pie charts are given a pseudo-3D projection (as some individuals have done in this very thread), since perspective will exaggerate the relative size of an angle towards the front, and understate the size of angles at the back.

    For example, take this chart that shows the win percentage for Eye of the Storm.

    Bad pie chart is bad.

  1. Zogrim's Avatar
    did any1 else notice this on wowhead?
  1. Steven's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Simca View Post
    Racials don't change battlegrounds. That's like arguing gem choice changes DPS by thousands.
    Arguing that the better racials (IF that were true) could attract the better players is possible, I guess, but impossible to prove.
    Tell that to an Alliance Priest/Warlock, who gets usually ripped apart by an Undead Roque (Stunlock, Insignia, WotF, CoS, etc.)
    No chance to CC that Bastard. That's actually why Alliance players have given up on using CC altogether.

    WotF is a relic from the days when the Forsaken still counted as Undead and could be shackled or turned by Alliance Priests and Paladins.
    This racial should have been removed the day the Foraken'd been changed to humanoid.
  1. Rorshack's Avatar
    I just recently switched from Alliance to Horde and I couldn't be happier with the BG wins. I've managed to cycle through all of them in the past 2 days and i'm 12/12 all Horde wins. (btw i'm on Shadowburn battlegroup). I had been alliance for over 2 years and BGs were tolerable but never lopsided. We would win about 45% of the time. Since Cata hit, I found Alliance losing about 85% of the time (I did like roughly 20 random BGs a week and only won 3). Is it fair? probably not. But, since i have decided to lean more towards doing PvP than PvE lately, might as well reap the benefits while the getting is good.
  1. Alex86el's Avatar
    those graphs fail. they are decieving.

    at first glance i thought it was a massacre,
    but it turns out its 42%/58%.

    16% huh? let me break it down for you...
    6% = RJ
    5% = AT
    4% = WS
    1% = WotF
    vs... EA.
    hang in there EA! we're counting on you little one.
  1. Xillbalba's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MrKnubbles View Post
    It doesn't surprise me because Horde only care about PvP which is why I switched to Alliance.
    Good riddance.

    ---------- Post added 2011-09-15 at 01:48 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Holyana View Post
    I agree, those graphs are very strange. And I also feel that Alliance loses a lot more than it says there. I have no idea why Alliance has such a hard time in most battlegroups. It used to be the other way around for the longest time.
    Alliance has never dominated bg's in 6 years with the exception of a short duration of i think like 6 months or so during wrath. Then it went back to horde dominating after patch. Alliance really isn't a pvp faction due to the fact the racials are good with the exception of only 2 races now human and worgen wich are now becoming more and more popular. I see a spike in alliance favor now since we are in the late part of Cata.
  1. whydoihavetoregister's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Azure P View Post
    It's always been known that Horde beat Ally in most battlegrounds.

    A little surprised that they're winning more AV this year after last year.

    well that has certainly changed. My experience is around 5 loses for 1-2 wins. Regardless of toon, time, or level. Its almost crazy. I'll bring it up then someone always pops off with how they never lose but the majority of others agree with me. THeir racial attributes are just better and wow simply loves alliance more and i accept that. I'd just like to have some conquest points from time to time.

    ---------- Post added 2012-07-10 at 08:05 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Rukh View Post
    Well that's a huge congrats to the alliance people on whatever battlegroup makes up for my failtacular battlegroup.

    Played: 266
    Win: 86
    32% win rate

    AV: 30/11 :36%
    AB: 52/14 :27%
    BfG: 19/9 :47%
    EotS: 39/21 :54%
    SotA: 37/18 :49%
    TP: 24/6 :25%
    WSG: 41/18 :44%
    IoC: 24/11 :46%

    Before Cata, my stats were quite a bit higher, I was winning just under half of the games. Since Cata though, alliance has managed to reach spectacular levels of fail never thought possible before.
    Obviously this is well over a year old and WoW, in it's usual even handed manner, has swung it's pendulum to the other extreme, extremely. I'd give horde smewher in the neighborhood of 20-30% win overall if my experiences prove right. I've played around 6-8 bgs nightly for the last three months. I average one win a night at best.
  1. CinniC's Avatar
    Not sure which realms and battlegroups you scanned, but there is not a single one of my bgs that horde have won a greater percentage of :P same goes for most of my mates. On Barthilas-Us Ally. Data is wrong imo

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