Today we'll take a look at the client strings of Patch 4.1. Assuming that everything goes as planned today (new patches take time!), things should get interesting soon (starting today with fun models)!

"Salamander Hunter" and Crimson Fire Hawk
The new model of Ragnaros was very popular yesterday, let's kick it up a notch with the model of Crimson Fire Hawk and a new monster, the "Salamander Hunter" (who looks a lot like Majordomo Executus).

More to come soon.

Bind on account items?
The first hint of bound to account items appeared in this patch.

  • ITEM_BIND_TO_BNETACCOUNT = "Binds to account";
  • ITEM_BNETACCOUNTBOUND = " Account Bound";

Cast on key down
This patch finally gives the possibility to cast spells on key down instead of key up, making you more awesome in raids and battlegrounds!

  • ACTION_BUTTON_USE_KEY_DOWN = "Cast action keybinds on key down";
  • OPTION_TOOLTIP_ACTION_BUTTON_USE_KEY_DOWN = "Action button keybinds will respond on key down, rather than on key up.";

Extra regeneration stats in character sheet
More information seems to be available on your character sheet if you're a rogue, a hunter, or a Death Knight!

  • STAT_ENERGY_REGEN = "Energy Regen";
  • STAT_ENERGY_REGEN_TOOLTIP = "Energy regenerated every second.";
  • STAT_FOCUS_REGEN = "Focus Regen";
  • STAT_FOCUS_REGEN_TOOLTIP = "Focus regenerated every second.";
  • STAT_RUNE_REGEN = "Rune Speed";
  • STAT_RUNE_REGEN_TOOLTIP = "The recharge time for each of your Runes.";

Guild Recruitment
Patch 4.1 will apparently introduce the in-game guild recruitment system promised during Blizzcon! So far we don't have a lot of details on how it will work but the interface can be accessed on PTRs, we'll probably see more of it in later phases of testing.

  • LOOKINGFORGUILD = "Looking for Guild";
  • NEWBIE_TOOLTIP_LOOKINGFORGUILDTAB = "Allows you to find a guild.";
  • BROWSE_GUILDS_BUTTON = "Browse Guilds";
  • BROWSE_GUILDS_NUM_MEMBERS = "%d members";
  • BROWSE_GUILDS_TAB = "Browse Guilds";
  • GUILDBANK_AWARD_MONEY_SUMMARY_FORMAT = "A total of %s was deposited last week from Guild Perk: Cash Flow ";
  • GUILDINFOTAB_APPLICANTS = "Requests (%d)";
  • GUILD_AVAILABILITY = "Availability";
  • GUILD_CLOSE_RECRUITMENT = "Unlist My Guild";
  • GUILD_PLAYSTYLE = "Guild Playstyle";
  • GUILD_RANK_UNAVAILABLE = "Rank unavailable";
  • GUILD_RANK_UNAVAILABLE_AUTHENTICATOR = "Only characters with an Authenticator attached to their account can obtain this rank.";
  • -- Looking for Guild Parameters

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  1. gotrunks's Avatar
    OMFG I want zapdos as mount how we get it?
  1. Axigar's Avatar
    Zapdos/Moltres mount mashup is win
  1. zalvi's Avatar
    i love how a lot of people are drooling over the new flying mount, im just waiting for blizzard to drop the bomb on all of as and tell us that its gonna be 25$ at the battlenet store, and then everybody and their dogs to hate it like they did with the spectral mount
  1. Foxsakes's Avatar
    Me wants mount.
  1. mmoc38da420f28's Avatar
    God please implement that mount, it just looks plain epic. I hope its not long before mmo get some information on the animation
  1. mmoc1df88a5b9d's Avatar
    Awesome stuff! Love the new mount! <3
  1. mmoc124d4cbc78's Avatar
    WOW! That mount :|
  1. Storno's Avatar
    This isnt Moltres or Zaptos - IT'S ZAPTRES!
  1. mmoca10760ff8c's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dubbelbasse View Post
    On another note - I like that they are pushing out the Looking for Guild feature now. However I do wonder how much it'll be used. For instance, my guild is in the process of recruiting atm so obviously we want to be seen everywhere possible, but we would have to take our recruitment outside of that tool with website application etc, rendering it a bit obsolete. Just a thought.
    I think that it will be used in the same way trade chat is atm. I figure people will just use it to find people and then move on from there as normal.

    And that mount is amazing! The dark phoenix = meh now, i want that one! XD
  1. Alianthos's Avatar
    Mount = 100% drop for Raggy heroic mode, i'm ready to bet on that
  1. tilatequila's Avatar
    i kinda want to rejoin just for that mount..
  1. mmoca7d06c4104's Avatar
    I am betting that mount is new starpony you can buy from store and it's one of reason why they are implementing that Account Bound system.
  1. Burfylurfy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Druchii View Post
    Moltress.....get it right nub....
  1. dubbelbasse's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rayrn View Post
    I think that it will be used in the same way trade chat is atm. I figure people will just use it to find people and then move on from there as normal.

    And that mount is amazing! The dark phoenix = meh now, i want that one! XD
    Yeah of course, we will advertise our guild with that feature and it will most likely give us a lot of potential recruits. It is gonna be the first thing a lot of player resort to when looking for a new guild. I guess it will turn some people off since they would be going from the convenience that that tool brings to web applications and such which is a bit of a hassle. But I guess that's always been the case, nothing new to it.
  1. LordSothe's Avatar
    Wow, that Fire Hawk is awesome.

    Too bad it'll probably be put in the Blizzard store.
  1. derphurrdurr's Avatar
    Im getting that mount.
  1. SerenitySaz's Avatar
    Holy crap, I think I was turned on by that mount...

    No, I take that back. It really DOES turn me on. That thing is hot, hot, HOT!
  1. rencol's Avatar
    Majordomus: Molten Core was merely a set back!
  1. Azure P's Avatar
    That new "Looking for Guild" system looks really dumb.

    Blizzard has really messed up the synergy of guilds in Cataclysm.
  1. Jurwi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Druchii View Post
    No, Moltres.

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