Today we'll take a look at the client strings of Patch 4.1. Assuming that everything goes as planned today (new patches take time!), things should get interesting soon (starting today with fun models)!

"Salamander Hunter" and Crimson Fire Hawk
The new model of Ragnaros was very popular yesterday, let's kick it up a notch with the model of Crimson Fire Hawk and a new monster, the "Salamander Hunter" (who looks a lot like Majordomo Executus).

More to come soon.

Bind on account items?
The first hint of bound to account items appeared in this patch.

  • ITEM_BIND_TO_BNETACCOUNT = "Binds to account";
  • ITEM_BNETACCOUNTBOUND = " Account Bound";

Cast on key down
This patch finally gives the possibility to cast spells on key down instead of key up, making you more awesome in raids and battlegrounds!

  • ACTION_BUTTON_USE_KEY_DOWN = "Cast action keybinds on key down";
  • OPTION_TOOLTIP_ACTION_BUTTON_USE_KEY_DOWN = "Action button keybinds will respond on key down, rather than on key up.";

Extra regeneration stats in character sheet
More information seems to be available on your character sheet if you're a rogue, a hunter, or a Death Knight!

  • STAT_ENERGY_REGEN = "Energy Regen";
  • STAT_ENERGY_REGEN_TOOLTIP = "Energy regenerated every second.";
  • STAT_FOCUS_REGEN = "Focus Regen";
  • STAT_FOCUS_REGEN_TOOLTIP = "Focus regenerated every second.";
  • STAT_RUNE_REGEN = "Rune Speed";
  • STAT_RUNE_REGEN_TOOLTIP = "The recharge time for each of your Runes.";

Guild Recruitment
Patch 4.1 will apparently introduce the in-game guild recruitment system promised during Blizzcon! So far we don't have a lot of details on how it will work but the interface can be accessed on PTRs, we'll probably see more of it in later phases of testing.

  • LOOKINGFORGUILD = "Looking for Guild";
  • NEWBIE_TOOLTIP_LOOKINGFORGUILDTAB = "Allows you to find a guild.";
  • BROWSE_GUILDS_BUTTON = "Browse Guilds";
  • BROWSE_GUILDS_NUM_MEMBERS = "%d members";
  • BROWSE_GUILDS_TAB = "Browse Guilds";
  • GUILDBANK_AWARD_MONEY_SUMMARY_FORMAT = "A total of %s was deposited last week from Guild Perk: Cash Flow ";
  • GUILDINFOTAB_APPLICANTS = "Requests (%d)";
  • GUILD_AVAILABILITY = "Availability";
  • GUILD_CLOSE_RECRUITMENT = "Unlist My Guild";
  • GUILD_PLAYSTYLE = "Guild Playstyle";
  • GUILD_RANK_UNAVAILABLE = "Rank unavailable";
  • GUILD_RANK_UNAVAILABLE_AUTHENTICATOR = "Only characters with an Authenticator attached to their account can obtain this rank.";
  • -- Looking for Guild Parameters

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  1. valzyf's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Snes View Post
    Isn't it obvious? They've released different version rewards for alliance and horde before. Alliance color is blue. Horde color is red. Think about it...

    EDIT: Regardless of where they come from, one is Alliance and one is Horde. And not that I think it will come from the store, but people keep saying they wouldn't release two different versions of something in the store. Anyone remember the moonkin hatchling that came out not that long ago? There's an Alliance and Horde version of that. Just saying...
  1. The Last DJ's Avatar
    That's perhaps a bad angle for that thing, because while sure, the initial visual impact is stunning, once I started looking at it it turned into a bunch of flame textures stretched, liquified, and smudged over a wire frame. The Salamander Hunter looks much more interesting, in my opinion, even if Blizzard and their GIANT PAULDRONS OF DOOM make me kinda snort-chuckle after a while.

    And hooray, I'll finally be able to remove at least ONE addon when 4.1 goes live. (SnowfallKeyPress)
  1. Ravric's Avatar
    That has to be the first mount that I've seen where I want it immediately.
  1. Kikitiki's Avatar
    At first I was a little annoyed that there was nothing mentioned in the LF guild interface about RP guilds... But then again, I see that as a horrible device to use anyways, so now I don't care.
    Neat mount though. I'd like a Zapdos.
  1. jayremy's Avatar
    A wild Moltres has appeared...
  1. launcelott's Avatar
    My guess is that the mount will be a drop from Firelands. Ragnaros maybe? Who knows.. could be wrong.
  1. Kronicle's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Druchii View Post
    Fricken epic comment. I don't play anymore, but that is one shiny, pimp mount.
  1. mmoc55418e8da1's Avatar
    sad this awesome mount will most likely drop on the heroic endboss of 4.1(or with a bit more luck be the reward for doing the raidavs^^) but imagine you just need to be exalted with the firelands faction to get it that would be nice
    however when the persons above are right and it will be a shop mount i think blizz will make loads of money^^
  1. mmocc5c312fa0d's Avatar
    Okay, erm, the mount looks... alright. It's kind of blinding for me to look at though.

    And with the way it's posed how am I meant to be able to ride that?
  1. Makamoka's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Druchii View Post
    That was my first thought to :b
  1. Spl4sh3r's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chimina View Post
    I choose you, Zapdos!
    People need to learn more about pokemon.....Fire Bird = Moltres, the one you are suggesting is a lightning type and doesn't have flames on it's wings.

    Either way though, the mount is something I want!
  1. Zemiki's Avatar
    Bind to account items? Does that mean the BoAs, because I'd love to not have to xfer a lvl 10 every time I have a friend want me to lvl on their server T_T
  1. grayscale-warfare's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chimina View Post
    I choose you, Zapdos!
    Moltres bro...duh
  1. Smetz's Avatar
    have someone mentioned that there is Pre quest for Zul'gurub (lvl 85 quests)? I just did 7 or so but got stuck.
  1. Nexus2089's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by zalvi View Post
    i love how a lot of people are drooling over the new flying mount, im just waiting for blizzard to drop the bomb on all of as and tell us that its gonna be 25$ at the battlenet store, and then everybody and their dogs to hate it like they did with the spectral mount
    That mount is going to be from heroic Raganros, id say its pretty blatantly obvious because of the whole fire aspect of it.

    ---------- Post added 2011-02-26 at 03:17 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Spl4sh3r View Post
    People need to learn more about pokemon.....Fire Bird = Moltres, the one you are suggesting is a lightning type and doesn't have flames on it's wings.

    Either way though, the mount is something I want!
    They're saying it looks like zapdos because it does, zapdos has sharp pointy wings just like the hawk. Moltres has long flowly flames.

    So the comments saying its a zapdos/moltres mashup are the most correct.
  1. huldu's Avatar
    I hope that "binds to battle net account" thing they got going is being added to existing heirlooms. What is the point of having guild cloaks and helmets? By the time your guild reaches 20 you've leveled all classes to 85. We need to be able to send heirlooms to other servers. For example, if you were to visit a mailbox and type in: yourcharname-server it would mail the heirlooms to your character on that server. That would be awesome and we would finally get to use some heirlooms for once.
  1. mmoc6642dc9ce9's Avatar
    The Crimson Fire Hawk is impractical for flight because its wings are on fire.
  1. TommyJohn's Avatar
    It seems pretty obvious to me that the Beryl Fire Hawk and the Crimson Fire Hawk will be the respective rewards for the alliance/horde versions of the 125 mount achievements.

    Mark my words....
  1. Bobatea's Avatar
    All I can say is that if I miss out on the raiding tier of 4.1, and don't get that mount, shit will go down.
  1. mmocc5c312fa0d's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by huldu View Post
    What is the point of having guild cloaks and helmets? By the time your guild reaches 20 you've leveled all classes to 85.
    Where the hell did you get that idea from? My guild is level 16 and leveling fast, I have one level 85 and just sent an heirloom cloak to my level 26 rogue. So they're wonderfully useful to me.

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